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88/100 (2765 ratings)
Vegan Options
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Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Grilled cheese
Beef Bourguignon
French onion soup
Chicken Sandwich
Mac and cheese
"Never stepped foot in any of the Burgoo locations. This was my first time trying the comfort food via UberEats. It came from an East 3rd location so..."
"My favourite Burgoo. Granted, I've only been to two locations but this one has a place in my heart. In my old neighbourhood and complimented by other..."
"Gorgeous place.I tried the lavender latte with coconut milk, the coffee was amazing! Shame the lavender flavour was missing!The crab bisque..."
"Burgoo has a few locations in the city.  This one is located on Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  It is a mid-sized bistro located on Main Street and..."
Camera Gourmet
"So good in the fall and winter. I really like the feel of the main street location. I've tried several of the stews and I liked them all. I also love..."
"Comfort food at it's finest! I suggest not coming here at peak times as a friend and I came for brunch (around noon/lunch time), and the wait seemed..."
L. Carino
"Recommend their crab bisque, could really taste the sweetness of crab from the soup. Their beef stew and butter chicken also very tasty and..."
"I stumbled upon this bistro while walking down Main Street. Just the aroma coming from this place is irresistible. Decided to went in for brunch with..."
Izz D
"My husband and I ate here recently. We asked to be seated in the patio and were seated quite quickly. We ordered that guacamole and chips..."
"Food that makes you sad at the end of the meal cause it's just so good! Mushroom medley and crab bisque are my top 2 favorite w/ their pulled pork..."
Kelly Jiang
"Love the Mac and cheese here. The combination of a sophisticated ambience and a rustic vibe at the same time do clearly make for a pleasant..."
"This is a homey restaurant and the atmosphere is nice. It's a lively environment with music although beware the wait. I think the patio would be a..."
Food Adventuress
"We waited 1hr to be seated since they don't take reservation unless its more than 8 people. I guess they thought I was gonna use stroller to put my..."
"Great place for comfort food, there isn't another restaurant like it in the city! Do yourself a favour and order the macaroni and more, simply..."
Jelizatin Eats
"Food is alright but not great. It's good place to grab meals for casual dining. I would go there again but not one of my favourite and go to..."
"hands down best comfort food ever! the environment is so cosy as well. i've been wanting to try burgoo for so long, everyone talks about it and i see..."
"Comfort food is soul food.  The heartiness of the most simple delicacies can really touch and rejuvenate one's spirits.  Burgoo Bistro is one of my..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Love the cozy atmosphere. The dishes are hearty and filling. The only complaint I have is the lack of available parking. Definitely recommended to..."
"Been wanting to try out Burgoo for the longest while after seeing countless shares on my friends' Instagram feeds. The place certainly doesn't..."
Andy Chü
"I have been living in Vancouver for a long time but I have never tried this popular restaurant Burgoo, so I went for dinner with my friend who has..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I love their cheese fondue, crab bisque and chowder! Their banana bread pudding is also a must-try. Awesome go-to place on a cold day! Wait can be..."
"Although I've only been here once since we don't have burgoo in Calgary it's the best comfort food I've had. The menu is very versatile and you can't..."
"I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have..."
"As someone who loves soups and sandwiches, this was the perfect place for me. Before stopping by, I had seen countless photos on Instagram of the..."
"What I call: fancy-ish comfort food. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off the menu, but leave feeling like maybe you overpaid for it...."
"If you need a place to enjoy comfort food, this is your place. It offers comfort food from all around the world. We ordered the butter chicken, Mac n..."
"Burgoo is synonymous with warm stews, cheesy sandwiches and great service. Perfect place for a date, a catch up with friends or even for a drink...."
Claire Chan
"Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone..."
"We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept..."
Alpaca Lunch
"i'm in cheesy comfort food heaven (times 100) Had the afterschool special, decided to pay a bit more to get the french onion soup and the grilled..."
"Great temping food, and I would have liked to have eaten all the desserts on the menu, they were all amazing comfort food. It can sometimes be a..."
Lara Spence
"Burgoo is the perfect place to go on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Serving up delicious comfort food dishes such as beef bourginon, mac and cheese,..."
The Hungry Couple
"Food is always delicious! Nothing bad to say about their food, but they are always busy and packed! The wait on a weekday evening was approx 20-45..."
Winnie Feng
"Love the cozy feeling of Burgoo! Their food is reasonably priced and exceptionally good! The Mac and cheese is so creamy but a lot smaller than I had..."
"Burgoo, always known for their comfort food! It was trés bon. Enjoyed every bite of it. They have a patio overlooking Main St., great for summer..."
"BRIE FONDUEEEE! Oh my goodness, I was the happiest girl when I found out this place offered BRIE fondue! Super yummy, served with little cubes of..."
Vinita Trieu
"This place is never a disappoint. Tasty comfort food for all occasions ☺️ Tried the mushroom medley soup and tastiest chicken sandwich today....."
The Foodiographer
"Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty..."
"One of my favourite places to eat. Straight comfort food. The Kentucky Burgoo is to die for; get a side of mash potatoes to enhance this dish...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Bur-good Food. The name of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the tasty food with in. Although you will probably have to wait for a table. I've..."
"Good food, not great service. Food was good, had some Brie fondue to start which was amazing. Had baked mac and cheese as a main, also good. Comfort..."
"Favorite item. Corn chowder is good, ask for a wedge of lime. The grill cheese panini is good too. Service is a hit or miss at times. Just make sure..."
Vancity Food Guy
""Burgoo Bistro is located right in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, drastically renovating a location that once belonged to..."
Michael Kwan
"I always enjoy eating at Burgoo, and leave there usually very full and satisfied. They have great comfort food! I usually get either their Mac and..."
"Good bistro. Burgoo is a good example of a bistro. Fresh food dishes from around the world. Dishes from different countries served in appealing..."
A Cook's Opinion
"Delicious food!. I came here a couple of months ago, and when I got there the place was completely full! Even though it was raining outside, people..."
Food Thoughts
"Delish, but.... Service was great and I enjoyed my meal but I did think my Beef Bourguignon was over seasoned and I would have preferred it with a..."
"Good comfort food. I've heard really good things about this place from some friends who frequent and coworkers who like to get drinks after work. So..."
"Impeccable service, once again forgot to mention I have an allergy until the food came, so rude I know, and they were amazing. They accommodated me..."
"Wow!! Burgoo you rock!. This hipster heaven of a place has amazing soups ( chicken corn was A-MA-ZING) , sandwiches, coffee and service. Loved..."
"Comfort food at it's finest!. My partner actually introduced me to this place years ago. Needless to say, this place is always on the top of our list..."
Cheese Me Please
"Obsessed with the crab bisque! Every couple of months I will get an insane craving for the crab bisque and grilled cheese. Satisfied that craving..."
