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Lester's Deli
83/100 (1114 ratings)
French Fries
"Absolutely the best Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich I have ever eaten. I chose the lean cut and it was "melt in your mouth" delicious. So good I took..."
Nicole Sutherland
"Just a had a smoke meat sandwich and Two pickles..let me tell you the best sandwich I’ve had in a long time.. even the pickles were awesome....and..."
Matthew Roches
"Got into Montréal and was waiting for our place to be ready so went here as a recommendation. The staff were inviting, the restaurant is full of..."
Brandon Bass
"Our first night in Montreal we were treated to a fantastic smoked meat sandwich At Lester’s Deli. Best smoked meat I have ever had!!! And also the..."
Brian Frank
"Talk about great service and great food, I had my 70th birthday this past weekend .I called and Bill explained how much I would need and he shipped..."
Michael Johnston
"Great place! Lucked out and beat the lunch rush! The staff and management were super friendly, and the classic smoked meat sandwich was..."
Will Joines
"A must stop when in Montreal. Feel like family when you walk in the door. Everybody is a local here! Must try the smoked meat sandwich, no brainer!..."
Ashley Carswell
"First stop on our Jewish food tour. Smoked meat, chopped liver etc. Highly recommend you stop here. Meet Mr. Billy the owner, he is a colorful..."
Shelley Goldberg Grossman Press
"Honestly besides food being great the service is best..."
Kathy Enright
"We have been to Montreal 3 times and eaten at Schwartz's. Today we had the real thing at Lester's! Delicious, clean, and the nicest people. We are..."
Dory Ellen Fish
"Best smoked meat in town and the friendliest staff..."
David Turner
"Great service, authentic, local atmosphere, delicious..."
Geralyn Robinson