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Olove Greek Kitchen
94/100 (502 ratings)
Middle Eastern
"One of the best meals I have had in ages!! Glad to have this new restaurant in my neighbourhood..."
Barb Hurtig
"Amazing food, beautiful staff, great..."
Lau Ra
"Yummy breakfast and lunch in the busy downtown core, when you are looking for real tasty food be sure to check out..."
Katarina Mara Mikulic
"Best place for breakfast or lunch! Fast, healthy and..."
Jordan Kirk
"Favorite place for lunch with great food and..."
Søph Ia
"You guys are awesome, same as your food and your..."
Giorgio Cima
"First time customer. The food exceeded my expectations. Love the default chips (fries) and risotto , i don’t think I have visited any other greek..."
"Highly recommend! Wonderful place to enjoy Greek food. The owners provide an excellent service and good recommendations on what to order. I had the..."
Andrés R. M.
"Food and service were amazing! The fig dipped was my favorite! Pita bread was warm and just paired so well with the dips and even on its own. The..."
Delvina Lorraine N
"Everything was delicious. My family and I are mostly vegetarian, and there were many share plates that we could eat together. The owner and waitress..."
Daniella Silva
"finally got to try this place! Highly recommend to get reso as we did a walk in the first time we went and failed to go in as they were so busy. the..."
Darryl Hortelano
"Food was amazing. Definitely would recommend and go back. Got the chicken souvlaki. Tasted great. Also very cozy..."
Dylan McCartney
"Wow what a great experience! Souvlaki was excellent, goddess bowl was delicious and Roast lamb is best in the city. Great ambiance, great service...."
Alex Kwon
"A delightful and intimate spot with a cozy ambience, which was great for conversation. The lamb chops were amazing! Tender and flavourful, every..."
Annabel Middleton
Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery
93/100 (452 ratings)
Ice Cream
"Yesterday was my first time at this place, the rootbeer float was AMAZING..."
Kris Amos
"This place makes the most amazing old-fashioned ice cream treats! My personal favourite is the Maple Lover's sundae. Maple walnut ice cream covered..."
Carly H. Franklin
"everything here is on point. the feel of the place to the decor to the items & ingredients themselves. on..."
Justin Tea
"Love the chocolate malt and any sunday with the brownies they make are to die for! So good! Super cheap kids cones and kids sundaes so very..."
Evangelia Koutsodimos
"I love everything about this place! The seasonal & feature treats are worth going back often for. I still have sweet dreams about the sundae with the..."
Kait Blake
"Glenburn is by far the best place to go for real Ice-Cream in the lower mainland. Amazing menu and extremely creative and tasty items from huge..."
George Econ
"Love this place. Very consistent, delicious ice cream, home made fudge, sauces and great toppings. Excelent service and every time we do is my kids..."
Carolina Rivera
"My father began working for Glenburn Dairy in the mid to late 30's. They were located on the Northwest side of Hastings and Boundary in Vancouver,..."
Carol Sutton Jones
"Awsome for a nostalgic experience. Friendly staff and delicious treats..."
Rita Elgert
"What a fantastic place! Friendliest staff and such great ice cream. Loved..."
Sherri Wise
"The atmosphere, the staff, and the food were awesome. The strawberry milkshake was really good and the split was..."
Solomon Chernishov
"Such a wonderful experience and brought back so many great memories from my childhood! They have Rockets and Garbage Can-dy!!!..."
Lucas Roberts
"Each time I go with my wife and daughter, it feels like being back in the early 60's, the music, walls and pictures, never really get tired of being..."
Venice R. Macaranas
"Am I the only one who gets an inkling for ice cream when the sun comes out? I would sure hope not I mean the ice-cream market has got to be made up..."
"A time capsule that takes you back to the 50s. Their desserts are lovely and simple and traditional with a fun spin sometimes. Super busy all the..."
"You guys! This place is so 1950s, it is set back and relaxed and its a lovely place to get away, if it isn’t super crowded. Their stuff is top..."
"Delicious, quality ice cream sundaes in a cute, retro setting. Their hours can fluctuate often so I would recommend checking their website/Facebook..."
"They have a wide range of sundaes and flavours to try. I tried the new one which was there special. Pricing is good not cheap and not expensive...."
Sab Sidhu
"I’m slowly working my way through all the dessert spots in town. Finally made it out to Glenburn Soda Fountain. It’s located right beside Oui..."
"Retro style ice cream and soda place that takes you back to the 50’s or 60’s. They served old-fashioned ice cream, sundaes, banana..."