Katarina Dee
"Takes too long to get a seat. Sat at the bar because we didn't want to wait that long for a table and even that was a wait. Food was good but not..."
"Was a fave until last summer, had an awful food experirnce! had the seafood chowdr, just for something different, couldnt even get through half of..."
"Grilled cheese.... yes please!. I absolutely love the food here! such an awesome place to come for great service with exceptional value! have tried..."
"Comfort Food for a Rainy Day. Great place for comfort food or if you're craving mac n' cheese in a rustic space. Staff were busy but nice and managed..."
Zak Taylor
"Heart stopper sandwich. What a neat place. We sat at the bar and chated with the bar keep while we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. Great environment,..."
Eric Hopping
"French Onion Soup, mmmmm. First time this little piggy has been to Burgoo and wondering why she didn't go sooner. Rustic, cozy ambience. High end..."
This Little Piggy
"Best grilled cheese!. My bf and I love going to Burgoo when we want to have some comfort food, so when we went the other night for their gooey..."
"Just had another great dinner. My wife had a "Pimms cup" which, after having spent a month there recently, she thoroughly enjoyed. I had the Paella..."
"Burgoo is always a solid choice for tasty food and good service. I particularly enjoy their sandwiches and they have some yummy comfort food dishes..."
Willow H
"Cheesy goodness and great patio!. Their patio is amazing and gets sun throughout the entire day. As well, their cheese fondues and grilled cheese..."
"Best soup and sandwich in..."
Margaret Sanchez
"Wonderful service. Delicious soups. XL spoons are just too large! Ask for a teaspoon so that you can savour every..."
"Great atmosphere. The place offers comfort food. We had the Brie Fondue, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They were all good. Very rich. Lots of..."
Love To Eat
"Burgoo has excellent comfort food. perfect for the rainy winter months. the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. i'm a big fan of the jambalaya. it's a..."
"Fantastic!!! Tomato soup = wow, Fonduemental = unbelievable, Caesar salad = light and excellently flavorful, Tastier chicken sandwich = bold, layered..."
"SOOOO GOOOOOD. I love this place. AMAZING food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Always quite busy, which sucks sometimes but it's worth the..."
Kristine Krynitzki
"Comfort food with style. Tried a few different dishes, including the Burgoo. (suggest not ordering it with biscuits and sticking to mashed potato)...."
"So Fresh!. Mmmm, I had the hummus and Pita which was absolutely delicious! Then for the main course I decided to have the winter greens salad which..."
Simmeri Reay
"Hearty Homestyle Soul Food!!. Sooooooooooooo Good, especially on a wet cold January..."
"Feeling cold? Burgoo has comfort- and cheese.. Last week our friend wasn't keen on Burgoo because he thought it sounded like a diner ("soups? grilled..."
Pretend Chef
"Brie fondue. Missing france? like cheese? Memories of Alsace spring to mind when I dip my rustic cubes of bread into the brie fondue. It's perfect..."
"Comfort Food Heaven. OMG I love this place.... its a menu comprised of comfort food from different cuisines and it couldn't be better. Everything I..."
"Yummy!!. I have been to Burgoo twice in the past month. It is a perfect place to go for a Sunday brunch when it's raining and cold out. The..."
"Try the Burgoo BLTCG and crab bisque with strawberry lemonade. I do not recommend the..."
Samantha Giang
"Mmm. One of my favourite regular restaurants on Main. It's always really busy though, but the food is great. Strongly recommend it..."
Showcase Restaurant & Bar
85/100 (848 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Grilled cheese
Lettuce Wraps
Cobb Salad
Fish & Chips
"The place fantastic the waiter there are friendly ���my Friends they’re like the foods so..."
Lyfe Maramag Eusac
"Excellent food, awesome service...I highly recommend! Shout out to Halanna our great..."
Cathie Parkhurst-Deforge
"The lady in the table next to us said her Thai bowl was too spicy. I judged her for thinking that since Thai food is supposed to be spicy. Food and..."
Grace Kerman Yam
"Love this restaurant! The brunch delicious! The staff friendly! Great overall..."
Paulo Agelidis
"I love this place . is nice . clean . good food price descend , Happy hour's fantastic..."
Jimmy Alexander Orellana H
"Great staff from Hostess to servers and amazing food in a great..."
Paulo Batista Branco
"Amazing service, rates and exceptional experience. Very child..."
Lavonda Nelson
"me and a friend went this place for lunch. I really like their Korean bbq style food, with a bit western twist - the sweet taste is the best part, in..."
"I expected the prices to be pretty high considering the nice interior and atmosphere of the hotel. We found out that they had a “Happy Hour” menu..."
Idea Rabbit
"Staying at the Mariott, had breakfast mostly at Showcase. The eggs benedict are highly recommended - really fresh ham and hollaindaise to top it. The..."
Rahul Mullick
"Had an absolutely amazing experience here. The service was spectacular: very attentive and helpful. The food is also delicious. All of the fish is..."
"I remember my very first time coming to Showcase restaurant is the Marriott Pinnacle was for dinner as we purchased a dinner deal through a local..."
"Excellent location, great menu and good portions and value. It definitely feels like a hotel restaurant, which it is, but with much better food. I..."
"Last minute my friends and I decided to have dinner at Showcase. I didn't expect much as it was a hotel restaurant. The menu looked like your..."
Vancity Food Guy
"Showcase Restaurant and Bar is located inside the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. It is on the main floor of the hotel to the left of the..."
"I came here for a private dining experience and the food was unique and creative. A few dishes I enjoyed were Seared duck breast, short ribs, and the..."
"Very regular tasting foods but cost more than it should be. Some stars for the service, and the ambiance was good, but the food was really just a 3...."
Ryan Mosher
"Excellent service, and great food. The signature butter chicken curry dish is delicious! Also the servers are friendly, and the bartender Hector is..."
Ryan Sweeney
"All Canadian Buffet - Simple yet very fulfilling. Located at Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, this restaurant is actually perfect for a..."
Jonathan Lee
"The Showcase - a Downtown Gem!. I'm not the type to splurge on fancy dinners and whatnot, but after seeing the Groupon for the Showcase (1 appetizer,..."
"Went their tonight with my parents. Must say the service was excellent, all the way from the hostess, server, busboy and the chef came out himself..."
I Love Food
"Did not know about this place. Went to check it out from a groupon deal. We had salmon and steak. The steak was ok, but the fish was really good. The..."
Alex Solovyev
"Decent, overall. Great kitchen, but the restaurant itself is a 90's flashback. The steak was Fantastic. I'd go for drinks elsewhere,..."
"The pan seared scallops and the tuna carpaccio with fresh green aioli + nori on the side rocked. the garlic butter mussels were deeelish, the..."
"Alright. Show case is a decent place for lunch as the selection is ok and the food is prepared with care. The service is also prompt and the..."
