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Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine
73/100 (187 ratings)
"Best Viet Sub in the City, Pho is amazing as well!..."
Lee Michael
"Came for a weekday lunch with a couple co-workers. Trendy interior at odds with the neon DTES exterior. I ordered the large bun bo hue, one co-worker..."
Pa Ool
"Went to Golden Garden for dinner tonight. We just happened to be in the neighbourhood around dinner time. I've been here a few times for lunch. It's..."
ADash OfChili
"Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine / Kim Saigon Sandwiches is an affordable restaurant with amazing items like pho, bahn mi sandwiches, spring rolls,..."
"This is my go to place in Chinatown when I need a good quick meal that is cheap. Their pate bahn mi sandwiches are awesome and you can get it..."
"Awesome ambiance, tasty food. The restaurant has a nice feel to it, there was music and the lights are a little dim. The furniture was fantastic and..."
"Nice delicate broth. This is not a prime dining area so lunch is fairly busy but dinner is not. Located in the heart of Chinatown on Main and Pender...."
"This is the best Vietnamese restaurant in China Town! Fabulous, fresh and inexpensive. You'd be crazy to go anywhere else. I'm ver surprised by the..."
"The best Vietnamese spring rolls I've ever had and cheap delicious pho...dunno why its two $ when a bowl of pho is only..."
Melissa Killion
"Surprised the rating isn't higher. I've been here 6 times and it's been great each time. Curry chicken vermicelli is really..."
Josh Loewen
"I love kim. I love Kim because she makes amazing sandwiches. She just opened this place up with her brother after what seems like a million years of..."
"Nathalie and I were in the neighbourhood and looking for a quick bite to eat that wouldn’t break the bank. Nathalie has been here previously, and..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
American Cheese Steak
86/100 (312 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast Food
Ice Cream
Steak Sandwich
Philly Cheesesteak
"This place is a huge guilty pleasure! Went for a cheesesteak and then walked about 15 blocks to ease our conscience, but it was well worth it! Great..."
Liz Martens
"Very descent and friendly place to have sandwiches,qualities ��lovely ,place to visit with friends and..."
Al-karim Dewji
"We love this place. The food is great, the service is stellar � A happy..."
Tāwera Collings
"You can feel the passion the staff have for their clients and the food. The steak sandwiches were fantastic! The price for the "Philly" was worth..."
Cindy Dunlap Kittle
"Ate there today for the first time was so friggin good!!! I will definitely become a..."
Craig Mawhinney
"Saw this on "You gotta eat here!" And you definitely do!! Had the Bigshot and it was amazing! Tons of meat and cheese - love, love this..."
All Daq
"Awesome food you really "gotta eat here" I had the Philly cheesesteak by far the best I ever..."
Joann Richardson
"Amazing Cheesesteaks and onion rings, service is good as..."
Wes Landen
"Had the cheesesteak the other night. Unreal. I SWEAR it wasn't just because it was..."
Jon Wolfond
"Best cheesesteaks around with out a doubt. But you need more locations, 1 is not enough. Come to the pitt meadows/ maple ridge area. I will pack the..."
Steve Raven
"Amazing food. Great customer service. Definitely worth a..."
Dave Iwai
"My husband found this little gem during our quickie trip to Vancouver - was so good we ate here twice in our 3 days in the..."
Dawn Wood
"i think that it is great all around great food great service and great..."
Tyson Sutherland
"It's really hard to impress me with a sandwich but this is amazing. I found out that they opened a small counter in Metrotown near by the movie..."
"It's been awhile since last eating here. Still a great place for awesome PHILLY CHEESE sandwiches. Some great varieties like the korean or the..."
Rob Madunicky
"I thought that we were going to be moving away from an abundance of bread and cheese... But I guess that isn’t quite the case when there’s..."
Erika Golem
"I got the new yorker and the ACC fries. Delicious! Although I thought the sandwich could use slightly more seasoning to really kick it up to the next..."
Ciann L. Wilson
"Very good, very fresh.   No complaints.   Everyone at table was satisfied with their selections.  The service was quick and..."
"Tried this spot out after seeing it on You Gotta Eat Here. Ordered the Cowboy, the Big Shot, ACC Fries and a Salted Caramel Frozen Custard Milkshake...."
Jay B
"I love this place. It's great with a beer and they have real 20oz pints. It's clean, friendly, and not super quick but that's because it's all made..."
"This place has potential and with pride right around the corner, they are gonna make alot of money. With every new concept, a buisness will need to..."
Vancity Food Guy
"The American Cheesesteak Co. has been around for several years now and is a local restaurant that is dedicated to serving authentic Philadelphia..."
"Oh. My. If you love tender prime rib, cheese, crispy little fried onions, spicy BBQ sauce, and some bacon Mayo on top of a freshly baked hoagie..."
"After Dine Out Vancouver 2016 at The American Cheesesteak Company, I had to come back to use my vouchers. Somehow I ended up with three, so happily I..."
"Overall I feel The American Cheesesteak Company is offering a very good deal during Dine Out Vancouver 2016. Since you get a voucher for $5 off, the..."
"This place nailed it. Located on Davie across Nandos. Decent price, around $12. Pretty filling do come on an empty stomach! Not too greasy. Nom nom...."
"If you're a cheesesteak fan and are in Vancouver, you need to check out the American Cheesesteak Co. They have the best cheesesteaks in Vancouver. It..."
"One-liner: American-feeling diner with some heart-stopping cheesesteaksHighlight: The CowboyRecommended for: Looking for a burger..."
Nosh And Nibble
"I was supposed to meet a friend over at The Distillery for a drink but hadn’t had dinner yet. I decided to walk from my home in Kits to Yaletown..."
Drunken Noms
"Saw on you gotta eat here, read some good reviews so we decided to try. I am writing this mid sandwich to tell you it's great. One of the better..."
"Always amazing. -Service - 4/5Food - 4/5Décor - 4/5Price - 4/5I've been here twice now and if I lived closer, it would..."
"Yummy Cheesesteak. There are a bunch of yummy selections here like the Cheesesteaks and there many variations, the hotdogs, and there..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Awesome authentic Philly cheesesteak. Nuff said go and try..."
"One word AMAZING..."
"Great food .very delicious..."
"Savor the flavor. Man, this place is great! The quality of everything is undeniable and the attention to detail makes this the BEST sandwich around...."
"I'M FROM PHILLY & THESE STEAK ARE OFFICIAL!!!. Ok now you know these are better than some phillysteak spots I grew up around in Northeast..."
"Great Downtown Eats. Wasn't too busy so I got The New Yorker with sautéed onions and American cheese which surprised me by the size of the sub..."
Andy Wong
"Amazing service. Check these guys out for the most epically awesome guys around, seriously above and beyond service expectations with my special..."
"Best cheesesteak in Vancouver!. MMM cheese mmmm meat...what more could a girl ask for? I had the LE bifteck and it's so good! Considering that the..."
"I tried 'le bifteck', 'cowboy' and ACC fires. All dish was so yummy! All ingredients were harmonious in my mouth. I prefer 'le bifteck' because of..."
