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There are 5 restaurants
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Cassis - Gelato Et Sorbet Maison
99/100 (1462 ratings)
Ice Cream
Cheap Eats
"Is delicious. Even the dog ice cream smells delicious. My dogs love..."
Montes Eugenia Viera
"Insanely good gelato! Great choice of flavors, some super funky. Even our dog likes their gelato. Must to try it..."
Nikola Nikolovski
"Obsessed with the lemon-basil sorbet along with the lemon-ginger at Cassis!! The unique flavours are so bright and refreshing - it makes it well..."
Jamie D
"Friendly staff, all fruit flavors are vegan friendly, and were told made in house. All bowls comes with maximum of three scoops. Small little gem in..."
Laleh Y
"Very good ice cream, interesting flavors, and an aesthetically pleasing little seating area on rue Principal. Good bike ride destination from..."
Keith Alverson
"Tasty gelato and sorbet - the lemon basil was very refreshing. Great spot for a treat in..."
Itzel L.C.
"OMG!!!! Small gem in located in the heart of Aylmer. Home made gelato. They have about 8-10 Flavours and some of the flavours are change daily and..."
Valerie Jean-Gilles
"Great selection of home made gelato and sorbet. Some cool flavors like mint, black sesame, and lime. Reasonable price compared to similar shops...."
"The best place for sorbet and Gelato in the area, not overpriced like in many other places! We came there for 3 times and always leave satisfied!..."
Anastassiya Puchshina
"Very kind to let my daughter not only try one sample but two. I guess they know it can be hard deciding on a flavour. Some unique flavours, great..."
Riley McAllister
Les Chocolats Favoris
88/100 (2678 ratings)
Quick Bites
Ice Cream
Sit down
Wheelchair Accessible
Outdoor Seating
Cheap Eats
"These are the best dipped cones I've ever had. You can have chocolate, vanilla, or a mix of both, for the ice cream. There are about 10 different..."
David H
"Soft ice on a Sunday afternoon on April fools weekend- dip is nice and thick. If you like it dark, they have one dip that is more than 70%..."
Lynne Lin
"Be ready to get confused once you enter the store cz of vast choices. If you love something on the sweeter side, cookie and cream is the best. If you..."
Aashi Jain
"A great place for decadent and chocolatey treats as well as a fun experience. It feels like a mini chocolate factory with it's fun decor. The..."
Ahmed Shehab
"This place is an ice cream lover/chocolate lover’s paradise. We were blown away by the beauty of the ice creams they offer, we went there as 2..."
"Good place, nice patio, tasty ice cream, a lot of dip..."
"Amazing place to eat icecream. The process is done right in front of you so you are constantly reminded that you are totally getting diabetes after..."
Andrés Gardner Flores
"I brought my aunt and uncle today. They would like to bring this store home with them. They LOVED every..."
Ellen Bond
"This is my favourite spot for ice cream. The ice cream seems to fill me, and not leave me ravenous for more, like McDonald's. The dips are thick and..."
Brent Brockerville
"Great place. Friendly staff. I got ice cream dipped in chocolate and nuts. Also some chocolate bars for later. No complaints about this place. ..."
Selva ECS
"Sweet but good . Many different choices of soft serve and popsicle, you can dip it it whatever type of chocolate and add some cotton candy or..."
Angela Alvarado
"Always great friendly service. Quality ice cream and toppings. Sizes are big and it gets to be a little too much so I recommend a small. The..."
"Great place still open with covid. I have seen a uber eat come if looking for..."
Martin Cardinal
Dairy Queen
88/100 (1711 ratings)
Ice Cream
Sit down
"Super bon service . Ne pouvant me déplacer, avec mon idée d'image, on m'a suggéré ce que je pouvais mettre sur le gâteau, couleur etc . Elle..."
An Ne
"Opened this past holiday weekend, allowing us to grab a last minute frozen dessert cake. Happy Birthday calligraphy was professional as always...."
Dean Karam
"Service is great at this location! They will modify or add anything into your order and are really great about it. Icecream is always good and..."
Mandy G
"Definitely a treat and a yummy one. All the flavors to choose from, my kids love it. Although the waiting lines are long on summer days, but it's..."
Yousra Harb
"The place is clean, the service is fairly rapid. However, my icecream was melted...too..."
Astrid Bongo Fanguinoveny
"As always lots of people but the staff is very fast and don,t wast..."
Andrew Winters
"Very friendly staff. Lack of parking but close by business provides ample space to park. Very generous..."
"Yess they have cakes .. fast service..."
Jacinthe El-Hage
"Many items not in stock, but the staff was..."
Michael Richards
"Great ice cream and..."
