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Tart & Soul
98/100 (123 ratings)
"Just delightful on every level. I got a savoury breakfast bialy (bagel dough with an egg, cheese, and bacon baked in) and a delicious cookie..."
Elisabeth Stones
"Since they opened, I've been planning a trip from New Brunswick to visit Tart & Soul. Finally made it last week. The cinnamon buns are out of this..."
Phil Taber
"I ordered a cake all the way from Edmonton for a friend's birthday in Halifax. The Tart and Soul staff were not only accommodating of my requests and..."
Grace Cook
"I had a breakfast biscuit/bagel thing that was just fantastic, and super filling. Hot out of the oven! And because I couldn't stop at just one treat,..."
Joy Shand
"Amazing little space run by the best people. The treats I had were AMAZING. Definitely worth checking out...and then becoming a..."
Lyndsay Anderson
"The best homemade bagels and cream cheese in all the land! And they get bonus points because I left without any poppy seeds in my teeth. Can't wait..."
Erica Siba
"Everything I ate was amazing. The coffee was awesome. They do all the baking and lots of ingredients are either made in house (hello homemade..."
Myra Hyland-Samson
"The space is stunning, the treats are delightful and the staff is lovely! A sure to be hot-spot for..."
Bonnita Mitchell
"Cute, cozy quarters and the tastiest treats! Everything looked so good I couldn't pick just one snack - so I got one of everything! Delicious..."
Shannon Long
"The breakfast bagels are amazing and so are the salted caramel tarts! I haven't tasted all the other yummy treats I brought home yet but I'm sure I..."
Tina Babineau Sturk
"Tart & Soul is a super cute space! The ladies that run it are very talented. Tried the delicious cheddar/green onion scone and the cookies were..."
Lindsay Ross
"Adorable little space with cozy tables and literally the best cinnamon bun I have EVER..."
Jennifer Elvidge
"Still dreaming about that cinnamon roll. Such a cute and cozy..."
Caitlin McGuire
"Great atmosphere and I am in love with the chocolate salted caramel tart...."
Amy Pulsifer
Dexter Outhit
"The caramel tarts are the stuff of dreams. I want to live..."
Nicole Maunsell