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Richmond Japanese Sushi
70/100 (2514 ratings)
"my family's go to for AYCE sushi. been going here for as long as i can remember, so the owners practically know us. service is great, and sushi is..."
"Richmond Sushi is a very large but busy Japanese restaurant located in Union Square (slightly north of Aberdeen Centre). It is said to be one of the..."
Raymond's Sushi Adventures
"Haven't been here in about 4 years. I used to go all the time since they first opened. Went in tonight for AYCE dinner and was pleasantly surprised..."
Jim Pook
"If we could rate to infinity and beyond..I would! I've been a loyal customer for 15 yrs omg! This ain't your average sushi place! Each and everytime..."
"Great service, and good food!  The desserts are awesome:  tapioca pudding; coconut pudding; and mango pudding - all yummy!!!The sockeye..."
Diana Chan
"Decent place. Food: pretty decent food, with some dishes that tastes amazing like the shrimp bombService: good most of the time. The have..."
"Tried the AYCE lunch menu on the weekend. Good service. Food arrived promptly. Servers came by regularly to clear plates and aske if we needed more..."
"Amazing Food!!!!!!!. So cheap for AYCE and very..."
Food King
"Great host, Good food, fast.... Great host,Good food, fast service. There were 8 of us. 5 adults and 3 young kids. It was great. We will be..."
"Torched toro rocks!. I'm not a big fan of all-u-can-eat eateries, but i gotta say i'm impressed with this one. not too crazy about their sticky..."
"Acceptable. Normally we R NOT a fan of the AYCE sushi joints simply because of the trough-style nature of them. However we were staying nearby @..."
"Late night sushi at a good..."
Garrett Holmes
"Fast!. This is the usual place for my family and I eat when we want All You Can Eat sushi in Richmond. Their service is extremely fast and food are..."
"Great lunch deal. We've come for several years and think that they are still a great deal for all you can eat lunch and are always fast and..."
"Their dinner buffet is pricey so I only go there for the lunch buffet. The week day lunch buffet price is quite reasonable and, unusually for a..."
"The all-you-can-eat is very good. The beef teryiaki is wonder! I can't get enough of it! The raw salmon is pretty good aswell. Service is friendly..."
Lupus McFang
"Richmond Sushi is part of the Chinese run Top Gun chain of restaurants, with this being one of their first Japanese chain locations. Since..."
"How can someone who is very picky about Japanese cuisine have Richmond Sushi as one of their favourite restaurants? Well, as surprising as it may..."
R & H Chinese Food
79/100 (62 ratings)
"R&H is situated inside the Landsdowne mall.Freshly made dumplings and buns are their signature selections. The flavour is well balanced and..."
B & E
"Today we were traveling around Richmond, taking on the “Dumpling Trail”, a self guided tour that took you on a journey to taste 13 different..."
Maggi Mei
"Located inside Lansdowne Centre's food court this place was featured on Mikey Chen's Youtube Channel "Strictly Dumpling" check it out he's got some..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"Everything was amazing except for the pan fried dumplings, for which the skin was too thick. Would recommend the pork and chive dumplings and the hot..."
Jessica Yan
"R&H Chinese Food is a food stall located in the Lansdowne Centre food court. Normally, you wouldn’t think that you could find good xiao long bao in..."
Penny And Rusty
"Ignore all the snobs about service when has a Chinese resto ever prided itself on its service... It's a God damn food court stall, but it has the..."
Facebook User
"Good price and good foodI tried the XLB , pork dumplings and beef noodle soupFor a food court location the XLB are great...pretty..."
Clumsy Waiter
"I heard that the xiao long bao was really good here. I visited this food stall in the late afternoon on Saturday. There was definitely no lineup...."
Kit Yee Y.
"This is my favourite food court stall. They serve restaurant quality shanghainese food at food court prices. All their food is made fresh so expect a..."
Spencer Ang
"I’m kind of sad to think that Lansdowne Mall will be replaced by condos in a matter of years. My parents used to take me here when I was really..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"Heard a lot about this small place tucked away in Lansdowne mall. Went there on a busy Saturday afternoon and tried various dumplings. Some good and..."
Karan Suri
"We stumbled upon R&H in a Richmond food court, and ordered the Pan-Fried Pork Buns and Chive Pancakes with chilli sauce and vinegar. I was really..."
Leigh T
"Totally did not expect such good quality Shanghai food in a mall food court. Everything thing in R&H 正点 was made fresh, so it took a while to..."
Kelvin F
"They are so popular in this mall!Weekend is always little bit rush for them.especially around 12-2pm. u will even see 5-10 items on each order.most..."
"Very Fresh n Pretty Amazing!.... Very Fresh n Pretty..."
J Sun
"These are pot stickers.  They are dumplings filled with minced pork (and sometimes minced shrimp), and either shredded napa cabbage or bakchoy,..."
"The meat and soup inside the dumplings were tasty, but the dough was a bit thick. Still, for food court fare, this is pretty darn..."