"Breakfast Buffet. This was a pretty extensive buffet with a classic omelet station, selection of breakfast meats, Belgian waffles, breakfast..."
"Ladies who Hash know when they’ve encountered a good hash.  They have a fondness for potatoes that extends beyond the normal boundaries of what it..."
"Touted as Canada’s largest food and drink festival, Dine Out Vancouver provides an opportunity to try some of Vancouver’s restaurants through..."
"The service was prompt and we started with a bottle of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir - there was NOTHING frugal about this bottle of wine, at $50. However,..."
"Last night, Sarah and I went to Show Case restaurant for our fourth Dine Out Vancouver dinner. The Show Case restaurant is located inside the really..."
John Chow
Meat & Bread
90/100 (3222 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Corned Beef
Grilled cheese
Chicken Sandwich
"Very simple menu...they know what they do and they do it well! If you want a quick but delicious sandwich, I'd highly recommend Meat & Bread!..."
Jack Henry Bush
"good food, friendly staff. my first time at this place and loved it. too bad New Westminster is quite a ways as I dont drive, but certainly worth..."
Carmen R. G. Caparas
"The porchetta sandwich has turned many a mediocre day into a wonderful one! One of my go to places when I have visitors from out of town. Maple bacon..."
Stephen LeBlanc
"Awesome sandwiches! The ice cream sandwich was delicious with maple bacon ice..."
Mark Lee
"Awesome porchetta sandwich as usual. I also had tomato soup for the first time. It was delicious and goes well with the sandwich. The line up were..."
Ray Liu
"+ Great location, fantastic concept, wonderful food, Great social atmosphere. - always packed during the lunch..."
Michal Jancula
"Love this place ! Always a stop over for lunch when in the city. Open on Sunday now ! Sorry..."
Nikole Frerichs
"I can go every day! It's the best place in Vancouver!! I just loved..."
Dario Pereyra
"The food was incredible - I got the lamb meatball sandwich. Service was super friendly. Will visit again when I'm back in..."
William Dalton
"Best porchetta sandwich ever! Fast and quick lunch! Delicious..."
Alexandra Létourneau-Hogan
"Amazing and delicious! Meat ball sub is where it’s at and the staff were so friendly to me, my husband, and my 17 month old toddler! Wish we lived..."
Toni Marie Cooper
"Best meatball sandwich Ive ever had. The pocetta is also quite awesome. And the grilled cheese. And the soup. And the chocolate. And the system that..."
Rodrigo Barrera Ballesteros
"Some of the best darn sandwiches in Vancouver, hands..."
Scott Sommerville
"Loved it! Grilled cheese was epic! Chocolate cake -..."
Graham Carr
"Great food!! Loved the..."
Stacy Wilde
Stanley's Bar And Grill
80/100 (1142 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled cheese
Fish & Chips
"Awesome place to sit and relax with great food, and I wish I could have sampled the beer but we had a long drive still ahead of us. The staff were..."
Clay Caessens
"Everything was amazing! The sirloin burger was the best burger I’ve had in a long time, the right amount of seasoning and juiciness. The compressed..."
R Michele Lahti
"We just chanced upon this place while wandering through the park. What a great little space! The service is great, the food is delicious and..."
Jeremy Janes
"Awesome place in the park! Service was Awesome and the food as well! We come here Every time we do the Walk around Stanley Park when we come to..."
Scott Buckingham
"Nice place inside this beautiful park with excellent beer and nice sandwiches, good..."
Marcos Koyama
"Great little gem in the park that's not far off the path to get to. Great place to stop on a cold, fall day for chowder and mulled wine near the..."
John Bollwitt
"Pulled prom quesadilla with the chipotle aioli is amazing delicious, the ceased Bloody Mary is always very good! It was busy but had great service..."
Michelle Holley Armer
"Best gluten free grilled cheese ever!! Gluten free Putin..."
Debbie Boren
"Awesome spot for a bite and a brew. Wish they sold t-shirts though with their raccoon mascot on..."
Dave Leslie
"Fabulous menu selection and server was fun and..."
Doug Paterson
"Restaurant in a beautiful setting with delicious..."
Tom Hendon
"What a fantastic place... we went there for lunch after a long walk in the park. They have great specialised beers and mouthwatering dishes.We..."
Vishal Gupta
"Great service. Good prices. The fried half chicken dinner however almost tasted like it was leftover from the night before. Also not a huge fan of..."
"Honestly this could easily be a 5 - the location, the atmosphere and layout - very easy, very good. Great service and a great place for lunch in the..."
"Beautiful sunny Saturday on the patio in Vancouver. The west coast chowder is great and the burger is delicious. Service is relaxed, and could use..."
Key Smit
"Amazing Burgers!. This place has amazing burgers!! Seriously, one of the best I've ever had! My husband got the chipotle and I got the classic and we..."
"Better than it had to be. Four of us stopped for lunch and figured we were going to get just OK food due to the captive location. Then the server was..."
Bill Joyce
"Friendly staff (didn't open till 1, yet let us in at 12:15). Warm fire. Good food. Sister said the burger was delicious. When I inquired about gluten..."
"Expensive for what you get which is to be expected for food in the park, but it was quick and the cedar plank salmon was..."
Al 'n Al
"Lovely old cottage in a beautiful setting. Wish the food were..."
Dunn's Famous
82/100 (1387 ratings)
Grilled cheese
Matzo Ball Soup
"Delicious!!! I love the sandwich, the Montreal meat is super tasty, and cheese cake wow super yummy, definitely I recommend this place *great..."
Avem T-Sa
"Try the Dunn's poutine! You'll love it this is the best place to go for smoked meat. I just love..."
Carlos Sanchez
"Ate here last night for the first time and it was so good! Everything we had was delicious. The staff was super nice and helpful. We can't wait to go..."
Ashley Stewart LeSergent
"Dunn's poutine is the best poutine I've ever..."
Charlene Hudson Vetterl
"Smoked meat +poutine � Super fast, friendly service and cool..."
Stephanie Luck
"DELICIOUS SANDWICHES WITh Very spicy Filling ....Chilli mayum sauce was perfect in combination with Smoked meat sandwich...Very nice..."
"Dunn's is a delicatessen that first opened in Montreal in 1927. They turned into a chain and now have seven locations in Quebec, one in Ontario, and..."
Erika Golem
"I think I must have walked past this place hundreds of times but I finally stopped in and I loved it. We ordered some Matzo Ball Soup, a Californian..."
Gourmet By Association
"Just stepped into a world of goodness🤓 Ordered a large "fat" meat sandwich and WOW it's beyond words the chef had a chuckle from the look on my..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"I'm the type of guy that would love to have fatty pieces of meat every now and then. Here at Dunn's, there is an option to have fatty or lean brisket..."