"I thought it was great and I'll be back. I would go more, but it's expensive, $10+ for a small is a bit up there for lunch in..."
"Nice Concept. The only other CheeseSteak we have tried were the ones in Subway so it was nice to have a place that is dedicated to CheeseSteak. We..."
"Classic was a classic. High quality beef and not oily. I'd recommend going home and toasting it in a small oven to brown the bun a bit more.Very..."
"The sandwich is great! Always have the New Yorker and it is always tasty! It's a bit of a wait (about 12 to 15 min) so its not fast food, but that's..."
"Completely enjoyed my Classic cheesesteak and acc fries. Chef @anthonysedlak has brought the best of Philly to Vancouver. Thanks..."
Michael Druce
"I got The New Yorker, w sautéed onions and provolone... Yum. I wouldn't even have to think twice about going back. I didn't even have to wait long..."
Genevieve C
"Oh man. What a..."
"My wife and I checked out the A.C.C. on Friday. Cool "diner-like" atmosphere and location. The food was Awesome! Melt in your mouth beef, and the bun..."
"Cheese Steak, ' Nuf Said. Cheese Steak Sandwiches with Provolone. Delicious, yummy and awfully savory. It taste better with the Sauteed Onions too. I..."
Bill Tng
"Tried ACC last night and I was really impressed. Knowledgable staff helped out with explaining things. I was going to get the regular fries but the..."
"...the sandwiches are great! But I don’t like how the buns are like hot dog buns. They break off into half and the meat inside falls out all over..."
"I visited The American CheeseSteak Co. in Downtown Vancouver and It was amazing! Delicious sandwiches and cheap beer combined with friendly staff is..."
Lester Chung
"Post contains..."
"...After having a rather disappointing Philly Cheesesteak sandwich/wrap...I decided to head to downtown Vancouver and see how the American..."
"This blog post contains photos..."
"I highly recommend this place! It is located on Davie and they don't have their personal parking so the only way is if you transit or you pay..."
Domo Is Craving...
"It's time for lunch today and I wanted to go to one of my favorite places reasonably near my work. The American CheeseSteak Co was a short bus ride..."
Edward Chiu
"I dig all this specialization. Choose one thing and do it well. Until recently, if someone had asked me, where do I go to get a good cheesesteak..."
The Primalist
"We started off with the  ACC Fries ($4 small size), which were tossed with garlic, parsley and parmesan. The thick-cut fries were very aromatic and..."
Curtis G NG
"Foodie Recommendations: Even for the strong eaters out there, I would still suggest ordering a 6incher to start off with. That shits..."
"I opted for one of the special ones and got the regular sized Cowboy ($10) which comes with shaved prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy bbq..."
Food Queen
"Meta Knight and I shared a Large Cowboy ($12.00) as it seemed to be the highly recommended one on the menu. The large cowboy consisted of shaved..."
Eating With Kirby
"I must warn you their sandwiches are mouthwatering (I'm wanting one right now!), full of meaty goodness and seriously..."
"After being tempted by Kevin and Jeff with their cheesesteaks, I went back the day after just for it since it looked so..."
"..we will definitely be back for these great sandwiches and to try out their sides as well. When the Cowboy is a calling, it will be hard to..."
"This is a perfect addition to the downtown core and definitely a first. I'll be going back to try the other..."
The Hungry Nomad
"Frozen custard is creamier, silkier and smoother than regular ice cream, frozen custard is delicious beyond belief. I was so sad to learn that this..."
Mary Sheridan
"Once again, the food was good and plentiful. Not wildly spectacular, but it was damn tasty and sure fills your meat..."
"The American CheeseSteak Co. opened up around Davies and Granville a few months ago. They serve up some delicious CheeseSteaks at decent prices...."
"Anthony Sedlak 's black olive and goat cheese tart has been one of my go-to, fail safe recipes for years so you can imagine my excitement when he..."
Food Punk
James On Hastings Chinese Restaurant
81/100 (797 ratings)
"Hello everyone. The menu prices must be years old. Add about $5.00 to each item. The food was good and portions were more than adequate. The only..."
Wally Henkel
"Google reviews led me this to placeAmbiance: In my opinio there is non, you sit where you like and they come take your..."
"Serves one of the few Cantonese style curry. My love will always be the curry beef brisket. At $11.25, the portion is huge and along with the rice..."
"Back in June, we were feeling the craving for some tasty crab so we headed over to James on Hastings… a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant on (you..."
Penny And Rusty
"Open late so my friends and I came in looking for good food. I like their booths and the restaurant itself is nice for a hole in wall joint...."
Daniel Wang
"Wow their award winning curry crab was delicious. We had their late night menu and it was no dissapointment. Many small plate dishes. We had their in..."
Vancity Food Guy
"James On Hastings was the venue chosen for lunch, during a recent visit made to the Burnaby 'Heights' and Vancouver 'East Village' areas of..."
"Pretty neat late night Chinese food restaurant. Able to smoke in the restaurant after hours. They have a wide variety of Chinese food (including late..."
Vinita Trieu
"It doesn't look like much from the outside, but James is a solid choice for its lunch special and late night hours. If you've got hankering for some..."
Michael Kwan
"Fantastic service. The curry crab and hot and sour soup some of the best in the city. Bring a lot of friends and have a great..."
Vee J
"Great meal. Fantastic service, mega portions and lots of flavor. Plus the owner James seems like a really groovy guy. Well worth..."
"Better than Expected. This place always seems to me like one of those nameless, generic Chinese dives along Hastings and Kingsway that you secretly..."
"Late Night Delight. Good food, good price (~6.95) , nice variety, and free congee.Though portions can vary depending on the..."
"Great food at a decent price. Love the curry crab! Tasted really..."
"Clean decor for Chinese restaurant. Prompt service. There lunch menu portions are huge. Make sure u ask for other menus they always give u the normal..."
"There is no other place around this hood that opens until 2:00am and serves up authentic late night chinese food! I came here after a not so..."
"Really good food. Service good as well. You should try their Chinese lemon iced..."
Melanie Lou
"Great Great Great!. Recently came here after searching along Main Street and then Hastings for a place to eat with the family. The wonton soup broth..."
"It's open again!. James on Hastings was closed for three months due to a fire, but now they're back open. Friendly service, great food! The..."
Alana K
"A typical average Chinese restaurant. It was only half full. We ordered the Shredded Chicken Fried Rice $9.95 which was not too salty. It tasted..."
Idea Rabbit
"Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at James on Hastings, and would come back again with a large group. James and the rest of the staff were very..."
Shaolin Noodle House
79/100 (604 ratings)
"it's a cold and nippy day in Vancouver i decided to grab a nice warm meal i ordered the Hot & Sour Soup and the Nutritious Noodle with Lamb and..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"Best noodles I've ever had!! I could smell the spiciness of the noodles as it was coming to my table which had me over the roof. That first bite had..."
"One of my most favourite noodle places.   Spicy cutting noodles and green onion pancake.   So damn good.  Although i tend to stick with what I..."
"The beef rolls, pork dumplings, hot and sour potatoes, and chicken cutting noodles are always delicious. They always have us coming back for..."
