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Frank Brazil
The sign says café..the food screams groumet. This place had it all. Sandwiches, elk and bison burgers, pizza..which the waitress claimed was the best in the Okanagan and all kinds of sweet treats. Everything is made in house.. even the condiments. I opted for a regular chuck patty with the works, fries and gravy. This was one of the better burgers Ive had. Delicious patty, cheese and bacon with crisp lettuce and tomato. Quality my friend. This bad boy got a little messy at the end but its worth it. Interesting fries to.. its almost like they half blanched them. Pair those with the gravy and your in for a treat. Mrs. Brazil ordered a small pizza which easily could have fed both of us. Lots of cheese and they didnt skimp on the toppings. Its up there with some of the great pizzas Ive enjoyed. It was a deep dish style. Hit this place up if youre in town or roll an few darts and drive out to this place. Its all good in Falkland.
Mar 21, 2018
We were recently visiting a friend in Falkland for a couple days, my wife had been itching for some decent fish and chips so our friend recommended the Ranch Cafe, apparently that is commonly their Friday special.
The low-down our friend gave us is that Ranch sources locally as much as possible, and they do as much from scratch as possible (baking, desserts, sauces, and so on).
It's small as befitting it's location in a small town, but we found it really good.
The fish and chips were perfect, not overly greasy as I have found in some places, the fish firm and NOT fishy tasting. Even better, we loved the fries. Often I find that the fries are either slightly breaded to keep them crispy, or they get soggy if you don't eat them right away, or overdone, or underdone - and pretty much inedible if you don't douse them with some combination of ketchup, salt, and vinegar. These were nicely done, not fried to death or breaded to make them crispy, they didn't turn to mush in our meal. Most importantly they tasted great (a hint of some kind of seasoning salt or something on them).
And the coleslaw... I don't like coleslaw. Figured I should at least try it. Not sure if it was the hint of horseradish(?) in the dressing or just that it was so fresh, but I ended up cleaning up the bowl.
I had a taste of my youngest boy's pizza as well and was quite pleased with it. In fact he doesn't usually eat more than half of his pizza, or any of the fries that come as a side, anywhere else we go. He ate about half his fries and as much of the pizza as he could fit in, leaving just one crust when he was full.
Our friend went on to tell us that everything she has eaten there (Burgers, Pizza, etc) has been great.
If we lived in Falkland or anywhere nearby this would be a favourite stopping place for us. As it is, next time we are anywhere nearby for a visit we will be stopping in.
Jul 29, 2015


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