It's Me Chuck
"On Canada Day last year, my family and I ventured to Canada Place to participate in the festivities celebrating our great nation.  One of the food..."
"Fabulous smoked meat sandwich. I chose the medium cut of smoked meat to get maximum flavour without it being too fatty. I chose the cut wisely...."
"A rare trip downtown resulted in our first trip to Dunns. A nice environment with local historical photos on some tables and a wall of old kitchen..."
Andrea James
"The potato latkes had a good flavour that tasted like crispy mashed potatoes although I wish they had been a bit crispier. The sour cream on top made..."
Food Queen
"Dunn’s Famous BC Restaurant (滿地可著名的燻牛肉專門店)地址:827 Seymour St., Vancouver,..."
Sunny Wong
"Dunn’s Famous specializes in authentic Montreal smoked meat, an artisan meat product produced from beef brisket that is cured and spiced using..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"Since the opening of Dunn’s Famous‘ first Westcoast location in downtown Vancouver four years ago, Dunn’s has been the go-to spot for anyone in..."
Vanessa Choot
"One-liner: Undeniably a great standard for smoked meat sandwiches in VancouverHighlight: The Capitol SandwichRecommended for: Sandwich and..."
Nosh And Nibble
"By Nancy October 11, 2015 British Columbia, Canada, Canadian, Deli, Fast Food, FOOD, Vancouver No Comments. Dunn’s Famous Restaurant Vancouver,..."
"This is the only restaurant in Vancouver that you can get real Montreal smoked meat prepared properly. Cut lean, medium, medium-fat, or fat to order...."
"Great portions with to die for tender meats! Service is a tad slow and prices are quite high for a "sandwich with fries" kinda..."
"Dunn's has just reopened after a facelift and menu overhaul so I thought I would update this review but keep the old one for posterity. I..."
Alex Cameron
"Ok but didn't live up to the hype. We were visiting friends in Vancouver who where raving over the famous meats at Dunn's. To be honest we were a..."
"Sunday Breakfast. Came close to opening so the place wasn't too busy.Service was excellent and I ordered the Smoked Meat Hash and Eggs done..."
Andy Wong
"Good smoked meat.. A friend from Montreal told me that Dunn's opened a branch here and I had to check it out with him. The place was pretty empty,..."
Saeryn Correll
"Went here today for the first time.If only I knew that it had been opened for a year already.After numerous visits to numerous deli/..."
"Great service. Great cheesecake. even better than true..."
John Smith
"I just got back from a two month work assignment in Montreal, where I fell in love with the smoked meat sandwich.This is the only place in Vancouver..."
"Finally. As close to Montreal as you can get out..."
"Good went with medium fat Reuben. Great flavor, ridiculous size and amazing..."
Rhandi Clarke
"Meaty sandwich with a side of bloating.. Undecided on what to eat, I suggested to some friends we should try Dunn's Famous since we were there..."
"Closest in Vancouver to real Montreal smoked meat. Melt in your mouth delicious, as are the accompanying cole slaw and kosher-style pickle. The rye..."
"Great poutine as always....a must..."
"Had the poutine with meat sauce and smoked meat. Cheese curds also going without saying. Big portion but ate it all! So..."
Michelle De Roy-Weidema
"As an ex-Montrealer, this place is the first to satisfy all qualifications for a genuinely Montreal smoked meat sandwich-hand sliced, lean/medium/fat..."
" But since Dunn’s is known for smoked meat, that was the way I had to go. I ordered the smoked meat sandwich combo with the soup of the day. ..."
"Fresh curds, crispy fries of unanimous appeal are paired with gravy of a sweet flavour that can polarize opinions. The poutine is of decent value and..."
The Lower Crust
"You can choose if you want your meat lean, medium, or fat. I chose medium for a nice balance in the middle and I think it was a good choice. Everyone..."
Food Queen
"True enough, the smoked meat was really tasty and had just the right amount of fat, and it went well with the Swiss. I wish there was more cheese..."
"I’m actually not much of a deli person – now before you start gasping in horror hear me out. Normally if I’m feeling like something to eat..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"I love poutine even if that means I have to eat my poutine WITHOUT cheese curds (I know, the purists among you will say that poutine REQUIRES cheese..."
Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck
91/100 (379 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Grilled cheese
"I had never tried grilled sandwiches (yes, I know, to many that sounds like blasphemy!) until at this foodtruck. And man, they set the bar for great..."
"Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is a food truck that offers classic homestyle gourmet grilled cheese, soup, and other yummy dishes. There truck is..."
Claire And Chanelle
"Such a yummy lunch and friendly service, would highly recommend to everyone! We ordered sour dough bread with cheddar and bacon and underneath our..."
"A bit overpriced for what you get. I was expecting better quality for their bread and some more flavor other than just bread and cheese (I ordered..."
"Delicious grilled cheese, soup, and chips!  Polite and efficient service.  Great choices and prices.  Better than all the other grilled cheese..."
"Mom’s grilled cheese food truck is found downtown by the Vancouver Art Gallery. It’s always got a long line up in the summer and during good..."
Lammie Loves
"They make really good grill cheese and the portion is bigger than expected. There is always huge lineup every time I go there but it is worth the..."
"I had their special curry grilled cheese sandwich. We had to wait a long time for our food and it was just okay. We expected it to be more flavourful..."
"They pop up in the middle of our urban landscape, like a bright dandelion sprouting out of a sidewalk crack. That's food trucks.They're an..."
Vancouver Barista
"Cheap grilled cheese sandwiches. Comes with pickles and home made chips. You can choose your type of bread and type of cheese. My favorite combo is..."
Open Minded
"Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has daily specials and classic grilled cheeses which you can customize. We ordered a classic grilled cheese on sourdough..."
Alpaca Lunch
"Grilled cheese - the epitome of comfort foods. Smoking hot, stringy, and ready to devour. Price definitely makes it a luxury snack but so worth it!..."
Benton Li
"I was impressed.  First that you offer gluten free foods and second that you don't treat it casually. My Granddaughter has celiacs and I was..."
Merry McMullen
"Really good grilled cheese, ladies were extremely friendly and went out of their way to make a sandwich for our kids while at the end of their run...."
"Really good, nostalgia inducing grilled cheese sandwiches. Definitely better than what I can make at home. They have classic options where you can..."
"I've been craving grilled cheese for weeks. WEEKS I tell ya. Who else would I go to - other than Mom? (Not my mom though, because she doesn't know..."
Selina Lo
"Amazing. The first time I walked by this food truck I thought it was a bit steep for what you get. After looking online at the other reviews I knew I..."
"Yummy Mommy!. This is truly a winning combination. Quality grilled cheese served up with a good variety of Bread, Cheese and Toppings. Now that the..."
