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Chewies Smoke And Oyster Bar - Kitsilano
84/100 (409 ratings)
Cajun & Creole
Chicken And Waffles
Crab Cake
"Mad props to homie shucking my oysters....thanks for not judging me in my moment of gorging. Overall atmosphere was laid back and the oysters were..."
Isabel Cholette
"My fiancé and I were visiting from the States and found Chewies on Yelp. This place is a must go if you are in the area!! We had the Southern Fried..."
Amanda Travis
"I highly recommend the fried chicken or the jambalaya......"
Sabrina Schutze Dziubarczyk
"Top notch service. The food was excellent. My new go to spot for chicken and..."
Jon Brooks
"Had a blast after the men's vball final at Kits Fest Sunday night! Food was fantastic, our bartender James was awesome and Larry Edward rocked his..."
Lili Blackwell
"My boyfriend and I were looking for a happy hour spot one afternoon and boy am i glad we stumbled upon you guys! DELICIOUS oysters! we had the ones..."
Ashley Buat
"Wow! Coolest place in Kits. Everyone is so friendly. Food..."
Sylvie Lamarre Warren
"Bestest awesomest fun times--always smiles & laughs. The boys are cute, the bevvies are cold & the oysters are..."
Nina Pearce
"Great staff, knowledgeable staff, intuitive staff...try to find that in Vancouver! Not too mention great food, tasty oysters and drinks. Can't wait..."
Terri Anne Welyki
"Great service, servers are very funny and..."
Carmen Chan
"Great time as always, the service was amazing as..."
Bill Wadsworth
"Great Place, Spectacular food and Amazing Staff. Can't wait to go..."
Michael Mac Neil
88/100 (2765 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
French onion soup
Chicken Sandwich
Mac and cheese
Grilled cheese
Beef Bourguignon
"Never stepped foot in any of the Burgoo locations. This was my first time trying the comfort food via UberEats. It came from an East 3rd location so..."
"My favourite Burgoo. Granted, I've only been to two locations but this one has a place in my heart. In my old neighbourhood and complimented by other..."
"Gorgeous place.I tried the lavender latte with coconut milk, the coffee was amazing! Shame the lavender flavour was missing!The crab bisque..."
"Burgoo has a few locations in the city.  This one is located on Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  It is a mid-sized bistro located on Main Street and..."
Camera Gourmet
"So good in the fall and winter. I really like the feel of the main street location. I've tried several of the stews and I liked them all. I also love..."
"Comfort food at it's finest! I suggest not coming here at peak times as a friend and I came for brunch (around noon/lunch time), and the wait seemed..."
L. Carino
"Recommend their crab bisque, could really taste the sweetness of crab from the soup. Their beef stew and butter chicken also very tasty and..."
"I stumbled upon this bistro while walking down Main Street. Just the aroma coming from this place is irresistible. Decided to went in for brunch with..."
Izz D
"My husband and I ate here recently. We asked to be seated in the patio and were seated quite quickly. We ordered that guacamole and chips..."
"Food that makes you sad at the end of the meal cause it's just so good! Mushroom medley and crab bisque are my top 2 favorite w/ their pulled pork..."
Kelly Jiang
"Love the Mac and cheese here. The combination of a sophisticated ambience and a rustic vibe at the same time do clearly make for a pleasant..."
"This is a homey restaurant and the atmosphere is nice. It's a lively environment with music although beware the wait. I think the patio would be a..."
Food Adventuress
"We waited 1hr to be seated since they don't take reservation unless its more than 8 people. I guess they thought I was gonna use stroller to put my..."
"Great place for comfort food, there isn't another restaurant like it in the city! Do yourself a favour and order the macaroni and more, simply..."
Jelizatin Eats
"Food is alright but not great. It's good place to grab meals for casual dining. I would go there again but not one of my favourite and go to..."
"hands down best comfort food ever! the environment is so cosy as well. i've been wanting to try burgoo for so long, everyone talks about it and i see..."
"Comfort food is soul food.  The heartiness of the most simple delicacies can really touch and rejuvenate one's spirits.  Burgoo Bistro is one of my..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Love the cozy atmosphere. The dishes are hearty and filling. The only complaint I have is the lack of available parking. Definitely recommended to..."
