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Supreme Pizza & Donair
89/100 (112 ratings)
"Quite possibly the best pizza we have had in our 8 years in fort mcmurray! This little pizza shop had been hidden from us but not anymore . We..."
Connie Murphy
"I went there yesterday after seeing a post about them I had amazing service and honestly hands down one of the best donairs in town. I will be back..."
Michelle Ward
"Been coming here for months and have ordered nearly everything on the menu, have yet to be disappointed! Definitely recommend to any..."
Cameron G Storms
"Just picked up a meat lovers and deluxe pizza. Lots of toppings and cheese and the sauce is amazing. Hands down, by far the best pizza in town! I'll..."
Paddy Magee
"Pizza that comes in real sizes! not the 12" extra large like everybody else. They really take the extra time to make every pizza perfect and it..."
Mitchell Armstrong
"First time having Supreme. Guy told me they were the 'house of garlic fingers ', and he was right! Bacon on top and cheese stuffed crust... Yum! ..."
Robin Sulz
"Everything from the homemade to order crust to the handmade donair meat the fresh ingredients and ample servings the family business by locals their..."
Graham Egli
"Nice firm crust .. soft to the bite.. not soggy. Toppings were generous and tasted fresh. Good blue collar..."
Coby Wilson
"The best !!!! Is my favourite for its delicious menu .... yummy..."
Mirna Ruiz De Aguilar
"Best pizza in fort mac .actually everything they make is outstanding.they got my order every time.nothing..."
Rob Trueman
"It was a delicious pizza, they have great Greek food..."
Moe Akkad
"best donairs in town. service is great. love the..."
Nathan Berube
"Best vegan pizza in Fort McMurray. Will be ordering..."
Rachel Leigh
"These guys in Fort McMurray are the best! There was a mix up in orders one night, and I got the wrong order, I called to inform them, not only did..."
Leslie Ross