"Guilty Pleasure. I go here once a week for the standard Sourdough and Cheddar. So delicious.There are potato chips in the bottom of the..."
Peter Craig
"Yummy!! Just like mom used to do lol. Grilled cheese sandwiches were a bit of a staple growing up so naturally I had to come here for lunch at some..."
No Dessert Im Full
"The food took forever! and it was kind of expensive for something as simple as grilled cheese but it was so good. the pickel and the chips were a..."
John Smith
"You've got to try this!. We had the Monday special grilled cheese - meat loaf with marinara sauce (and cheese of course! ) and it was great. VERY..."
"Say Cheese!. I must say this truck was BUSY when we walked up so considering the amount of people they were serving they did a great job at taking..."
"Loved it. Went here for lunch with my dad today. I have never tried any of the food trucks before. We decided on this one over the others for several..."
Tammy Wonnick Nicol
"Never had such a good grilled cheese. What a simple dish yet why does it taste so good?? I don't know what's happening in Mom's truck but there must..."
"Pretty Darn Good. Date/Time: 06/13/12 12:15 cloudy & cold – the perfect day for tomato soup & grilled cheese.Order: Mom’s Classic and..."
"Amazing grilled cheese, especially the meatloaf sandwich. Favorite Vancouver food..."
"AMAZING. i would stand in the pouring rain to get a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato soup from mom's truck. so good. wish it was parked..."
"Mom's is the Best. Outstanding food, wonderfully personal and friendly service, and owned and operated by a local Mom who really does care about..."
"Great service! Even better food! This is THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich I've ever tried. It was nice and crispy and it warns you up. This is the..."
"Best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had.... Hands..."
"This place is the diamond of quick tasty food. First you are greated by a very friendly lady who takes you order, the team seem to be working hard..."
"Mmm Mmm Good!. Today was my first visit to Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck.. and it certainly won't be my last!I had a grilled cheese with..."
"Awesome. Sweetest people. Delicious..."
Aakash Agarwala
"Moms Grilled Cheese -- Alex's Review. Food: 10/10. This is a unique idea and tastes great. Nothing like a grilled cheese on sough dough with cheddar..."
"Mom's grill cheese truck is awesome! Big portions of delicouse grill cheese. I had the special of the day which was Brie with turkey on cranberry..."
"While the price is a bit steep for grilled cheese sandwiches, we soon realized that sharing one sandwich between two people would be more than..."
Flavour Hunter
"As much as I hate to admit this, moms just always seem to have a knack for knowing what’s best. Even despite all those tumultuous years of dressing..."
"Mom knows best! This truck had a huge lineup! The sourbread dough with harvati cheese was a winning combination!! Attention all you foodies (you..."
Selina Lo
" My husband created his own sandwich at Mom's Grilled Cheese. This scrumptious sandwich was sourdough bread, turkey, harvarti cheese and bacon. They..."
Hungry In Vancouver
"How can one manage to sell a grilled cheese sandwich for $9.75 and still be probably one of the most popular food trucks in Downtown?!? Let’s find..."
Tasty Vancouver
"Who's your Mommy?~ Nothing quite like taking a stroll down town, past the Art Gallery on a sunny day. Walking and people watching, along with the..."
Maggi Mei
"Seeing so many people rave about this place in the last year, I knew I had to give this place a try. It has been a year since I’ve heard of this..."
"Nothing’s more satisfying than some warm, oozing grilled cheese…it’s so satisfying, it should be considered a drug lol. Where else to get..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"The sourdough bread was well buttered and crispy while the bacon made the sandwich salty. They did not skimp on the cheese at all and it was well..."
Constant Cravings
"If you’re at all familiar with the food scene in Vancouver, you’re probably aware that this post is long overdue, since the food cart festival is..."
"... the experience and food is one of a kind, so If you are by any chance near Vancouver Art Gallery and Robson during lunch time, go check them out!..."
"Decided to head downtown to try out Mom's Grilled Cheese ! I have heard such great things about them, and who can resist grilled cheese sandwiches…..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"I had heard that their roasted tomato soup was amazing and I needed to try it. Normally I'm not crazy about tomato soup but this soup is truly..."
Food Queen
"I found that everyone walking past this truck took a double take because the truck was pretty flashy with its sleek design and cool branding. They..."
Eating With Kirby
"To our surprise, Mom is a real person! After shouting the first name of a customer, she would eagerly hand the sandwich to them.   All sandwiches..."
"The Hot Angie was massively huge and stuffed with hot capicola, peppers, and havarti on sourdough bread and served along with pickles and Hardbite..."
Penny And Rusty
"It's rare that both Greeny and I would be at downtown during weekday mornings. And it's this rare opportunity that we've decided to check out some of..."
"The street food scene in Vancouver is here to stay and that's something to get excited about. What's better than sitting on the steps of the..."
Mary Sheridan
"Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck has been catching A LOT of buzz since it just opened a week or so ago! They specialize in GRILLED CHEESE! Nothing gets..."
"Grilled cheese is close to my heart. I always look for it on restaurant menus, I constantly crave it and of course I make it at home as much as..."
Food Punk
"They offer a "classic" sandwich where you can choose your bread and cheese type. You can also choose gluten free bread or vegan cheese. That is..."
There Is Always Room
"There is something homey, hearty about grilled cheese sandwiches. And clearly Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has delivered some hearty and satisfying..."
"By this point, everything was getting really busy. We visited Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck, and wow was this a wait. We were probably only the 7-8 in..."
"I thought the grilled cheese sandwich was really tasty and turned out to be very filling. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chips, which were a little on..."
Fable Kitchen
92/100 (2484 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Grilled cheese
Eggs Benedict
Steak Frites
French Toast
Pork Tenderloin
"(Hispanoparlantes) Quise probar comida local y Google me trajo aquí. Es la mejor decisión que pude haber tomado. Los platillos son exquisitos y ya..."
Luz Goodwin
"I love that we can go to a top Canadian restaurant like FABLE and that my boys are welcome. Thanks so much to my good friend Trevor for an amazing..."
Scott Thomson
"excellent .. one of the best place to eat and savour your meal. Flavours, texture, it`s simply fabulous. And really great to be able to share meals..."
Nathalie Faure
"Everything about this place is awesome, incredible staff, amazing food and wonderful atmosphere. I could eat here everyday. This place just makes me..."
Kalinda Link
"I visit Vancouver once a year and Fable is always on my must-do list. I have now added Fable Diner to my must-do list. The food at Fable is..."
Andria Mallozzi
"Lived up to what i expected and more. I recently moved from Ontario and this was the one place on my list. Great staff, great service, great food...."
Jordan Eric
"Fabulous staff , amazing service, and the food !! And sit at the bar , bartender Dave is the best..."
Rick Mahy
"Awsome diner tonight. I was there with a picky eater who can't, for health reason, eat any herbs or spices. The steak frite was done to perfection..."