Noemie Mcgovern
"AmbianceI love the red lanterns that greeted me outside of the restaurant. I love that there are pictures of the food everywhere. It..."
Christine Guillen Ferreira
"I liked Shaolin Noodle House. I tried the cutting noodles which I found to be a bit doughy and large. The beef and broccoli was adequate - I wish..."
"Shao Lin Noodle House has been delighting diners with their Northern Chinese style hand-crafted noodles for 20 years now.  At Shao Lin, you can..."
"They've been a Vancouver tradition for years, known for their dumplings & noodles.Ordered delivery online, but beware, there's like 3-4..."
"My favorite Chinese restaurant in vancouver. It is amazing especially the hand made noodle dishes , the cutting noodle dishes are out of this world...."
"I went there long time ago~ I had beef noodle maybe and beef roll. BEEF ROLL is my favorite!! It's really tasty especially when its hot!! I want to..."
"Best chinese food. I went there last night and ordered chicken with diced peanut, OMG, it tastes so good. Sha lin is my favorite chinese restaurant..."
"I am a regular diner there, every time I been there they never let me down. Authentic Chinese food, kind atmosphere, attentive service. Definitely..."
Jason Cook
"Yummy. I got dragged in here (no pun intended) for dragging noodles. It's a bit small here and had to wait a couple minutes for a seat but not a big..."
"No fills goodness. I've come twice now. The location is nice def not much in the way of decorations though. Hey it's all about the food anyway right?..."
"Dumplings dumplings dumplings. The dumplings got me addicted. It's bad I might have to seek help. I eat them until I almost explode and then I order..."
"Consistently Good Comfort Food. We havne't been to Sha Lin since it moved to this new larger location and admittedly we have been going to Peaceful...."
Vancouver Foodie
"Fried noodles. Yes, just yes.I sit and watch the noodle man pull twist and stretch until the noodles take shape from what was a blob of..."
"Cheap and good. Nothing extra spent on decorative knick knacks as it should be. The fried cutting noodles with chicken I love because the thickness..."
"This place is way better than peaceful restaurant. Servers are friendly and food is really..."
"Flying noodles. Seeing my food twisted pulled and tossed is more like fetish night than dinner out but hey I entertain easy. Stopping in for the..."
"Mmmm dumplings. I enjoyed my soup and dumplings. It's all about the dumplings. I also ordered the fried noodles with chicken and it was delicious...."
"Lots of choices. I thought I wanted noodles but didn't think I would need to pump the meter while reading the menu it's crazy. The list of items is..."
"Busy. A line keeps me walking past most times but a busy restaurant means good things. The wait wasn't too long the waitress got me shoe horned into..."
"Cutting noddles. Chinese noodles don't always come in a package saying ichiban. The cutting noodles with veges and tofu soup satisfied the inner..."
"Tasty lunch. Had a late lunch and ordered the dragging noddles with pork and vegetables. It came out quick so the echo in my stomach didn't disturb..."
"Sweet and sour pork is excellent. Had the sweet and sour pork and wasn't disappointed the taste took me back. There wasn't much fat or breading on..."
"Soup. Came for the handmade noodles. I've been wanting to try more Chinese cuisine instead of the average north american suburban fare. I got the..."
"Beef tendon soup. Good place for noodles and soup. Went with beef tendon and vegetables because the flavourful broth. The noodles were were springy..."
"Rainy day soup. A block away from the skytrian so it's proximity was part of my decision. I should have came earlier it was busy busy but when it's..."
"Nice variety of noodles. Came for the handmade noodles and wasn't dissapointed, got the cutting noodles with BBQ Pork and Veggies plus a side order..."
Andy Wong
"If Italians ate spaghetti with chopsticks. Sha Lin Noodle House is popular with people who work at my hospital. I've been meaning to learn more about..."
Bukko Boomeranger
"Good noodles. Loved the noodles and the dumplings. the service was so-so, but prices are cheap and cheerful. Would go back for a casual lunch or..."
"Their first plate on their menu-house special noodles-are always good. if you like chinese food, youll enjoy this..."
"Green onion cake very good!. Their noodle dishes are superb; but green onion cake ($2.49 for two) also really..."
"Decent Asian fare, although the venue is rather Spartan. The hand-made noodles are fun for the kids. Unfortunately, these rather tasty quick treats..."
"When I opened the menu, I was immediately overwhelmed by the choices. They had so many different kinds of noodles and I didn’t know the difference..."
Hungry Coco
"Upon walking into the restaurant you can see the chefs hand pulling the noodles and wrapping the dumplings. I think having an open kitchen so that..."
"Shaolin Noodle House is named after the Shaolin Temple in Northern China where manager, Kevin Zheng, immigrated from. Shaolin is known for its kung..."
Candice's Cusina
"The restaurant is quite big and clean. We really love their noodles. There are many choices on the noodles.The textures are really great...."
"The 鱼香茄子(Eggplant with meat) was not as good as Corner 23's (this is one of my favourite Asian eats!!), but it was pretty good. The sauce was..."
Angel Liu
"The gang at work decided to do a group lunch at Shaolin Noodle House on West Broadway.  I remember visiting this restaurant once many years ago,..."
"Sha Lin specializes in hand pulled noodles, they're back, with a bigger location too!  We went right after their lunch rush but they were still..."
"Seriously one of the best noodle dishes that I’ve had! The hand-cut noodles add character with the variable length and thickness ensuring that each..."
Penny And Rusty
"I had lunch with my folks recently at Shaolin Noodle House on Broadway, at their new location located between Ash and Heather. What I love about..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"It was the day that we re-visited the somewhat newly renovated Sha-Lin Noodle House. Although the feel was still there, the wall paint did seem..."
"Reopened and better than..."
"I started going to Sha Lin Noodles House after I saw it on an episode of "$40 a day" by Rachael Ray. I thought if Rachael Ray went there it should be..."
"When I find something I like, I stick with it. I watch movies over and over, read the same books and order the same things at restaurants. I know..."
There Is Always Room
"nad nad first brought me to shao lin last winter. the place was empty then. i could not remember how the service was because it was a long time ago..."
Swiss Tiara
Al Porto Ristorante
79/100 (2985 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Lemon tart
Osso Buco
"We were craving Italian so we made a reservation here. I had the gnocchi and my husband had the carbonara and both were very good though I'd say the..."
"Came here today for the first time and the food was absolutely amazing and delicious. They had a deal going on and we decided to try it out. The..."
Shirley Hong
"Been here a few times. I was invited by my girlfriend here initially when she purchased a $25 for $40 deal for two on Groupon. There are two entries..."
Molely-B Loves To Eat
"Al Porto Ristorante (歷史建築內的義大利餐廳)地址:321 Water St., Vancouver, BC電話:(604) 683-8376營業時間:Mon-..."
Sunny Wong
"Adorables, ThickToast, and I decided to share a couple dishes to try more variety, so we got their Arancini Funghi ($8.95). Basically they were wild..."
BitterSweetLife Food
"Adorables, ThickToast, and I decided to share a couple dishes to try more variety, so we got their Arancini Funghi ($8.95). Basically they were wild..."
