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There are 22 restaurants
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99/100 (21 ratings)
"Can't give it a higher rating, I have only been twice. However, the people I did encounter there are very..."
Miss NataLee C
"Great community place. Service from the assorted small businesses there are top notch. Electronics,..."
Ezra Culwell
"Cute small town mall with plenty of personality!! The bakery was absolutely amazing, filled to the brim with a huge assortment of doughnuts and..."
Ryan Rinsma
"They got the best donut shop in..."
hailey z
"Quiet little neat mall with food stores and save on..."
Niki .F.
"Very decent pricing considering it's such a small community. Very good fresh baked goods and well..."
Samara Flaro
"I say you can get what ever it is you need at Lakeview..."
Harry Brown
"Great place to go and do all your shopping and it was located in a..."
Kim Ne
"Very quiet mall, has a few stores with lots to choose from. Very friendly staff in all stores I was..."
Frances Lambert
"Like most malls in small town areas. Alot of closed stores probably cause the owners are charging outrageous prices on rent. But nice place bit out..."
Charlie Whore house
"Never had problems at the mall always have felt welcomed and always nice to see happy faces and everyone is always..."
Beatech gaming
"Everything you need even musical instruments and organic seeds. Check it out. Good dispensary..."
Ian Anderson
"We as a town are so lucky to have an indoor mall, I'm always happy to give my business..."
Richard J. Braun
"This is a nice place to get all your shopping done in one place n after shopping get a bite to eat they have two great places to eat in this mall or..."
Carmella Joseph
"Before you buy your groceries, Dont forget to gab a fresh sausage roll at the bakery to put you in the right mood for buying..."
Gary S
"Super people here can park big rig and get all your supplies. Savon foods has great selection and..."
Mel Marriott