Lisette Bergeron
"Honestly the absolute BEST place I've ever eaten at. Food and atmosphere was amazing and the staff was exceptional. Can't say enough good things..."
Megan Leis
"We had the pleasure of attending an outdoor wedding that was catered by chef Trevor and company last weekend.. Although the weather was less than..."
Mel Marie
"We love the in-season and local flavors. I highly recommend the spaghetti and duck meatball..."
Jonathan Lai
"The experiance was fantastic, from the greating to the service and flavours were all great! One of the all time top 10 for sure, they even found a..."
Arne Johanson
"Friendly staff and reasonable price, definitely will come back..."
Margie Chen
"Each and every menu item we ate was unique and delicious. The chickpea fritters were the best and the sides were really good too. Even my husband who..."
Prateek Gupta
"Their special for the night was some type of was great, you could taste the difference that fresh hand made pasta makes. Also, ordered..."
Rachna Mann
"A decent place for brunch - farm to table restaurant. They have a small selection of brunch menu, which is executed very well...."
B & E
"I don’t typically take time to write reviews, so hopefully that will only help prove how awesome this place is. I came here for the first time for..."
The Picky Foodie
"My husband and I came here for our anniversary. I like the decor of the restaurant, it looked rustic and romantic but it was quite noisy and it was..."
"Fresh, local ingredients. Great service and kids friendly. We always go there for lunch/brunch. I like their menu very much. The French toast..."
"One of my favourites in Kitsilano for both brunch and dinner. Service is always fantastic, the ambiance is great and the food is usually..."
Lindsay EB
"1st visit during Dine-out Vancouver and it was a positive experience. Staff were friendly and welcoming and the ambiance is cozy and laid back. Food..."
"The food here is REALLY good. Love the atmosphere in the restaurant. The only downside in my opinion would be how pretentious the restaurant makes..."
Review Queen
"Guess what guys? I got a new phone!! You know what that means...right?! (Besides the fact that I'm going to take a gazillion selfies...JK I wouldn't..."
Selina Lo
"First time at Fable tonight. Amazing host, waiters and waitresses. We had their specials off the menu which were made with fresh ingredients and in..."
Daniel Wong
"Fable never disappoints, whether you're there for the dinner or brunch experience. Definitely go hungry with a big appetite as these comfort dishes..."
"This was the best meal I've had in a long time! so. damn. good. It was also very enjoyable to sit at the bar and watch your food being prepared right..."
Frances Johnston
"Birthday dinner with close friends and boyfriend. Restaurant was full when we got there. Waitress was very attentive and friendly! I shared a..."
"wonderful place cuz the dishes are really special and are different style as other restaurants. I love the lemon parfait very much and the beef of..."
Jocelyn Zhao
"I loved everything about this restaurant. The staff were really friendly, very informative and great with suggestions and recommendations...."
"One of the best meals I have eaten in quite some time. The atmosphere was good and the gnocchi melted in my mouth. I would like to have another..."
"A nice little place with a respectable premise, that everything is either made in house or sourced locally (although the interior decor is a bit..."
Oblique | Debordage
"This is one of two restaurants in Vancouver I've given a 5.0. Fable is truly spectacular. It's really honestly incredible on all fronts without being..."
"The smoked duck breast was tender, juicy, and well seasoned. The fat portion was just right and did not leave much greasy aftertaste. The quinoa,..."
Jenny L
"Visited for Sunday Brunch, even though the place was busy, the service was efficient and the food came really quickly.Mushroom Polenta: REALLY,..."
"It was 10:25 am on a Saturday, and there was already a line up of about 15 people outside of the restaurant. Nevertheless, we were still able to grab..."
"House made tomato soup: For the appetizers, this is the one we had to come back for. There was a scare when we thought it would not return for this..."
"I Went here with a friend of mine once. So please read my review with that in mind. I went for lunch and was surprised by the price on the menu. I..."
"Fable is a Farm to Table gem in Kitsilano that is a must visit for Brunch. They have a great atmosphere and an open kitchen, so if you are seated at..."
Gurleen Boparai
"Had the pleasure of eating at Fable yesterday with my work team and we had a blast. What a wonderful spot. From the moment we walked in, we loved it...."
Sophia Rizos
"With friendly staff and a welcoming interior, Fable not only serves comfort food, but is a place of comfort. It boasts farm-to-table and actually..."
"It was brunch time on Remembrance day and the place was quite bustlin' and hustlin'. We initially wanted to go to Sophie's but that line was even..."
Angel Liu
"This is one of my favourite recommends on West 4th. During my initial visit I was so impressed by their unique offerings and their thorough service,..."
Maggi Mei
"My girlfriend and my favourite restaurant. Food is always amazing. Love that all the ingredients are fresh and local. The owner and executive chef..."
Adam Blender
"A few years ago I overheard my supervisor mention to another coworker that she always lets her kids stay home from school on their birthday. My ears..."
Drunken Noms
"Fable, probably the best casual dining experience I've had in a while. I went with a date and managed to scoop the last walk in table. I ordered many..."
"Was randomly walking past the restaurant and decided to go in. The food is savoury and rich in favour, yet well balanced. For some dishes, the simple..."
"Brunch is one of Vancouver's national past times. Just scroll through your weekend ig feeds and you'll see. Therefore, a post about brunch is a must...."
Claire Chan
"Came to Fable for lunch today with my husband. I had the feature open faced Breakfast sandwich which had their house made bacon, sunny egg,..."
"Ok, there were four of us who came in for brunch. I had the breakfast stew which was good but wouldn't have it again, but...service was amazing! ..."
"The overall balance of sweet and salty and sour did not play well on this dish – overall not well executed. Address: 1944 West 4th Avenue, Metro..."
"Just a really cool place to go. Ambiance is great because everyone one else is pretty much there for the same reason- watch your food being made and..."
Rocky Sirignano
"Fabulous Fable Kitchen!. Best-food-EVER! This place is hard to get a seat but we came right at 5pm and got seated right away. Service was friendly,..."
"Lives up to the hype. Five friends had a fantastic dinner there. The food was exceptional. Both imaginative and unpretentious. Not to mention great..."
"I truly recommend that you get down to Fable Kitchen and try what is sure to be one of those happy shuddering culinary moments for you!As I..."
"Great value for lunch. I had lunch here with many people and we've always had consistent great food and service for lunch, and that's challenging for..."
Vancity Food Guy
"This place is so wonderful. It's not surprising at all to see it recommended as the best brunch spot on so many sites. The wait can be long, but the..."
"Wonderful restaurant by chef/owner Trevor Bird. Terrific daily menu and brunch menu (look out for boozey brunch which happens once a month). Food..."