BitterSweetLife Food
"Just had dinner with my bestie here. dont understand why the low rating - the entrées were great and so was the dessert. i had a white sangria which..."
"Great Experience. I don't know why this place doesn't rate higher on Urbanspoon. This is a great restaurant, . The dishes are nearly perfect and the..."
"A favourite!. I absolutely love this place...they have a great lunch deal which is a steal! I have never had a complaint about the food and the..."
"Nice and quiet Italian restaurant. Tasty food and good wine selection. Impeccable service by..."
"Dine Out 2014 - Very good!. For the $28 Dine Out price it was very good. Food was delicious and the ambiance was quaint. Right when you walk down the..."
CeeCee Lewis
"Great staff, great food!. Came in with a groupon to try this little hidden gem in gastown. Pleasantly surprised with how friendly the staff were and..."
"Charming Local Restaurant. A totally charming local restaurant in a great part of town. The ambiance is fantastic, high-end without being..."
"Oasis of Real Food at Reasonable Price. We've been eating lunch here 2-3 times a week for about a year since our office moved to the area. The food..."
"Great Italian food. I love Al Porto. We stumbled upon this restaurant quite by chance when we spied their early dinner special! It is such a good..."
"Groupon Alert!. Just a heads up. I dined alone when I used my Groupon, but was told to read the fine print when I got the bill. They tried to tell me..."
Gregory Goose
"We really enjoyed our meal. We ordered a number of salads and appetizers as opposed to entree items but I would not hesitate to visit here again. I'm..."
"Delicious, high-quality food, impeccable service. My husband and i decided to split an insalata mista(salad), quattro stagioni pizza, and a slice of..."
"Hit and miss place. This is a cute little hidden Italian place with very warm ambiance. The menu was extensive, very typical Italian food. I had the..."
Gotta Eat
"Meals in Downtown Vancouver is, like how I would say, “expense” (expensive). More often then not, you can expect to pay a premium for your meal..."
"Grayson said that Al Porto already looked promising before we walked into the door because of the cobblestoned alley way that was leading up to it...."
"For a long-time friend’s 20th birthday party, we went to Al Porto Ristorante in the lovely, historic Gastown. While sunny weather is always nice,..."
Peaceful Restaurant
70/100 (1464 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Affectionally known as “Peaceful”, this Northern Chinese restaurant has been offering their traditional cuisine across several locations within..."
Maggi Mei
"Service is average.Food is decent but on the oily side. I recommend the noodle soup as it will be less oily.Lunch menu is affordable and..."
"so another peaceful restaurant is located at mount pleasant was around the location so came to drop by to have a quick lunch, had the one near..."
Marv Wang
"I always have such high hopes but am always disappointed about something., usually the most important part of the meal ex. noodles always arrive..."
"I had received very high recommendations for this location and was slightly disappointed by the dumplings. The staff was sorry to hear about our..."
Chelsea Quinn
"Tasty! Food was great, service was good. Thoroughly enjoyed this first time dining..."
"Great Food. We had a large group of 9 diners, which they were able to accommodate. The food was good overall. Favourites were the eggplant, seafood..."
"I've been to the original location on west 4th but I prefer this one because parking is easier and it seems easier to get a table. First time we..."
"Wow absolutely delicious. Had the peaceful house special noodles, lamb dumplings, and the famous beef roll. Very impressed. A whole new Chinese food..."
"They’re best known for their house made noodles and their beef rolls, but since I had noodles earlier in the day, I was not inclined to have..."
"This restaurant was featured on the popular US Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri (C: They even have a billboard with..."
70/100 (959 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Peking Duck
Mandarin Duck
Chow Mein
Lettuce Wraps
Hong Kong
"Always on point. Been going here (and the location off Commercial) for years and I always receive, consistently, the same good food. Tried many of..."
Caviar & Kebabs
"great food great service and delivery guy was able to aswear question's and benefit from my service as a out of town experienced order food dude...."
Liam Wuthrich
"Any foodie/resident in the downtown Vancouver area knows there is a serious lack of half-decent Chinese restaurants on this side of the bridge...."
Bon Vivant
"Really Liked The Daily Lunch Menu Special Menu. Loved The food mouth watering indeed. Ambience is cool, the staff are very friendly and ya..."
Sourav BAsak
"Being a huge noodle fan. I had to revisit this place after a huge let down somewhere else yesterday...And so glad I did! Ordered the beef with celery..."
"Don't let the decor steer you away.. It was anything but fancy, but the food was great. I don't know about "Authentic" but when my wife and I dove..."
Gregory Kett
"Ma po tofu was just as delicious as another poster's photograph of it! Ginger beef was also really yummy, with a few token vegetables (carrots &..."
Jeff Saxe
"Decent. Went here for lunch with coworkers on a Monday. Great selection for their lunch menu ($8.95 with soup). Food is average Chinese, clean..."
Samantha Bruin
"All hits, no misses.. I love this place. Food is really delicious. Out of 10+ dishes we've tried on numerous visits, each has been a hit, with zero..."
"Mobile review. It's much smaller than its counterpart on Commercial, this place packs a punch in a small but elegant space. The Duck lettuce wraps..."
No Dessert Im Full
"[ A Great choice. Must Check Out ! ]. We love coming here, 'coz 1. Foods are Clean & Tasty. 2. Staffs are Friendly. 3. Convient..."
"Over all pretty good! Fried rice with sprimp could have more flavor or cooked more, spicy fried spring had amazing batter on it- not greasy and good..."
Kalea Buckler
"Real spicy (NOT 'Canadian spicy') food that was delicious so prepare to sweat! Orange Peel Chicken is highly recommended. Ginger Beef was too chewy,..."
"For $8.95 the lunch special is hard to beat. Huge portions. Will be back for sure. The staff and interior is also really..."
"Thumb up... I am fan of Kirin dim sum but today I want to try something different so we visited Chongqing and there are a couple appetizer items in..."
Big Bird
"Peking Duck was really..."
Lisa MacAulay
"Friday nights in my home are about two things – the immediate removal of pants and the grossly excessive consumption of greasy takeout.  As soon..."
84/100 (3209 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Green Curry
Pad Thai
"Food is fantastic! The service is also great! Everything on the menu is very authentic. Highly recommend this..."
Bashir Hirjee
"I had my birthday celebration here and i was blown away by the superb flavours in each dish. Our table ordered the Chef's Taster menu and it did not..."
Andrea Y Tuley
"Incredible and incendiary in flavor and colour, while giving you the things your taste buds crave... This tucked away place is a hidden gem that you..."
Christian Rondow
"What a great restaurant. Perfect blend of the spices to bring out the thai flavours but in a fusion style. Their coconut mushroom soup was a game..."
Rafia Mahzabin
"Best Thai food in town. Great services and excellent food. Highly recommend..."
Kitty Chan
"This restaurant lives up to it's rep! Came here for a birthday and we heard it was voted Vancouver's number one restaurant in this year's Van Mag..."
Melinda Fournie
"Chef's tasting menu was exceptional, and all staff were courteous and knowledgeable, explaining each dish as it was served. Don't miss out on this..."