B & E
"Pretty adorable place! Love the old school vibe. Great place to come if you’re looking for a sweet treat. Great seasonal treats as well. Would..."
"Ice cream cravings are real. H and I went to Glenburn for dessert on what one might consider a “date night”. We had the Fall Spice, which..."
Louisa Ng
"The best ice cream place in town - especially for speciality sundaes. I try a new sundae each time and I am never disappointed. Their house made..."
"It's like stepping in to the 50s! That includes no AC but it only means you'll want more tasty ice-cream as you finally get thru the lineup. Yummy..."
Sara Marie Brousseau
"• located in East Hastings, busy street; park along the street or side streets• this place is always packed and you'll see why• they..."
"Nostalgic and retro, this old school 50s-feel soda shop-ice cream parlour is well worth a visit while in Van! Ice cream sundaes are creative,..."
"If you end up visiting this place, watch people's faces when they see the desserts. There is never a frown in the room! Their milkshakes are massive,..."
"Very unique 1960's style or traditional old school of interior design. There was a lot of customers here tonight although the weather was cold and..."
Kit Yee Y.
"The servers were lovely and quick. We order reg Sundae with maple walnut and eggnog. Eggnog tastes a bit minty (weird?) but it brings Christmasy..."
Nana Trang
"Went here for a quick treat on a rainy day. This was so good! The ice cream was very rich and smooth and I loved the hot fudge. This was a good..."
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Eat With Sida!  Glenburn is an amazing ice cream place with retro diner vibe!  I fall in love this retro and old school feel..."
Eat With Sida
"If ever there was a week I needed to eat ice cream alone in bed by the bucket without pants on, it's this one.  They seem to like it when you wear..."
"This place is one of my favourite ice cream places! The decor and atmosphere is different from other places; giving off the old school diner vibes...."
"Glenburn Soda is my ultimate favourite ice cream place in Burnaby! Each picture I have added to this review is a separate visit. As you can see, I..."
"I finally went to Glenburn Soda in Burnaby. I have been following them for a couple years on their social media accounts. Whenever they would post..."
Ruveens Reservations
"I love the atmosphere of this place; it's super retro. I have yet to try the soda floats, which I heard were a favorite from my friends. I went here..."
Amanda Pang
"This place is ice cream heaven that takes you back to the past. From the old school soda fountain ambience to the vintage menu. So far I have..."
Food Adventuress
"I would rate this way over 5 if I could!!! AMAZING place!!! If you have not tried it please do, this line is so worth the wait and they are so good..."
Angel Bergling
"Best place in Burnaby for old fashioned sundaes and sodas. The special desserts are huge but if you share between 2 or 3 people it really is good..."
"Hands down one of a kind. Valentines day here is crazy btw lol. All year around a fantastic place for dessert and why? It's one of a kind old school...."
Vancity Food Guy
"Glenburn is hands down one of my favourite places to go. I love the homey, community vibe that they have maintained. The authentic, old fashioned..."
"I do agree this place is amazing. The sundaes are delicious the floats are amazing. And the ice cream it's just the best. I love how they still..."
YVR Foodie
"In our modern world there are so many bells and whistles, so much extra noise needed to attract our attention. Sparkles, smoke, and glowing light...."
Maggi Mei
"I really liked the chocolate milkshake. I love their atmosphere. Hidden gem in north Burnaby. I love hastings. There are only limited space..."
"Atmosphere 1/1This store reminds me of an old school confectionery! It's relatively small and can get quite packed in there but the store has..."
"This place is in my hood and its awesome. The feel is so retro down to the paper straws you get in your milkshake. They have specials which are..."
"Sooooooo good!! The brownies here are the best!!!! So soft and not too sweet goes perfect with a scoop of ice cream or a shake. They give pretty..."
"Such a cute little place for ice cream! The theme of their restaurant adds a welcoming vibe when you walk in. Their ice cream is thick and creamy but..."
"I’m currently listening to the 90210 theme music on YouTube as I type. Forgive me for this trip down memory lane:  a recent visit to Glenburn Soda..."
Vancouver Barista
"Ever since they opened up I have LOVED this place and nothing compares! The service is amazing and their team gives the whole shop a positive vibe. I..."
"Really good sundaes. The ice cream was really good and the sundaes were full of ingredients like fresh whipped cream, hot fudge, and chocolate..."