"Top Chef-worthy. I like everything about this restaurant. It's a lovely place with a great concept. I have been there a few times now, and every time..."
"Almost a perfect evening. My GF and I decided to celebrate our Birthdays at Fable. We made reservations online and were emailed back a confirmation...."
"This place never disappoints! Food is always fresh, dining room is warm and welcoming, and the waitstaff's knowledge of their food is very..."
"Garlic Aioli. Mmmm yes that white garlicy sauce.... Duck meatball and spaghetti for the appetizer, delicious, loved the parmesean sauce, light and..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Canned Tuna. Out of this world good! Love Fable! Love Chef Birds and his teams..."
David Grange
"Nothing fancy but really good meals!. Every time I visit here I always get to the realization how much I need nothing-fancy-but-really-good meals...."
Kyle Lee
"Yes they are good..... No wonder why they have great reviews and ratings in Urbanspoon. They are good. Nothing else to..."
"Delicious farm to table sustainable cuisine. The service was awesome, you get the meet the owners of this restaurant instantly! i am vegetarian and..."
"Great atmosphere and staff. I really liked the staff and service I received here today when I came for lunch with my friend. We didn't catch the name..."
"Great food! Fabulous..."
"Dropped by for brunch. Service was wonderful and drinks were tasty. The Benedict and steak and egg entrees were just normal, and if we had stopped..."
"Great meal for our Anniversary. Busy, yes. Reservations, recommended. Food, fantastic. Wife and I had watched Trevor on Top Chef Canada and decided..."
Travis Merrick
"Love the innovative menu, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere. 'Canned tuna' is the..."
"Memorable and delicious. These guys really take pride in their food. From the presentation to quality to sustainability this is a dining experience..."
"Vancouver would have a real food scene if people ran their restaurants this way.. Instead it has a few gems in a haystack....and Fable is one of..."
"Pretty good brunch. Brunch is pretty reasonable compared to other places in the area (Sophie's, Abigail's, etc). Thought the portions were a little..."
"Good but not great. Came here based on the recommendations of multiple people. While the dinner was certainly good, it's hardly the best I've had in..."
"Amazing.. My mom was visiting from Ontario. I knew I had to take her to Fable. I had been once before to celebrate a friend's graduation, and it..."
"Amazing team amazing food amazing service this place has it all if you want an experience this is the place to..."
Cole Millard
"Very delicious ! Excellent service ! Price ain't cheap, you pay what you get..."
Ben L.
"Second visit, just as good as the first!. This past weekend was my second visit to fable with a group of friends. Both times it exceded my..."
Dustin Grof
"Excellent Food. I wish I hadn't waited so long to visit! Almost everything for our table of four was perfect - the steak tartare (which may have been..."
"My friend said.. the parfait is what dreams are made of.. Service: Friendly and attentive wait staff, could hold a conversation without sounding..."
"Lovely! Went with my boyfriend for his birthday and was very impressed with the food and service. The dining area is a bit too squished for my..."
"Great Food, Great Service!. I came here for my graduation dinner and it was amazing! Our server (Nick) was so attentive - we never had to ask to have..."
"Warm and hearty meal. Came here for a family style dinner event that was for charity so there were off menu items that I unfortunately cannot rename..."
"Excellent kits restaurant. Wonderful homey atmosphere. efficient but relaxed service. incredible food, all made in the restaurant. drop by and try..."
"Always the Best. Have never had a bad meal here. Always on my mind when planning to go out for a great dinner. Try the canned tuna, it is..."
Tony K
"Great Atmosphere. Came here one night and although we had reso's we still had to wait 20 mins. The atmosphere is amazing, very laid back and chill. I..."
"Damn Good.. Went to Fable two weeks ago on a friday night. It was my moms 60th birthday. This the was perfect place to go. Im not even sure where to..."
"Our party of three had a wonderful dining experience mid week at Fable! One of our group is a coeliac and the staff were very knowledgable of the..."
"Great food and..."
"Crazy awesome. The food is wonderful, and there is a range of options for vegetarians. My husband and I have visited three times now and have loved..."
Kerry Vital
"Just had my 30th birthday dinner at Fable. Food outstanding, service exceptional. Definately will be back and will be spreading the good..."
"Outstanding food and service!. I was visiting Vancouver on business and being a huge Top Chef fan I decided to go to Fable for dinner. I had a..."
"Fable-ous dinner!. We did not go for their dine at table menu. Attentive service but a little bit slow. The dinner took 3 hours. Food was great!!..."
"Looooove it! Hold on, let me start from the beginning. Great decor, great service, great food. The price range is moderate, but the portion is..."
"Only Good Things. I loved Fable Kitchen! I went here for my birthday dinner with my family and everything was excellent; the food, the service, the..."
Franki Katz
86/100 (893 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Grilled cheese
Mac and cheese
Beef Bourguignon
"Burgoo is the place to go to when you’re craving some real comfort food. Pretty much everything on their menu spells out dishes that warm and fill..."
Penny And Rusty
"Awesome atmosphere and a wide variety of dishes from a great deal of places. Burgoo offers a solid selection of meals to enjoy with a range of..."
Joshua Hueller
"Always delicious and the staff are friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere, very cozy! My favourite is the mac and cheese. Also worth a try is the..."
Kelly Carleton
"It won't blow you away, but everything they have is quite solid. My go-to is the El Cubano (not authentic but still super tasty with lots of meats..."
Jason C
"If you're looking for comfort food this is where you want to be. Their Mac and cheese will definitely leave you satisfied. They offer dishes from..."
Sneha Balani
"Love this place! I come here every once in awhile and also to the Mt. Pleasant location. Always great service, wine and yummy..."
Shauna Bevacqua
"Comfort food done right. The food here is always sooo mouthwateringly delicious while being quite simple. I love the atmosphere here - it's just the..."
"Been to this location three times and every time has been a great experience! I have tried the eggs ratatouille, eggs burgoo, crab bisque, and the..."
"Loved this place!. Liked it so much the first night when I was on campus for a conference, I brought 3 other people with me the next night. One was a..."
"Nice experience. Came with family and enjoyed a lovely meal in a warm, cozy environment. Quality comfort food with good service. Price is not quite..."
"Pretty small dining area so haven't been there much since the kids were born but grab the occasional soup or stew there, always fresh, tasty and..."
Dean Kuusela
"Always great comfort food. Had the bisque...."
Jennyfer Cassar
"Great Food But Small. I love Burgoo, I frequently go to the Main or Point Grey locations. Point Grey you can normally get a seat pretty easy compared..."
"Pretty good. A bit on the pricey side (for my tastes) but good food. I had the Burgoo and hubby had the Chicken Vindaloo - delicious and good size..."
"Mmmm..Stew.... The hubby and I went to Burgoo last night. We haven't been to a "nice" restaurant in a while, so it was a treat.The decor is..."
"Chicken salad sandwhich; awesome. Irish stew;..."
"Comfort Food. Amazing stews et. Best cold weather restaurant..."
"Hearty, tasty, unpretentious soups and fantastic cheese grillers. Chilli chocolate pot also scrumptious but tricky to save room..."
"It is so good.....'s like getting a hug from your mom (if you really like your mom I mean). I wish there was one in Victoria ...hint,..."
"Comfort Food. Good comfort food. Be surrounded by University Professors and Pt Grey residents. This is a great spot on a rainy day for some hearty..."
"Perfect place for salads. I've gone to this place many times for lunch and I have not been disappointed yet. It's a great place for lunch if you are..."
"To me this place has the ultimate comfort food you could ask for on a rainy, cool or just relaxing with a friend day...and the chocolate bread..."
Jeff Ross
"I really enjoyed this soup! It was fairly smooth and creamy, the flavour was rich with enough crab to not be overwhelming but still very..."
Kiely Landrigan
"The spices really enhanced the flavors, and the warm, moist cakey bottom was just so soft and melted in my mouth. I thought it was a bit much for me..."
BitterSweetLife Food
"I don't know why but I was craving for sandwiches today, not any old sandwich, but the sandwiches from Burgoo. I remember I came here back in April,..."
Jennifer Yen
"Burgoo has four locations in Vancouver. They mainly serve stewed dishes of various Countries and sandwiches. Burgoo’s stewed dishes are pretty..."
"In restaurants, dozens of ingredients go into making one dish, making it impossible for people with multiple food sensitivity to eat out. It can also..."
Christine Chou
"That Burgoo made the list might be a surprise for those of you that read my first review. And yes, while I’m still reluctant to ever try their..."
Vancouver Bites
"I've only been to Burgoo twice, and always at their Main St. location. Last year, a few days after my accident and in serious need of comfort food, I..."
Tap & Barrel - Convention Centre
80/100 (2189 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Cobb Salad
Poke Bowls
Fish & Chips
Grilled cheese
Mac and cheese
Fried pickles
"There was a big line up for the Cactus Club so we slid over to Tap & Barrel, found out we could have a drink at the bar and wait for 15 minutes and..."
Andy Quan
"And this post wraps up the 2019 Dineout Vancouver Festival for me. Originally Grayson and I were just going to go to Mulligan’s but we decided to..."
"Big shout out to Tap and Barrel Coal Harbour. Staff were super attentive. One of the servers who was on his first day and trying a bit too hard..."
Scott Jaques
"Really nice place to have a late or soon bite, surrounded by a really nice area with parks. The Spicy tuna hamburger was really good, really..."
Cláudio Pinto
"This was my first visit to the Olympic village. It was a fun experience! We enjoyed the patio. They have setup across from their restaurant as it was..."
Jennifer Dempsey
"After the 3 hour photo meet & greet we (group of 15) all headed in for some warming and healthy nutrition i decided on the mascarpone cheesecake..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"Quite simply, you can't beat this location. With the ocean breeze, over looking Stanley Park across the bay, sea planes taking off & cruise ships..."
"So... We brought our dogs with us to Vancouver... And if you're a dog owner then you know that it's extremely hard to eat out with your furry..."
Erica To
"I came here lastnight with friends, it was quite a wait since everyone wanted to be seated on the patio. We were initially seated at a communal table..."
"Stopped by on a random sunny day to sit on the patio and chill. Great location with amazing views! I LOVE their Red Sangria (I'd be in trouble if..."
"We decided to have one nice meal out during out Vancouver getaway.  We ended up at two different food courts for two meals and another meal at our..."
Kelli Wong
"I was so disappointed with the salmon burger I got last night that I decided to try again today. This one was really good. Very moist and tender. I..."
"I've only been for bar food but I love their beer flights, wine flights and pulled pork poutine! Hits the spot-especially when consumed together..."
"• busy, fun, lively & great environment. awesome for any occasions especially birthdays and watching sports games• tip: reserve your table..."
"Not a great place but not terrible. The view of the Harbor and Stanley Park obviously helps, specially with outdoor tables. I thought the food was..."
Chris Eats
"Great selection of BC beers in a relaxed atmosphere. The patio is in a prime spot near the water, with perfect views of the North Shore on a clear..."
"Flight or Fight? I flight to the nearest patio with one of the best views in Vancouver!I was ready to try some beers this day and why not go for five..."
Benton Li
"I was ready to try some beers this day and why not go for five different types. Ordering one of their seasonal flights had hints of pineapple,..."
Benton Li
"Great service, awesome BC beer selection and great food. The best is (was) the PBandJ Burger. Unfortunately with the new menu they have stopped..."
Facebook User
"Really, really, really, really upset that their delicious PB & J Burger isn’t on the menu anymore. Is there a way to bring it back?! Petition,..."
"It's finally starting to feel like summer!! (If you ignore the wind haha!) Warm weather only means one thing in Vancouver...patio timeee!!    If we..."
Selina Lo
"Actually Really Good. Don't be fooled by the spectacular view, the food here is actually really good. Pork belly pizza, fried pickles etc..."
"Brunch-Tastic. I am not a big fan of Eggs...I haven't had poached eggs in awhile. I apparently felt adventurous on a Sunday Morning. I ordered the..."
Food Adventuress
"Huge portions, great patio space. Came here for lunch with a few friends as always there is a lineup for the patio space so we decided to sit inside...."
"What a fab view. Just stay to the pub type food. We had breakfast here. Both egg bennies were cold and not toasted. Then we noticed none of the..."
"Great service, awesome location, good drinks (cutest mimosa I've ever had), and good food with some really interesting menu items! Would definitely..."
Bex White
"Great casual spot. Had a group in the private room and we had a very good time. Food was casual but very good and wine selection was very good (BC)..."
"Deep fried pickles are a must! Finally found great fried pickles that weren't soggy or over battered! I had the dinner special, which was the..."
"Great view of the float planes in action. Try the Fat Tug beer. I usually don't go for the citrus beer thing, but this was great! Full bodied, with a..."
Dr. S Cooper
"Enjoyed a late supper here with awesome view and rain held off while we sat outside. We shared mushroom and arugula pizza with truffle oil and a Cobb..."
"As far as the eye can see.. Well Dave and I decided to try the latest installment of this establisment. Could this be a sort of beer Mecca?.....quite..."
Travellin' Daves
"Tap and Barrel is a little nook in the wall of the convention centre; with flatscreen tvs, exposed wood displayed throughout, and a bookcase at the..."
Lunch With Luch
"I had a great time at tap and barrel because the service was good, the atmosphere was great, and the pickles were awesome. I would definitely return..."
Kyle Woo
"At Tap and Barrel, it’s a simple brunch for a simple gal. And this simple gal would brunch (and booze)..."