Stephanie Turner
"A fantastic place to have a meal bursting with interesting and delicious food. Good service. I will be going back many..."
Eddy Hardy
"Maenam has awesome appretizers, brussel sprouts with almonds and the cod were so good. Fun atmosphere for meeting up with friends or just a..."
Thomas Hanus
"Wonderful experience! The food was fresh and delicious. Staff was very..."
Fritz Williams
"I say this is the best restaurant in Canada! The creativity, the tender balance of savory freshness- it's all so amazing! If you like standard food..."
Rob Fakeley
"One of the best meals I've had!!! Already recommended to all my friends travelling to..."
Rica Angeles
"We just had our company staff party here and it was just incredible. Angus outdid himself with an outrageously delicious menu, every dish was cooked..."
ThePeople OfOyama
"Loved the food, can't wait to go back! Traditional Thai with a tasty..."
Kim Rennie
"Great food and spices. Good portions. Good service. Nice..."
Jacqueline Saw
"Excellent dinner as always! Food is exceptional! Great Service and we always want to come back for..."
Cindy Leung
"Thank you for transporting me to your home. What a truly indelible journey...."
Susie Riggs
Come Along
76/100 (614 ratings)
Dim Sum
"Came here with a big group of friends for dinner. The place was quite busy but the staff was attentive and friendly. Tried different dishes but..."
Jee Pang
"One of the cleaner Chinese restaurants in the mid-range pricing (not including the fine dining ones). It seemed to be renovated recently. The food..."
"Another dim sum joint, you say? Why is he reviewing yet another dim sum joint? What can I say; I like dim sum - and I certainly liked it here. ..."
Evan Connolly
"A very busy Friday evening, a table for 3.We ordered from their Set-dinner menu (Daily Soup, DF Chicken, Pan Fried Halibut, and added..."
Happy Eater 12
"○decent service○decent food○family friendly ○average price for dim sum ○if I had to choose 1 dish: oyster rice in soup..."
"My girlfriend and I met up late at 8pm. We weren't too sure what to eat. So we kept on driving along kingsway to explore. We finally found a place,..."
Vancity Food Guy
"I come here often with my family for dimsum. Although their service are not that great, their food is great, price is moderate. Reservation is..."
"May 17, 2016Came here around 8PM and the restaurant was about half full. While looking at the menu, one of the managers were standing near..."
Anita Young
Sunny Wong
"Came here for a King Crab feast, and it was really good. $29.80 a pound for the king crab, which is cheaper than other restaurants, and it's..."
"I remember a long long time ago coming here for dinner but I don’t recall the name being ‘Come Along Seafood Restaurant’ though, so it must..."
"Solid Chinese food, both for dim sum and for dinner. Service and decor are as you would expect from a Chinese seafood restaurant. Dim sum portions..."
Michael Kwan
"Come Along Seafood Restaurant is a busy Chinese restaurant along the same Kingsway block as Phekda Chinese Restaurant. I’ve been here both for dim..."
Penny And Rusty
"Gathering. We came here before lunch hour. Dim Sum were tasty here. Shrimps dumplings was good and not filling with fatty meat. BB Cuttlefish in..."
"Early Morning Dim Sum. Came pretty early and it wasn't too busy so we got seated quickly.Food also came quick and was quite good plus..."
Andy Wong
"Good weekday dim sum. 20% off dim sum if you order before 11am on the weekday. Applies to one side of the order sheet but the selection is decent...."
"Went there for dinner today. I like their braised shark fin , salty fish and chicken fried rice. their lobsters on noodles, steamed rock cod, peas..."
"My favorite dim sum restaurant in Canada. OK OK I'm from Edmonton and I haven't been around much... lol so I'm easily impressed but this place is..."
Sala Thai
87/100 (3372 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Green Curry
Red Curry
Pad Thai
Cashew Chicken
Garlic Prawns
"The best Thai restaurant in Vancouver. Hands down!!! Speaking from someone that has lived in Thailand the food is authentic thai and the restaurant..."
Ryan Diaz
"Just ate one the best Thai green curries at this place, really was lovely. Nice atmosphere and great friendly staff definitely worth a visit while in..."
Barrie Arthur James Baker
"Exceptional service, elegant dining room. Good choice of distinctive cocktails, wines and beers. Possibly the best spring rolls in Vancouver- order..."
Geoff Trimpol
"Very good food, nice place and friendly staff..."
Ganninu Cassar
"Great food, gracious staff! I have been here many times over the past 15 years and it's always a treat when we come to Vancouver! The prices are..."
Judy Burrows-Boyko
"Best Thai food in Vancouver,and great staff and love the decor of the inside of the..."
Scott Varenberg
"Amazing place to eat and hang out. The ownership and staff make you feel like family. Best Thai food in Vancouver - authentic and very good portions...."
Lions Paulie
"Thai food number one in vancouver Same thai food..."
Phoblux Tanapat Techagunya
"Awsome just love I dunno if being bias because my cousin bf inks owner but awsome..."
Jeff Trafford
"The best Thai food restaurant in my life! - Traveler from Tokyo,..."
Yuka K. Togami
"Sabor surpreendente! Principalmente para o fans de tamarindo...."
Roberta Santos
"Friendly & accommodating staff, delicious food and reasonably priced. I will definitely..."
Rosabel Sinclair
"Great staff. Very tasty food. Already two meals there this..."
Brad Torgerson
Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar
83/100 (1454 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Corn dogs
Juice & Smoothies
Hot Dog
Mac and cheese
Chicken Sandwich
Fish & Chips
Kale Salad
Fish Taco
"This is one of the best places i have been too. All the staff and servers were excellent. The food was amazing. The beers Great. And the..."
Brent Taprell
"Came today for a light lunch. Finding an entrance to the establishment proved a bit of a quest. There was no one to greet me when i entered but as i..."
Simon Abbass
"It is a great local spot with a nice deck for people watching & tremendous staff & service. Food is consistently good & there are both..."
Patrick David Jackson
"Great place. A group of 14 of us went there after our conference wrapped up. Good food and great service. Highly..."
Jim Matson
"The fish bowl moito was huge!! Great patio, wonderful location! Decor is very high end. Prices were surprisingly reasonable. Fantastic..."
Shelley Friars Tracy
"Fantastic , loved the sangria fishbowl, friendly staff, nice decor, awesome food, great place to relax, have a couple drinks, just chill. I was..."
Karen Owsanski
"Service was great! Fast and efficient. Didn’t have to wait long for food or drinks. I highly recommend eating here if you’re near Canada..."
Roselyn Deo
"Excellent place, elegant but not so fancy. Service is one of their best issues. Delicious food not so expensive. Will love to return..."
Mich Poblacion Escamilla
"We had dinner last night the food was great! The drinks were even better may I recommend the grapefruit sour it was outstanding. Will be back..."
Stacey Storfie-Billy
"Fantastic food, funky cool decor- love this place! Our server the Convention Ctre location,(Scott 9937) was excellent- so chill and nice. Highly..."