Are You Gonna Eat That
Samsoonie Noodle & Rice
82/100 (830 ratings)
Hot Pot
"Bossam 보쌈 is a pork dish in Korean cuisine. It usually consists of belly pork that is boiled in spices and thinly sliced. It is served with..."
Camera Gourmet
"Hidden away in Richmond, a small restaurant that is always packed full of people. The broth for the two soups were really delicious, and as we wanted..."
"January 23, 2018I feel like to have some casual Korean food for lunch after work. One of my friend highly recommended this place, why not..."
"Arrived on a rainy Sunday afternoon around one o'clock and Samsoonie was packed. Luckily, as a party of one this time, I was seated right away and..."
Yes. We,re Eating Again.
"Samsoonie is a small Korean restaurant located in a strip mall along Westminster Highway just across the street from the Richmond Public Market.  We..."
SanFans Delight
"The first thing I just say is that food here is at a great value! We ordered the Katsu and the fish cakes with noodles. They came with side dishes..."
Lenny Wing-King
"I came here for lunch with a friend and really felt the family-style of this restaurant. I ordered one of my favourite Korean dishes - spicy rice..."
"3 for flavour. Gets a 3.5 for it's crazy portion and value! The spicy rice cake dish is huge! And the chasiu slices are ginormous. The ramen portion..."
Good Food Good Mood
"I don't go out to Richmond a lot, but this was one of the places I wanted to try out. It's at a pretty good location, not too far from the Canada..."
"Prolly my favourite Korean restaurant in Richmond because they have half portions for dishes that have only one massive size in other Korean..."
"Samsoonie is a local family run Korean restaurant nestled in a plaza on Westminster Highway in Richmond. Knowing that this place gets busy even on..."
Reservation Under Cindy
"Samsoonie Noodle & Rice is located in Richmond and they serve Korean cuisine. I love Korean restaurants especially for their dumplings – mandu, so..."
"After much procrastinating, I finally made good on my commitment to begin my quest for Korean cuisine closer to home. My family and I have already..."
Blue Lobster Foodie
"Samsoonie is a family run Korean restaurant. We ordered 5 pieces Chicken Wings, Beef Tofu Hotpot and Chicken Bulgogi. Wings are tasteless and..."
"Service and food were equally great. I've been going to Samsoonie for almost four years now and they've consistently had fantastic servers and Korean..."
Anand Sharma
"I saw a pork cutlet picture on instagram and saw it tagged this restaurant, I've never heard of it so i was debating between trying this or dae ji...."
"Discovered this hidden gem in Richmond, and we have heard many good words about it. Overall, great service, excellent food, big portion and..."
Molely-B Loves To Eat
Sunny Wong
"One of my friends recommended trying Samsoonie in Richmond because she said that the portions were quite large and the food was pretty good too!...."
"Summary: Surprisingly good Korean place with generous servings and good standard food. Flavours are on quite authentic, especially the kimchi and..."
"There was only one server and a full house of patrons so the service was very slow. It took them ten minutes or so to bring us some tea and menus. I..."
"The food here is decent but with some hit and misses. The pork neck bone ramen was really good. Broth was flavourful and pork was very tender. The..."
"Came for lunch a second time and got the Seafood pancake (very nice and crispy while not being greasy, but not much seafood), Korean Boiled Dumplings..."
"Food was decent. The beef hot pot was a little sweet but all the ingredients tasted fresh. Seafood pancake was prepared nicely but there was very..."
Picky Diner
"Best Korean food I've had in Richmond. Huge kimbap rolls and refills on good kimchi and potato panchan. Very authentic Korean fast food. I lived..."
Email Email
"My friend Jac recommended this place so we decided to give it a go after badminton. I really liked it here – the humbleness of a family-style..."
Picky Diner
"Finally found a great authentic Korean food in Richmond with great portions and affordable prices!! The Korean lady is very nice, and for the 2 times..."
"Great value, great food, great portions. Fantastic restaurant! Only $9.55 for a GIGANTIC bowl of pork neck soup ramen. And I am literally the..."
"If I could kiss the chef, I would. What a delight! Samsoonie has filled a void in my heart that also exists in Korean cuisine here in Richmond. We..."
"Seafood Ramen. Fresh Seafood with..."
Facebook User
Shanghai Morning Restaurant
78/100 (38 ratings)
"Really like this place. Good food. Large portions. Fair prices. If you go for dinner service on a weekday, you can get free xiaolongbao with purchase..."
"○decent service ○good food/ not many options for dim sum / huge portions so good for sharing ○average price ○family friendly..."
"Came here for dinner and the place was almost full. Service was quick. We tried the fried rice served in the small wooden bucket, and it was quite..."
Jee Pang
"Pretty legit Shanghainese food. At lunch, the food is order via a paper sheet where you write down the quantity -- but the sheet is in Chinese. The..."
"I keep hearing about this place giving away free soup dumplings for lunch and dinner, with minimum purchase of 20 for lunch, 40 at dinner. Our uncle..."
