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There are 427 restaurants
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Sharkeys Chophouse
98/100 (227 ratings)
Roast Beef
"-Good hearty food, great staff, a bit chaotic when things are busy and the line forms. Worth the wait..."
Don Mäncha
"Hands down, best steaks in Vancouver!! Excellent quality and generous portions on their hot food, all served by some of the nicest and most..."
Jeff Williamson
"Best deal and quality of food. My husband loves the perogies. The staff members are always..."
Juli Marshall
"The best bang for your buck. Generous portions and quality food. Try it once and you'll be hooked. Especially good is their turkey dinner at..."
Somi Chuhon
"Amazing turkey dinner!!! Can't wait to go back! Ate by the water on a beautiful Vancouver day, staff was awesome and I'm excited to taste everything..."
Caroline van der Lee
"One of the best/ cheapest lunches I have ever had! Guys are super friendly and the garlic butter they put on the perogies is to die for. They have..."
Dana-Rae Pezzolesi
"If you need meat, come here. If you need an amazing lunch, come here even quicker. $8.95 will give you enough amazing food, with 2 sides, to share..."
Kelsey John Torok
"Best place for lunch in the city hands down. And the price is..."
Dustin Walker
"$8.95 for a uplift home style roast dinner at lunch time! Unbeatable in..."
Chadwick Hartin
"I'm going there tomorrow. Haven't even been there yet...."
Brandon Shogan
"Gigantic portions, crazy cheap lunch pricing, and amazingly delicious..."
Crystal Reddy
"Amazing food at a great price. Best on the North Shore handed down..."
Darren Hayes
"great food, great people, great value....a north shore gem..."
Doug Crewe
"I am currently nomming out on my sausages with perogies and thai noodle salad. So so so good - thanks for being awesome..."
Sep Baz