Amy Nieh
"Super good!. Stopped by here after dinner to celebrate end of exams and shared a banana split with my girlfriend. It was the perfect amount of ice..."
"High quality products and awesome decor inside. This isn't Dairy Queen; if you're expecting a similar experience, this isn't for..."
"Awesome!. Had the banana split sundae special, and it was divine. Two scoops of vanilla and a scoop of strawberry topped with local cherry, blueberry..."
"Good ol classic desserts. The place definitely has a retro feel to it and doesn't have a lot of room for sitting so be forewarned when going with a..."
Andy Wong
"Amazing banana split and brownie sundae. I brought my whole family here all the way from Richmond and even my dad who doesn't like to drive out very..."
"Be Archie. Who wants to be the Archies for an hour? This place was so fun. My wife and I got ourselves a Malt (I've wondered for the last 20 years..."
"The art of the jerk. Glenburn isn't like the places I usually go for ice cream (which are gelaterias.) This is old-school, older than Dairy Queen..."
Bukko Boomeranger
"Awesome place. As a non-coffee drinker, this is a great meet-up place for friends/dates. The place feels like it's from a more civilized time. The..."
Natalie W.
"I love the feel of this place. Reminds me of when I was a kid. I like the milkshakes. Quite decadent but very..."
"We went into Glenburn's on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, and ordered a banana sundae, a strawberry milkshake, a bubblegum ice cream, and a strawberry..."
Food Crew
"Typical diner. There's nothing too special about this diner, but if you live in the Burnaby area it's a nice place to sit down and enjoy some old..."
"So much fun! It's like walking back in time when you go through the front door. The ice cream is delicious and and each item is prepared for you when..."
"Every single bite was like..."
"Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery Every time I go here, I want to get everything—not just the various flavours of sodas and ice creams, but..."
"My friend and I decided to grab a late night snack nearby and discovered this cute little place. We love the ideas of 50s soda foundain! It’s like..."
"I was surprise with this Sundae, the consistence of the syrup peanut butter blends so well with the ice cream, it undeniably good. If you like..."
"Dessert is a girl’s best friend… especially during certain times *ahem*. I invited a couple of my girlfriends to come try this place before I..."
"Unique in Vancouver, this Old Fashioned Malt Shop serves decadent sodas, sundaes, malts, egg creams and floats made with  Birchwood Dairy  ice..."
"I love finding great eateries in lesser known areas. Lucky for me who rides the bus to school everyday, I’ve come to find quite a few special..."
WingHin T.
"The menu is fantastic. Sundaes, floats, malts and tons of other stuff. On the menus they make it clear that they’re OK with you substituting ice..."
Andrea Michaud
"Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary has carved out a unique niche for themselves, and I’ve got to say, what they do they do..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"Glenburn Soda was a place I've always wanted to go to. It's a cool 50s-style soda pop shoppe and photos of their ice creams and sundaes were so..."
Mashed Thoughts
"We absolutely adored the vibe and decor of Glenburn Soda, and judging by the volume of crowds — we weren’t alone on this one. The shop has only..."
Food Gays
"This delicious maple pecan fudge sundae was perfect after dinner and satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Topped with lots of whipping cream! :D Lots of..."
Beth L
"Ever since Glenburn Soda opened up in Burnaby Heights, I’ve been wanting to try them out… Of course, leave it for us to go for a sundae in..."
Penny And Rusty
"Glenburn Soda is definitely one of those places in Vancouver that make you feel like you’ve stepped out of the future and back into the sweet..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"I’ve heard good things about Glenburn. This family owned and operated soda fountain has taken the food world by a storm with their old-school ice..."
Mary Sheridan
"Glenburn's array and variety of ice creams, drinks, sundaes, and treats is a little bit..."
"Came here for the milkshakes and wasn’t disappointed one bit! So yummy, and the shakes are so ice-creamy and milky. Will come back for the shakes..."
Kelly Wu
"Ice cream is always great, you will really enjoy. Went for a visit during hats off day and there is a long line up. People know when its good, there..."
Jeffrey Morente
"Best dessert place in Vancouver! I wish I can come here everyday for dessert but that won't be healthy. The prices look expensive but it is 100%..."
"The hype is very real. Old school sundaes, ice cream and floats. 🍧😋 Be warned that it's (currently) takeout only and there doesn't seem to be a..."
Tony Lim
"The most delicious ice cream I’ve ever eaten. Do not go other places. Here is where you can find whatever you want. Oh my goodness, I can’t tell..."
Farhang Sajadifar