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There are 20 restaurants
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94/100 (6 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"Nice clean mall overall but serves more of the local community. I visited this mall for the first time in a while and recognized a lot of empty..."
Kalvin Pedro Reyes
"Cute beauty mall love it quite feel like home, have many places to eat , cinema..."
ilove montreal
"If you are looking for modest/religious clothing such as below the knee skirts and long dresses, this is the place to go. Many stores have modest..."
"Can chairs be too comfortable? This theatre allows you to explore this question first hand. Clean and quiet place to see a..."
Lynne Darroch
"Our first experience there. It was a simple, nice shopping mall . Friendly client/customer service. Affordable..."
Rosa Isela
"Everything we need in one place. It's clean, organized and everyone is so..."
"One of the old malls in Montreal. Gives you a 80s or 90s mall vibe. One of the best things they have is the cinestarz cinema which is newly renovated..."
Kedar Mendhurwar
"The newly renovated movie theater is fantastic great sound great projection wonderful big reclining lazy Boy seats and $11 price tag for seniors are..."
Robert Bowles
"honestlyyyyy such a good mall like theres a lot of good stores and stuff but like they closed the handicap bathrooms and u gotta go to the ppl..."
katie seniuk
"Went to use the blood pressure machine at..."
Howard Wolfe
"Local mall which I've frequented over the years. I stopped in for a haircut at St Laurent and was happy with the results. Boutiques, food court,..."
Nicole Anderson
"It’s a shame that the mall is much smaller these days, especially that there are more stores then there used to be. Great mall, organized and..."
Daniel Brozgold
"It's quite cozy, the mall is not that busy. It's kind of small but offers necessities(Pharmaprix, IGA, Dollarama, Subway, other small restaurants,..."
Ray Anthony Mina