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There are 451 restaurants
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Prado Cafe
85/100 (859 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"First visit and I will be back! I just finished a delicious apricot breakfast cookie ... moist and soft but crumbly ... a perfect accompaniment to my..."
Gina Buchanan
"Lured by the smell of coffee, we walked in the Fir Street location (1809) last week, and what a nice surprise! Loved the lunch, loved the coffee,..."
Brigitte Guillemette
"È il locale dei cugini Canadesi....con un po di Italian style! Capuccino all italiana....Best in the..."
Federico Tonon
"Great place to have tea, write emails, or the next great Canadian..."
Pep Ventura
"Much love for Prado! Really great food, drinks and..."
Adam Pearson-Currie
"because I have the same last name, I messaged Prado Cafe and inquired the prices of their mugs. they suggested I come to one of the cafe locations..."
Janina Prado
"Aura and I had a delightful time there. And many thanks 🙏🏻 for holding my backpack 🎒 for..."
Daniel Skarsgård
"Love at first Sip! Would love to come again and all the..."
Vasundhara RoGan
"Professional staff and professional coffee. Fine cafe-ing without the high prices. Keep it..."
Geoffrey Millar
"Fantastic coffee, a great location and an all around great place to be at! I think your going to hit this one out of the park Sammy..."
Gianni Mazzei
"I was brought this coffee as gift when my sister in law and brother visited me in England where I live. When I come home I will be there to get one..."
Corine Farrell
"Best coffee and breakfast cookie ever! Great staff, good..."
Daniela Duva
"Our schedules worked out just so that D and I had time to meet up for coffee in between our travels. We were originally going to hang out at..."
Louisa Ng
"A nice atmosphere - high ceiling, off-white walls + grainy wood interior, glass front letting the sunlight in - all gave the place a trendy yet warm,..."
"Trendy, good service and delicious coffee (forty ninth parallel). Love the atmosphere and the area. Great outdoor seating and they make a solid..."
Yvee Hopkins
"Best cafe patio in the city to sit when it’s nice out. It can be hard to snag spot though, it’s a busy place. My americano was ok, my friend’s..."
"Cool spot for Coffee. And that's about it... Gotta say though the Banana bread is great, super..."
No Dessert Im Full
"A Shot of Rhythm and Blues.. I was very scared of the hipsters:) so I just got my espresso. mmmm prado has changed a lot!! the spro was sweet and the..."
Ben E
"Delicious Baked Goods. I tried the Cinnamon sugar donut and loved it! One of the best i've had. The peanut butter cup was outstanding as well. The..."
"Prado Cafe has always been a good spot for a good coffee. I've been stopping in for years. Recently the cafe has changed hands and has been taken..."
Miss P
"Best coffee on the drive. They serve tasty coffee (49th Parallel roaster) and best small cappuccino on the Drive in my opinion. The young woman who..."
"Love Prado!. Hands down, my favourite coffee shop in the city. but everyone has their own opinion of course.. I've talked to lots of people that..."
"Mmmmm... Good coffee. Hip looking place for those who want to ignore the chain coffee places. Nice clean design, but the test is always the coffee...."
EV Dave
"Got that independent vibe.... ... that you'd associate with The Drive. From the slightly deer-in-headlights service, the Gortex-wearing clientele..."
"Prado Cafe and Vancouver coffee in general. Am sipping a coffee right now, but not in Vancouver. All you Vancouverites, enjoy your coffee because..."
Paul Postma
"Aaahhh... Cafe Prado !. Aaaaahhhh.... Cafe Prado.......For the longest time, I couldn't even figure out its name !Between us it was..."
Ingrid Duquenoy
"My First Love Prado Cafe. Prado, which means open spaces in Spanish, hangs out on at 1938 the drive (right on the corner of east fourth) it's has a..."
Coffee Rob
"The coffee was well made with smooth and not excessively bubbly milk foam. They passed my cappuccino test, so I was a happy girl. The coffee here is..."
Food Queen
"Prado, which means open spaces in Spanish, hangs out on at 1938 the drive (right on the corner of east fourth) it’s has a minimalist appeal too..."
Coffee Rob
Le Petit Belge
90/100 (1502 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Waffles & Crepes
"Best waffles I have ever had, and beautifully presented too...."
Damian Herman
"I don’t make it downtown very often so, when I had the chance in mid-February, I popped by Le Petit Belge for an early morning breakfast. True to..."
Penny And Rusty
"I quite liked the small, cozy atmosphere of this restaurant/bakery and the warm, sweet scent that lingered in the air. I had their Majesty I Waffle..."
Willow Yang
"Stopped in for their special, waffle, bacon and eggs with a coffee. And man, scrambled eggs so light, they use the bacon to stop it floating away. A..."
"This place has really become popular since the 3 years I was last here! There was a line out the door at 1030am on a Sunday morning. We got a seat in..."
"We woke up early because of crazy jet lag so we decided to head out for breakfast.  We were planning to go Gastown at first then we saw the waffles..."
Eat With Sida
"Came in for a quick lunch, decided to go for the special which was a Belgium style waffle with two eggs, bacon, and coffee for $9.99. The waffle was..."
Alex Cameron
"Best waffles and great salads! Great option for ones who look for healthy..."
Katerina Smol
"Breakfast the Belgian way!. Amazing brekkie. this place is a must try! 5 stars..."
Emily Soth
"We're pretty addicted to Le Petit Belge. My wife and I enjoy almost everything on the menu, but our favourites are the Tropical Brussels waffle,..."
"I was very impressed with the size and amount of toppings on this so I got my bang for my buck. The waffle was warm and slightly crisp on the outside..."
Constant Cravings
"There’s very few places I give 5/5. One such place is Le Petite Belge, that just opened up on Robson. The staff are friendly, the food is..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos