Kino Cafe, Vancouver

Kino Cafe

Kino Cafe, Vancouver

3456 Cambie St - Vancouver

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Updated 01/03/2021

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  • Monday: 17.00–1.00
  • Tuesday: 17.00–1.00
  • Wednesday: 17.00–1.00
  • Thursday: 17.00–1.00
  • Friday: 17.00–1.00
  • Saturday: 15.00–1.00
  • Sunday: 15.00–0.00


Chanelle Dupre
One of the few places in Vancouver with live dancing entertainment. It’s a unique spot with flamenco dancing, music and comedy. The owner was so friendly and talked to his patrons at their tables. They serve tapas. The menu selection was not great and the food was not anything to rave about unfortunately. I expected it to be better plated and more creatively presented. The entertainment makes up for the shortfall in the food experience.
Aug 30, 2019
Vancity Food Guy
I would say my favorite live entertainment night would be the flamenco night. It's very exciting to watch. The sangria there is nice too. Each night is different there may be different types of musicians, but I haven't seen comedy night like others have mentioned. It's a great date night spot and summer time weather you can hear the music from a block away since they open up their window walls. It's very inexpensive. My girlfriend and I came here a few times for flamenco and loved it. Lots of energy. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, has flamenco. But do book a table on the weekends cause it gets busy!

Feb 23, 2016

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