Shari Rogers
Relish Gourmet Burgers
73/100 (489 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"This place was recommended by a friend TL she wasn't wrong i picked(lettuce wrapped)Fresh Angus Beef,The Big Texas Burger and Cole Slaw instead of..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"one word: GREAT!!!! Amazing FOOD! Great Service! Free Kids Combo's on Family Day! Dance Party on Saturdays with Live DJ's and Band! What more could..."
Kevin Fitzgerald
"Back in 2015, New Brunswick-based ReLiSH Gourmet Burgers expanded to BC by opening two locations in Vancouver. One shop opened on Commercial Drive..."
"First experience here was quite pleasant. Had the jersey city which flavourful and well prepared. My girlfriend has the turkey LA is my lady, it was..."
"I went here for the first time a few weeks ago, and I ordered the "Under the Tuscan Sun" and their fries. The food was great. I really liked it! It's..."
"Only popped in to have a beer while waiting to meet my hubby but am impressed with their craft beer selection! Service is amazing-super friendly and..."
Christine W
"Very good gourmet burgers with a large selection of specialty toppings. Staff were very accommodating and everything was made to order and..."
"Definitely a good burger & not over priced . Owner was very friendly. Simply a must go again. This stupid review app wants more characters so..."
Phils Phave Phoods
"reLiSH Gourmet Burgers on Commercial Drive opened in the Summer serving the community with yummy burgers. The restaurant comes from the East Coast..."
"I came here for some burgers. We got the Great One and Italian Stallion with onion rings and poutine on the side. Both the burgers were fantastic...."
"Ate here with a couple of friends of mine after a business meeting in the area. This place truly elevates a your regular burger. I had the..."
Kevin Basanti
Vij's Restaurant
88/100 (3132 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Pork Tenderloin
"Vij's has been on my food bucket list for some time now, my girlfriend and I finally had a chance to experience it for her birthday. The service and..."
Stephen King
"Easily one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. My partner and I celebrated our second anniversary there tonight after months of dying to try it out...."
Tia Jeannette
"Visiting from Toronto, We had great service & the food was fabulous, just the right heat 😋 I recommend the lamb it was a four star 💫..."
Raad A AlHamed
"Me and my wife stumbled upon Vij's as we were googling an indian place to celebrate our anniversary dinner. I honeslty cannot express the warm..."
Nikhil T
"An amazing Indian place which has gained respect as any other other international cuisine rather than only a desi dhaba. Kudos to chef Vij for..."
Kanwar S Ratra
"I had food couple of days back, I can still taste the flavor. The rabbit is a must have.. of course along with the lamb..."
Saurabh T
"I can’t say enough good things about this place....amazing service, amazing food, great atmosphere!! 1/2 orders available to satisfy any..."
Andy Gerde
"Simply the best. A true culinary journey of flavors that were amazing to experience. I will never forget my meal. I highly recommend..."
Alberto Swett
"I thought the food was perfection. Great selection of drinks, patio rooftop is super nice, and wait staff couldn't have been better. Perfect..."
Brent Silk
"The taste and flavor of the food is just wonderful!!This was such a good experience of Indian..."
Esther Crous
"Amazing food, amazing staff, and amazing beer. The owner visited often and was warm and..."
Michael A. Ward
"Amazing food; perfectly seasoned and spiced. Complex and fragrant cocktails. Attentive staff that ALL take care of you. Vij’s has it goin on! Thank..."
Jennifer Palmer
"Amazing food, great atmosphere, professional and attentive staff. Highlight was that Vikram Vij himself was walking around and talking to all the..."
Celia Lee
"Have been going to the restaurant since it existed on Broadway. Love the new location and the food and service still above all the rest. My go-to..."
Leslie Mercer
"Love the roof top patio! Dinner was exceptional as always. Great..."
Teresa Trott
"The most delicious Indian food experience from start to finish. We came to try out the gorgeous offerings one weekday night. We were..."
"The most famous Chef in all of Vancouver has got to be Vikram Vij. Does anyone even consider any other Indian food in this city? No. The rest of..."
Erika Golem
"Indian cuisine with a twist? Why not. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect looking at the menu and the limited options. But was pleasantly..."
Rohit Korgaonkar
"Vijs don’t take reservations. We went there on a week night and it was not busy. Since it was a sunny and warm evening, we picked the patio to..."
"The lamb popsicles were really good :) the Naan bread was super chewy and fluffy, highly recommend it :) I gave it a 4/5 stars because of the price..."
Vivian Tse
"Great rooftop patio, great food and service. Was fortunate to get a table on a beautiful evening at this busy Resturant. They don't take reservations..."
Jim Gibbons
"Excellent food! I'm not usually a fan of lamb but the lamb popsicles are ridiculously good. They have servers with trays of appetizers/munchies..."
"Been wanting to try this upbeat, stylish fusion Indian restaurant for a while. Finally we are here, they have a slightly different menu for the..."
Nuinui The Cat
"A restaurant that doesn't let you call to ask questions builds a sour taste before you walk in the door. A group of 4 on a not busy day (they had..."
Ian MacPhail-Bartley
"Good place to try out Indian Cuisine. Very friendly staff, pleasant ambience, innovative food options.They serve complimentary "chai and..."
Yash Agarwal
"Been to Vijs 5 times or so.  Food is consistently superb.   Lamb popsicles are to die for, I cannot stop ordering them.    Wait times are better..."
Dan Parlow
"I was invited by Tourism Vancouver to embark on a tour that will take us to several DineOut Vancouver participating restaurants. Our group actually..."
"Not a big fan of Indian food!! However this place has made a great impression!! Food was so delicious and the ambience was great !! The chai tea!!..."
Parisa Serri
"Unique take on Indian food, although it isn't Authentic by any means I quite enjoyed the food and ambiance here. They have nice flavors, everything..."
Praveena Singh
"It’s no secret that Chef Vikram Vij is a Canadian culinary icon.  He’s a restaurateur, celebrity chef, and cookbook author and has delighted..."
"A relaxed, welcoming space with a ceiling made of thousands of terracotta chai cups from India when you walk in! 😍 lots of vegan and vegetarian..."
"I’m on a roll this week! Busting out blogs now since I was MIA for so long😦 There will be tons of reading for you all! If you don’t like to..."
Domo Is Craving...
"We got to vijs at 4:50 and waited in a huge line to open for 5.. Within minutes of opening we were in, given chai tea, a selection of appetizers and..."
"So I finally made it to Vij's. Long ago I had wanted to go when they were still at Granville, but because of an estimated 2-hour wait I ended up at..."
"Decided to come to dinner tonight on a whim. It's Tuesday, wife and I walked in at 6:15pm and there was no wait! Sweet!Food was amazing as..."
"My wife and I had indian food in many places in Vancouver just finished our last one in downtown..and honestly after being to and so many places we..."
Mukul Yani
"Plan on waiting up to an hour during busy times, but definitely worth the wait. This is Vij's new restaurant location, which is quite upscale. Lovely..."
Yvee Hopkins
"I went here with my family for my birthday dinner. It's my second time at Vij's, first at this location. We knew there would be a lineup so we..."
Everything But Weddings
"This place gets busy very quickly. I'm not a vegetarian and tried all his veggie items and loved them all. It's a iconic place here in vancouver...."
