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Bred Made By Ed
96/100 (50 ratings)
"The BEST bread in town! Today's bread (Walnut, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seed) is possibly the best bread i've ever eaten! Would recommended to everyone -..."
Kelly Bone
"Honestly, this is the best bread I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. Picked up our first loaf today as recommended by our Naturopath given one..."
Mark Steffens
"Picked up some bred today, it was amazing! Definitely the best I've had in..."
Ellie Guy
"I have had a yeast intolerance for 11 years. In the past have been limited to white flour sourdough as the only bread I could ingest. I am so..."
Virginia Smith
"I've been eating this Bread for months now and when we wake up in the morning and we don't have Bred's bread in the house there is great..."
Nick Christopher Cassettari
"It’s truly hard to live without this bread! The days are fuller without it and my belly yearns for..."
Stephanie Reesor
"The best bread to..."
Robert Ge
"This is hands down the best fresh bread in town. Get in on your bread order way before Tuesday as they sell out very quick! Best way to start a..."
Victoria Grace Lopez
"I salivate thinking about Bred and am devastated when I finish the loaf. Perfection from start to finish, this Bred is gorgeous is any form - toast,..."
Bambi Hammersmith
"Woke up still dreaming about your bread #bred I had last night!..."
Anyssa Jane
"The best bread ever. Do yourself a favour and get two..."
Cassidhe Lusk
"Finally some bread that's Amazing & Delicious! Would recommend everyone try..."
Vicky Smith
"I brought Ed's bread home and shared it with some house guests who are staying with us. I told them to help themselves in the morning when they got..."
BenJamin Warszycki