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There are 4 restaurants
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Sleep Is For Sissies
80/100 (129 ratings)
Sit down
"Lovely little place in the middle of the forest deep in slocan valley. Fresh food and such a lovely..."
Shaka Lee
"I’m always a little cautious when a place has too much variety and choices in a menu, typically means that they do ok everywhere instead of really..."
Zeides 42
"We absolutely loved coming here for breakfast on our road trip. Their coffee was organic and fantastic. The breakfast was great, and the atmosphere..."
Teaghan McDougall
"At first I thought this was a roadside greasy-spoon but the food quality was superb with a great modern set of options such as Thai bowl or chicken..."
Jason Sallay
"The food was very good and the portions were larger than we were expecting. Overall we enjoyed our Valentine dinner. Price was a bit high, but they..."
M. Gullickson
"First off coffee is awesome. Had the eggs Benny and my wife had the breakfast wrap. Everything was delicious and the place has that rustic vibe we..."
Allan Sulyma
"Great little cafe in winlaw BC, I had the candied salmon bennies. Food was good, I liked that she said it was local food. Coffee was good, staff were..."
Kevin “Success Builder” M
"The name of the restaurant was super catchy LOL. The ambiance was so nice. Loved the Himalayan lamp. Friendly staff and delicious food. Loved that..."
Mae Mohr
"You will have good times and great meals at Sissies. In the heart of the Slocan Valley, close to the river. Dine in the greenhouse. The fresh local..."
Valhalla Pines Campground & Guesthouse
"Delicious !! Real food and proper portions. Breakfast is killer, amazing drinks, good quality that’s hard to find elsewhere. Love..."
Sol Trickey
"We had a great dining experience on Valentine's Day. The Sushi special was excellent and beautifully presented. We enjoyed the jazz duo and the..."
Pam Liske
"Excellent food. I had a wrap which was full of tasty ingredients. They are stuffed full and are great to take out for the road too. Remember some..."
Nic S
"Cool rustic cafe. Good coffee. Very good breakfast at a reasonable price. Lots of outside patio space. An obvious community gathering..."
Tim Austin
"I was thinking the wait time was a long but by the time the food arrived it was worth the wait. Excellent quality food from locally-sourced fresh..."
Winston Smith
"This place is amazing. We were in town for holidays and went here 3 times. Great dessert selection too. Will be..."
Mischa Christiansen
"The dinner specials have been excellent. The burgers are great. And the service is getting faster and..."
Stephen Box
"Fantastic food! Excellent place to eat. Friendly staff. Would definitely go..."
Abigail Stewart
"Amazing food, great vegan options! Had a delicious matcha latte here and enjoyed the vibe in this..."
Hayley Shakti