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Monastery Bakery And Delicatessen
94/100 (2556 ratings)
Speciality Food Market
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"FOOD:I had come here on a busy Saturday morning at around 10:30 am. I had never been here, and had heard a lot of great things about this place..."
"One of the best bakeries I've been to during my Toronto trip. I'm looking forward to going back in a few months!!! Craving is the better..."
Dindin Lagdameo
"Great little grocery that also acts as a bakery and deli. Despite it being on the smaller end of grocery stores, everything is well stocked and..."
Johnny L.
"Amazing selection. Their pastry counter is just ok . A bit pricey.Bread/desserts section is plenty! Spanakopita are out of this world. They..."
"Best lasagna in town - great spot, lots of choice, fair..."
"Really good bakery. With finds like these I wished there was a "love it" button. Great quality of baked goods, love their pizza dough and their home..."
"Great stuff. I've been coming here since I went to high school. We would always stop by for lunch whenever we got the opportunity and they never..."
Marko Djurdjevic
"Great place. Great deli selection,breads and..."
Tatjana Stojanovic
"An Oakville Gem. So happy to recommend Monastery. I can hardly wait until they add seating so we can enjoy more lunches there. It's like an oasis..."
"Best bread. Amazing breadVery good..."
"Feta bread. Get there early or you will miss..."
"Unreal. Great food, decent prices, great customer service, though the owners are tired and angry most of the time, it's an amazing place to..."
"Incredible find. This place is always jammed with shoppers. Freshly baked quality breads, pastries, cakes and a great selection of deli meats and..."
Jon Russell
"This business has the right concept. Great food at good prices. The breads are top notch, the deserts are to die for and are well priced and the deli..."
Dragon House
78/100 (1535 ratings)
Fast Food
"I really liked the crispy honey chicken being served here. The chef here deserves a special note of thanks. Big thank you, to the owners for setting..."
Vikram Saxena
"The foods here are great. Be it the noodle or the soup, you will like it all. Since I am a regular customer at this restaurant, I know the quality..."
Stillbon Priyanka
"I have loved the noodle that is served with soup. I dropped in here last weekend and really enjoyed my time here. Even my daughter too had a great..."
Khushi Verma
"Excellent food. Value for money and the owners are very friendly. Highly recommended to try it. Green beans are a must and Tofu with black bean sauce..."
Pankaj Mahindru
"I have tried other places in Oakville and Dragon House is the best by far. The prices are good and Michael is really really nice. Next time to want..."
Alek Lotor
"If you are really in need of tasty Chinese cuisine for your taste buds, then you need to be here. I have been a regular customer here over the years...."
Lesley Jones
"I am someone who is very much passionate about Chinese cuisine. The opulent aromas that I found in these culinary are unparallel to any. After..."
Jordan Wilson
"Thank you so much for the food. I must thank the professional for the gluten free dishes. Be it the chicken dishes or the beef dishes, each and every..."
Shriram Greenfield O2 Homes
"Tasty food. I have ate from the Dragon house many times. I have never had a bad meal from this restaurant. I like to recommend others for a weekend..."
Amaya Bloach
"The ambience here is just fantastic! You need to come here to believe it. I also loved the service from the restaurant’s staff. They welcomed us..."
Devesh Chauhan
"Whether you order dumplings or spring rolls here, you will love this restaurant. It might not be the biggest or the most stylish restaurant you have..."
Berin Daniel S
"It is my great privilege to write this review. I must firstly congratulate all the chefs working here. They are really architect of genius. They know..."
Ankit Sharma
"Thanks a lot for the delicious Mongolian beef. I love it here and I am thankful to the chefs for this awesome cuisine. Thanks a lot. Keep it up. This..."
Nitin Kumar
"It is really a proud moment to have had gluten free Mongolian chicken from here. The price is really affordable and I want to take up the onus of..."
Endeavour Africa
"The food quality is realy good and the atmosphere is also fantastic there.  I like to recommend this restaurant go others. Enjoyed such lip-smacking..."
Sriram Tvs Wazirganj
"I had an amazing time at this Chinese restaurant. I am very thankful to my John and David for recommending me this authentic Chinese restaurant. I..."
Daniel Smith
"This is a leading Chinese restaurant in the area. We visited the restaurant in weekend. The food quality is good and the atmosphere is also..."
Ravi Kiran
"Good and healthy food, great atmosphere and affordable. Visitor must be visit at least one time and enjoy the atmosphere. Stuff and worker also..."
Arup Das
"Dragon House has the best Chinese Food in the WORLD! I have tried other places in Oakville and Dragon House is the best by far. I can recommend this..."
Moses Aaron
"I really like the chinese food they served. you can choose a wide range of menu. From Noodles to Rice – Chicken to Beef. I like to recommend this..."
Rajneesh Singh
"I have never enjoyed such lip-smacking Chinese delicacy before. Would be back again to taste some more. I would love to recommend this restaurant to..."
Victoria Jones
"Mouth watering starters as well as great main course make this my favorite eatery. I have been visiting them for a long time and would recommend them..."
Santosh Kumar
"The seafood variety is the main reason I love eating at this restaurant. They offer such amazing dishes shrimps and lobsters. I can’t stop myself..."
Ashwani Aalok
"For my Chinese food cravings, Dragon House is my favorite destination. I enjoy the dim sum, the soup as well as the appetizers every time. I also..."
Alex Sam
"The soup and the chicken dishes are my favorite in this restaurant. I keep coming back for more of such mouth-watering delicacies. Keep it..."
Manish Pounikar
"The rice combo served in the restaurant is my favorite. Every time I visit them I try to taste something new. The appetizer is also enjoyable. Will..."
John Allred
"We went to this eatery and found a truly pleasant menu. You should attempt the garlic salt and pepper prawns around $26 dollars. However, the plate..."
Allen Maverik Seo
"By and large it was OK, pleasant nourishment and we enjoyed the suppers, hamburger, chicken, green bean panfry and fricasseed vermicelli. Highly..."
Craig Adams
"Just give a try to their specially prepared crispy honey chicken. It’s just amazing. I am very happy with their service and attentiveness of their..."
Steve Teile
"I had an amazing time at Dragon House Chinese Cuisine. I am very thankful to my friend for recommending me this authentic Chinese restaurant...."
James William
"We ordered dinner tonight, it was really yummy. The spring rolls were really crispy, the curry was nice and spicy and everything we ordered was hot..."
"Had the vegetable Cantonese chow mein was amazing! Noodles were cooked perfect and good selection of veggies! Will come back for my next..."
Meagan Luftman
"Dragon House was just awesome. They even picked up and delivered milk. Food was..."
"Tasty food. I have ate from the Dragon house many times. I have never had a bad meal from this restaurant. My only issue is that they are so busy..."
Raymond Donaldson
"Delicious, and incredibly affordable. I prefer it to chains like..."
David Thompson