Vancity Food Guy
"Lately I've been on the hunt for good quality XLB. I've heard good things about Shanghai Morning so I thought I would give it a try. The XLB lived up..."
"  After a disappointing meal at Shanghai Gourmet a few days ago, I was in desperate need of some REAL Shanghainese food ASAP! Seriously, I'm still..."
Selina Lo
"Love this place. I love eating siu long bao and I have to say this is the best place I have tried so far. The bun is big and juicy and the wrapping..."
"Loved the Duck and the XLBs. Oh if we could only get Chinese food half as good as this where we come from -- the capital city of Oregon -- we would..."
"Food were fantastic and offered with great values. Server was very friendly and attentive. Definitely repeating my..."
Jimie Shogun
"One of my fav Shanghai restos. Have been eating at this resto long before its current location (they've moved a couple times). Simply put, the food..."
"continuing the shanghai adventures in richmond, my mom and i visited shanghai morning  in a tiny plaza with limited parking.  focusing mostly on..."
"Alright. Before we start, I have to say that this restaurant several “the best we have ever tried”. So be prepared!! It locates on Alexandra Rd...."
"Given the freshness and quality of ingredients for the price point, Shanghai Morning Restaurant of Richmond, BC is a contender for XLB eateries in..."
Connoisseur De La Vie
"Tonight, Shanghai food lovers can rejoice as I have found the holy grail and its name is… 小南國上海小吃 (Shanghai Morning..."
Curtis G NG
The Sweet Spot Bakery
93/100 (296 ratings)
Ice Cream
"This is one of my TOP 10 bakeries in Richmond and you cannot miss it!Sweet Tooth at "The Sweet Spot".Love their lemon tart and the french baking are..."
Eat With Sida
"The only bakery in Steveston that offers a variety of good French baking. I have here pistachio Madeleine's and apple danish. Found the apple..."
"Amazing delights!. Every week there are new seasonal delights on the pastry shelves. Thankfully they are small and delicious leaving your taste buds..."
"Love this sweet little place. I love the friendliness i receive from the staff every time i visit them. Love their cakes and the french macarons are..."
"Delectable, delicate, delicious. Artisan cakes, sweets, pastries and deserts. Knowledgeable, friendly and (rightly so) proud patisserie chefs. My..."
"The Sweet Spot. This place is an amazing value! The quality of the products is second to none and the prices are very competitive. Well worth the..."
"This place is absolutely amazing I'm addicted!! I live in kamloops and I still get family members to stop there and get me treats definatly a must to..."
"Sweet spot hit the spot !. Met some friends in steveston and had some time to kill so we stuck our noses in here to see what all the blather was..."
Sean Murphy
"Sweet desserts. After our Mother's day lunch, we drove down to Steveston just to drop by this small bakery. Although we were hoping more "moist cake"..."
"Great desserts!. My friend bought a couple sweets from this bakery for two friends' birthday and they all tasted very good. I haven't visited this..."
Carmen T
"Sweetest couple!!! I drive all the way from Vancouver for the coconut macaroons. Keep up the great..."
"So good!. Great desserts and great value. the caramel chocolate mousse is milk chocolate heaven, and the lemon tart filling was the perfect balance..."
"Finally the real deal is available in Steveston. The food here, whether its pastries, sandwiches, soups, or prepared meals are always good, and I..."
Always Hungry
"Every miniature cake is a delight. We bought six different "mini cakes" and each held their own in the battle of tastes. From the lightest chocolate..."
"Oh my...yum!!. I'm a dessert hound. Scratch that...I'm a dessert connoisseur! I travel far and wide for a great dessert, and my hubby jokes that I..."
"More than just pastries. I really enjoy the sandwiches that they make every day and love the frozen entrees that are available in the freezer. The..."
Kathleen Young
"Super sweet Sweet Spot!. Something that I love about Steveston village is the growing number of small food establishments that are passionate about..."
"All the pastries and baked goods look astonishingly beautiful and seductive here. And they taste just impeccable as they look. This time Poached Pear..."
Picky Diner
"Recently, we have discovered a hidden gem, the Sweet Spot bakery. It has been voted the Best Bakery in 2013 by Richmond Review..."
"the sweet spot is a popular bakery in steveston, crawling with tourists and was the bakery that provided me with my little slice of birthday cake - i..."
"Giant pain au chocolat, delicate madeleines, quiches, fruit tarts, homemade ice creams, homemade soups, korean style braised chicken... and the list..."
Two Hungry Piglets
"Top Left hand corner was a dark chocolate cake , that kind of had mousse in it I believe? Whatever it was, it was delicious! The bottom left hand..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"The Sweet Spot Bakery is a cute little bakery that serves up some fine looking (and fine tasting) bakery items. I decided to get a variety of items..."
Penny And Rusty
"ou see, we've always refrain from western-style bakeries because the desserts tend to be too sweet for us...but not this place. I tried the coconut..."