Mr. T
"Always a great place to get Blizzard cakes for birthday's and every day occasion. The regular side, for treats is amazing as well, great staff and..."
Brian M
"Very fast. Great friendly service. Closed from just before Christmas until Sunday after boxing day approx. makes for a long month. Never had order..."
Michael Roberts
"Fast and amicable service. The ice cream is always declicious! One blizzard cotton candy and 1 chocolate ice cream..."
Valerie Di Manno
"Friendly staff and great service..."
Robert Bourguignon
"Always like Dairy Queen ice..."
Bob Gagnon
"Son has been wanting an ice cream for weeks now, finally took him and he loved it. He even ordered for himself, which is VERY rare. They must've made..."
Jordyn Otto
"Great place for a cool treat. It's not a Dairy Queen restaurant, they only serve ice cream and various other cold..."
Joel de Leseleuc
"There was the usual line up, but it was pretty fast, we got our orders really fast too and the ice cream was oh so..."
Steve Gauthier
Dairy Queen
87/100 (2366 ratings)
Ice Cream
Sit down
"Popular spot by the looks of it, lots of people coming and going as we were there. It’s a walk-up location with parking beside. Enough parking for..."
Nile Livesey (Scolirk)
"Perfect spot for a quick treat thanks to the 2 outdoor service windows. Long lines move fairly quick and as its outdoor service, you can feel safe..."
Mathieu Provost
"Was a good place to get a treat. Staff are very..."
John Bettencourt (Leo Snow Paws)
"Went for a birthday cake and received not only a delicious ice cream cake but great service! Worth it!!! They had an excellent choice of ice cream..."
Maureen Stiles
"Always a treat getting ice cream fast and friendly..."
Benjamin birner
"Delicious blizzards, made to order. Super thick, like they're supposed to be and generous with fillings and..."
Janine Nicholas
"Nice place for some ice cream. My favorite is a peanut butter..."
"Really good ice creams at decent..."
Irfan Zaidi
"The cone i took was dipped in cotton candy! OMG its to die for but their mix was badly mix i think. I ate all the dip and top of my cone my dog had..."
Isabelle Garneau-76
"Very good service Clean and..."
Mohammed Taqi
"May 2022 Staff is super friendly. All ice cream treats are excellent. Been coming to this location for 30 years. Never been..."
"First they have the twist chocolate&vanilla one wich most DQ don't have..."
jeremie boucher
"Always great on a hot summer's day. There was almost no queue and service was fast. Compared to other dairy queen locations, where you could be..."
Brian McMorrough
"Great stop for treats on our way back to Ottawa after visiting Gatineau Quebec for the day. Located just minutes from the bridge to Ottawa. They..."
Steve Payne
"A pleasant reminder of childhood treats during the summer months. Barely any seating (3 benches) and the location is off a busy road, so plan to eat..."
Bianca Bragaglia-Murdock
"Even if we were there the last 10 minutes before closing. The staff was welcoming, helpful patient and got us our treats efficiently. I appreciate..."
Nancy Besner
"Really good ice cream, accessible place. Amazing workers. Got my ice cream so fast that I was very impressed..."
Larry The snail
"Was very tasty. Just a reminder that this location only serves treats. No hamburgers, fries,..."
Dairy Queen (treat)
75/100 (523 ratings)
Ice Cream
Sit down
"The Owner of the establishment called me back and apologized for the experience. She offered to make it up to us and give us free blizzards on our..."
Ro.osabella Designs- Cricut With Ro.osabella
"Too bad it's not a grill & would also need to be a bit bigger. Always a good selection of cakes and nice variety of delicious frozen..."
Mélanie Quesnel
"I'm always a sucker for Dairy Queen, i enjoy there treats like dip bars and..."
Patrick Sirois
"Perfect place to grab a frozen treat, and possible almost all year. Great options and usually has all the advertise specials. Having the drive-thru..."
Mathieu Larocque
"Great place for great ice cream n cakes when it's open to dine in because the drive through is absolutely horrid. Now during Covid19 its drive..."
Aaron Lauzon
"Nothing special... sometimes the blizzards are not mixed well. Either way, a great treat to finish off a hot..."
Jason Fox
"Drive thru only. We got there at 8h45 on a beautiful day with maybe 12 cars in front of us and we're able to get throught! Pretty fast service and..."
"Great Icecrem and the service is on par with most Icecream stores. They are always busy, so be prepared to wait a little and be rushed through your..."
Kita C
"Nice staff and delicious..."
Marzieh Hemati
"Great customer service, always a smile, but they did once forget brownie bits in my blizzard. Usually quick, too, despite the high..."
"I don't go often, but when I do I'm in love. This location has been around since as far back as I can remember and the quality is always perfect!..."
Shannon Martin