Vancity Food Guy
"Loved the bolly water (gin infused with chamomile, green cardamom, fennel) very much. Ordered vegetarian koftas ($26) served with green beans...."
Chewies Smoke And Oyster Bar - Kitsilano
84/100 (409 ratings)
Cajun & Creole
Chicken And Waffles
Crab Cake
"Mad props to homie shucking my oysters....thanks for not judging me in my moment of gorging. Overall atmosphere was laid back and the oysters were..."
Isabel Cholette
"My fiancé and I were visiting from the States and found Chewies on Yelp. This place is a must go if you are in the area!! We had the Southern Fried..."
Amanda Travis
"I highly recommend the fried chicken or the jambalaya......"
Sabrina Schutze Dziubarczyk
"Top notch service. The food was excellent. My new go to spot for chicken and..."
Jon Brooks
"Had a blast after the men's vball final at Kits Fest Sunday night! Food was fantastic, our bartender James was awesome and Larry Edward rocked his..."
Lili Blackwell
"My boyfriend and I were looking for a happy hour spot one afternoon and boy am i glad we stumbled upon you guys! DELICIOUS oysters! we had the ones..."
Ashley Buat
"Wow! Coolest place in Kits. Everyone is so friendly. Food..."
Sylvie Lamarre Warren
"Bestest awesomest fun times--always smiles & laughs. The boys are cute, the bevvies are cold & the oysters are..."
Nina Pearce
"Great staff, knowledgeable staff, intuitive staff...try to find that in Vancouver! Not too mention great food, tasty oysters and drinks. Can't wait..."
Terri Anne Welyki
"Great service, servers are very funny and..."
Carmen Chan
"Great time as always, the service was amazing as..."
Bill Wadsworth
"Great Place, Spectacular food and Amazing Staff. Can't wait to go..."
Michael Mac Neil
88/100 (2765 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Mac and cheese
Grilled cheese
Beef Bourguignon
French onion soup
Chicken Sandwich
"Never stepped foot in any of the Burgoo locations. This was my first time trying the comfort food via UberEats. It came from an East 3rd location so..."
"My favourite Burgoo. Granted, I've only been to two locations but this one has a place in my heart. In my old neighbourhood and complimented by other..."
"Gorgeous place.I tried the lavender latte with coconut milk, the coffee was amazing! Shame the lavender flavour was missing!The crab bisque..."
"Burgoo has a few locations in the city.  This one is located on Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  It is a mid-sized bistro located on Main Street and..."
Camera Gourmet
"So good in the fall and winter. I really like the feel of the main street location. I've tried several of the stews and I liked them all. I also love..."
"Comfort food at it's finest! I suggest not coming here at peak times as a friend and I came for brunch (around noon/lunch time), and the wait seemed..."
L. Carino
"Recommend their crab bisque, could really taste the sweetness of crab from the soup. Their beef stew and butter chicken also very tasty and..."
"I stumbled upon this bistro while walking down Main Street. Just the aroma coming from this place is irresistible. Decided to went in for brunch with..."
Izz D
"My husband and I ate here recently. We asked to be seated in the patio and were seated quite quickly. We ordered that guacamole and chips..."
"Food that makes you sad at the end of the meal cause it's just so good! Mushroom medley and crab bisque are my top 2 favorite w/ their pulled pork..."
Kelly Jiang
"Love the Mac and cheese here. The combination of a sophisticated ambience and a rustic vibe at the same time do clearly make for a pleasant..."
"This is a homey restaurant and the atmosphere is nice. It's a lively environment with music although beware the wait. I think the patio would be a..."
Food Adventuress
"We waited 1hr to be seated since they don't take reservation unless its more than 8 people. I guess they thought I was gonna use stroller to put my..."
"Great place for comfort food, there isn't another restaurant like it in the city! Do yourself a favour and order the macaroni and more, simply..."
Jelizatin Eats
"Food is alright but not great. It's good place to grab meals for casual dining. I would go there again but not one of my favourite and go to..."
"hands down best comfort food ever! the environment is so cosy as well. i've been wanting to try burgoo for so long, everyone talks about it and i see..."
"Comfort food is soul food.  The heartiness of the most simple delicacies can really touch and rejuvenate one's spirits.  Burgoo Bistro is one of my..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Love the cozy atmosphere. The dishes are hearty and filling. The only complaint I have is the lack of available parking. Definitely recommended to..."
"Been wanting to try out Burgoo for the longest while after seeing countless shares on my friends' Instagram feeds. The place certainly doesn't..."
Andy Chü
"I have been living in Vancouver for a long time but I have never tried this popular restaurant Burgoo, so I went for dinner with my friend who has..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I love their cheese fondue, crab bisque and chowder! Their banana bread pudding is also a must-try. Awesome go-to place on a cold day! Wait can be..."
"Although I've only been here once since we don't have burgoo in Calgary it's the best comfort food I've had. The menu is very versatile and you can't..."
"I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have..."
"As someone who loves soups and sandwiches, this was the perfect place for me. Before stopping by, I had seen countless photos on Instagram of the..."
"What I call: fancy-ish comfort food. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off the menu, but leave feeling like maybe you overpaid for it...."
"If you need a place to enjoy comfort food, this is your place. It offers comfort food from all around the world. We ordered the butter chicken, Mac n..."
"Burgoo is synonymous with warm stews, cheesy sandwiches and great service. Perfect place for a date, a catch up with friends or even for a drink...."
Claire Chan
"Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone..."
"We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept..."
Alpaca Lunch
"i'm in cheesy comfort food heaven (times 100) Had the afterschool special, decided to pay a bit more to get the french onion soup and the grilled..."
"Great temping food, and I would have liked to have eaten all the desserts on the menu, they were all amazing comfort food. It can sometimes be a..."
Lara Spence
"Burgoo is the perfect place to go on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Serving up delicious comfort food dishes such as beef bourginon, mac and cheese,..."
The Hungry Couple
"Food is always delicious! Nothing bad to say about their food, but they are always busy and packed! The wait on a weekday evening was approx 20-45..."
Winnie Feng
"Love the cozy feeling of Burgoo! Their food is reasonably priced and exceptionally good! The Mac and cheese is so creamy but a lot smaller than I had..."
"Burgoo, always known for their comfort food! It was trés bon. Enjoyed every bite of it. They have a patio overlooking Main St., great for summer..."
"BRIE FONDUEEEE! Oh my goodness, I was the happiest girl when I found out this place offered BRIE fondue! Super yummy, served with little cubes of..."
Vinita Trieu
"This place is never a disappoint. Tasty comfort food for all occasions ☺️ Tried the mushroom medley soup and tastiest chicken sandwich today....."
The Foodiographer
"Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty..."
"One of my favourite places to eat. Straight comfort food. The Kentucky Burgoo is to die for; get a side of mash potatoes to enhance this dish...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Bur-good Food. The name of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the tasty food with in. Although you will probably have to wait for a table. I've..."
"Good food, not great service. Food was good, had some Brie fondue to start which was amazing. Had baked mac and cheese as a main, also good. Comfort..."
"Favorite item. Corn chowder is good, ask for a wedge of lime. The grill cheese panini is good too. Service is a hit or miss at times. Just make sure..."
Vancity Food Guy
""Burgoo Bistro is located right in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, drastically renovating a location that once belonged to..."
Michael Kwan
"I always enjoy eating at Burgoo, and leave there usually very full and satisfied. They have great comfort food! I usually get either their Mac and..."
"Good bistro. Burgoo is a good example of a bistro. Fresh food dishes from around the world. Dishes from different countries served in appealing..."
A Cook's Opinion
"Delicious food!. I came here a couple of months ago, and when I got there the place was completely full! Even though it was raining outside, people..."
Food Thoughts
"Delish, but.... Service was great and I enjoyed my meal but I did think my Beef Bourguignon was over seasoned and I would have preferred it with a..."
"Good comfort food. I've heard really good things about this place from some friends who frequent and coworkers who like to get drinks after work. So..."
"Impeccable service, once again forgot to mention I have an allergy until the food came, so rude I know, and they were amazing. They accommodated me..."
"Wow!! Burgoo you rock!. This hipster heaven of a place has amazing soups ( chicken corn was A-MA-ZING) , sandwiches, coffee and service. Loved..."
"Comfort food at it's finest!. My partner actually introduced me to this place years ago. Needless to say, this place is always on the top of our list..."
Cheese Me Please
"Obsessed with the crab bisque! Every couple of months I will get an insane craving for the crab bisque and grilled cheese. Satisfied that craving..."
Katarina Dee
"Takes too long to get a seat. Sat at the bar because we didn't want to wait that long for a table and even that was a wait. Food was good but not..."
"Was a fave until last summer, had an awful food experirnce! had the seafood chowdr, just for something different, couldnt even get through half of..."
"Grilled cheese.... yes please!. I absolutely love the food here! such an awesome place to come for great service with exceptional value! have tried..."
"Comfort Food for a Rainy Day. Great place for comfort food or if you're craving mac n' cheese in a rustic space. Staff were busy but nice and managed..."
Zak Taylor
"Heart stopper sandwich. What a neat place. We sat at the bar and chated with the bar keep while we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. Great environment,..."
Eric Hopping
"French Onion Soup, mmmmm. First time this little piggy has been to Burgoo and wondering why she didn't go sooner. Rustic, cozy ambience. High end..."
This Little Piggy
"Best grilled cheese!. My bf and I love going to Burgoo when we want to have some comfort food, so when we went the other night for their gooey..."
"Just had another great dinner. My wife had a "Pimms cup" which, after having spent a month there recently, she thoroughly enjoyed. I had the Paella..."
"Burgoo is always a solid choice for tasty food and good service. I particularly enjoy their sandwiches and they have some yummy comfort food dishes..."
Willow H
"Cheesy goodness and great patio!. Their patio is amazing and gets sun throughout the entire day. As well, their cheese fondues and grilled cheese..."
"Best soup and sandwich in..."
Margaret Sanchez
"Wonderful service. Delicious soups. XL spoons are just too large! Ask for a teaspoon so that you can savour every..."
"Great atmosphere. The place offers comfort food. We had the Brie Fondue, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They were all good. Very rich. Lots of..."
Love To Eat
"Burgoo has excellent comfort food. perfect for the rainy winter months. the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. i'm a big fan of the jambalaya. it's a..."
"Fantastic!!! Tomato soup = wow, Fonduemental = unbelievable, Caesar salad = light and excellently flavorful, Tastier chicken sandwich = bold, layered..."
"SOOOO GOOOOOD. I love this place. AMAZING food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Always quite busy, which sucks sometimes but it's worth the..."
Kristine Krynitzki
"Comfort food with style. Tried a few different dishes, including the Burgoo. (suggest not ordering it with biscuits and sticking to mashed potato)...."
"So Fresh!. Mmmm, I had the hummus and Pita which was absolutely delicious! Then for the main course I decided to have the winter greens salad which..."
Simmeri Reay
"Hearty Homestyle Soul Food!!. Sooooooooooooo Good, especially on a wet cold January..."
"Feeling cold? Burgoo has comfort- and cheese.. Last week our friend wasn't keen on Burgoo because he thought it sounded like a diner ("soups? grilled..."
Pretend Chef
"Brie fondue. Missing france? like cheese? Memories of Alsace spring to mind when I dip my rustic cubes of bread into the brie fondue. It's perfect..."
"Comfort Food Heaven. OMG I love this place.... its a menu comprised of comfort food from different cuisines and it couldn't be better. Everything I..."
"Yummy!!. I have been to Burgoo twice in the past month. It is a perfect place to go for a Sunday brunch when it's raining and cold out. The..."
"Try the Burgoo BLTCG and crab bisque with strawberry lemonade. I do not recommend the..."
Samantha Giang
"Mmm. One of my favourite regular restaurants on Main. It's always really busy though, but the food is great. Strongly recommend it..."
The Three Brits
80/100 (1289 ratings)
Fish & Chips
"The service was excellent, the beer and wine were great, and the food was was outstanding! It was a little dark and outdated but falls in line with..."
Lezlie Dickson
"Weekly chicken and waffles ritual for us these days. So damn delicious and friendly, charming staff, relaxed atmosphere, perfectly located. Come..."
Ben Allen
"Awesome beer, Awesome chicken wings, Awesome staff, Awesome rest rooms, Awesome view and awesome clientele...."
Steve Burr
"Great place!!! Fun staff that put up with our crazy antics and the breakfast was..."
Lori Wettstein
"Great atmosphere, great food and very helpful and attentive..."
Rachel Em
"Awesome pub and the best chicken wings in..."
Kate Conejo Hiscox
"We have been only once but had a lot of fun !! Great view looking onto the ocean !! Friendly staff and good beer..."
Greg Trippel
"Great place, great food. We had excellent service by Chelsea who went above and..."
Ashley Windibank
"Dropped in for lunch yesterday - great food - served well by Sadie and the manager Keegan stopped by to check all was good - great locacation too -..."
Roy Walford
"Great Sunday brunch items, tasty beer, fun and friendly staff! Will go again for..."
Ruth Sutton
"Oh my god loved it. Had the maple bacon wings, best I've ever had. Keegan was a total champ aswell. Will be back..."
Ramadan Steeve
"The Guinness Pie is definitely the highlight of the Dine Out menu, best pub dish I have had in a long time.  The inside out pie concept is a hit..."
Picky Diner
"After our 2 hour photo walk we all headed inside for a hearty warm meal i ordered the Spicy Coconut Prawns it wasn't as spicy as i would like it was..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"Excellent food and service. Wonderful presentation of plates. Good and low music so you can talk and have a good time. The view of the bay is very..."
Maria Eugenia Safie
"I've been coming back to this place on a regular basis. I like to enjoy my glass of fat thug and sometimes unbelievably good blue cheese salad or..."
George Eatwell
"Decent Brunch. The hangover burger is quite good, the garlicy mayo with the cheese and egg is quite heavy though lol, fries are very..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Absolutely first-rate service from Justin this evening. Also, tough to beat $3 Fat Tug IPA during happy..."
Mark Price