"Been wanting to try out Burgoo for the longest while after seeing countless shares on my friends' Instagram feeds. The place certainly doesn't..."
Andy Chü
"I have been living in Vancouver for a long time but I have never tried this popular restaurant Burgoo, so I went for dinner with my friend who has..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I love their cheese fondue, crab bisque and chowder! Their banana bread pudding is also a must-try. Awesome go-to place on a cold day! Wait can be..."
"Although I've only been here once since we don't have burgoo in Calgary it's the best comfort food I've had. The menu is very versatile and you can't..."
"I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have..."
"As someone who loves soups and sandwiches, this was the perfect place for me. Before stopping by, I had seen countless photos on Instagram of the..."
"What I call: fancy-ish comfort food. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off the menu, but leave feeling like maybe you overpaid for it...."
"If you need a place to enjoy comfort food, this is your place. It offers comfort food from all around the world. We ordered the butter chicken, Mac n..."
"Burgoo is synonymous with warm stews, cheesy sandwiches and great service. Perfect place for a date, a catch up with friends or even for a drink...."
Claire Chan
"Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone..."
"We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept..."
Alpaca Lunch
"i'm in cheesy comfort food heaven (times 100) Had the afterschool special, decided to pay a bit more to get the french onion soup and the grilled..."
"Great temping food, and I would have liked to have eaten all the desserts on the menu, they were all amazing comfort food. It can sometimes be a..."
Lara Spence
"Burgoo is the perfect place to go on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Serving up delicious comfort food dishes such as beef bourginon, mac and cheese,..."
The Hungry Couple
"Food is always delicious! Nothing bad to say about their food, but they are always busy and packed! The wait on a weekday evening was approx 20-45..."
Winnie Feng
"Love the cozy feeling of Burgoo! Their food is reasonably priced and exceptionally good! The Mac and cheese is so creamy but a lot smaller than I had..."
"Burgoo, always known for their comfort food! It was trés bon. Enjoyed every bite of it. They have a patio overlooking Main St., great for summer..."
"BRIE FONDUEEEE! Oh my goodness, I was the happiest girl when I found out this place offered BRIE fondue! Super yummy, served with little cubes of..."
Vinita Trieu
"This place is never a disappoint. Tasty comfort food for all occasions ☺️ Tried the mushroom medley soup and tastiest chicken sandwich today....."
The Foodiographer
"Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty..."
"One of my favourite places to eat. Straight comfort food. The Kentucky Burgoo is to die for; get a side of mash potatoes to enhance this dish...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Bur-good Food. The name of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the tasty food with in. Although you will probably have to wait for a table. I've..."
"Good food, not great service. Food was good, had some Brie fondue to start which was amazing. Had baked mac and cheese as a main, also good. Comfort..."
"Favorite item. Corn chowder is good, ask for a wedge of lime. The grill cheese panini is good too. Service is a hit or miss at times. Just make sure..."
Vancity Food Guy
""Burgoo Bistro is located right in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, drastically renovating a location that once belonged to..."
Michael Kwan
"I always enjoy eating at Burgoo, and leave there usually very full and satisfied. They have great comfort food! I usually get either their Mac and..."
"Good bistro. Burgoo is a good example of a bistro. Fresh food dishes from around the world. Dishes from different countries served in appealing..."
A Cook's Opinion
"Delicious food!. I came here a couple of months ago, and when I got there the place was completely full! Even though it was raining outside, people..."
Food Thoughts
"Delish, but.... Service was great and I enjoyed my meal but I did think my Beef Bourguignon was over seasoned and I would have preferred it with a..."
"Good comfort food. I've heard really good things about this place from some friends who frequent and coworkers who like to get drinks after work. So..."
"Impeccable service, once again forgot to mention I have an allergy until the food came, so rude I know, and they were amazing. They accommodated me..."
"Wow!! Burgoo you rock!. This hipster heaven of a place has amazing soups ( chicken corn was A-MA-ZING) , sandwiches, coffee and service. Loved..."
"Comfort food at it's finest!. My partner actually introduced me to this place years ago. Needless to say, this place is always on the top of our list..."
Cheese Me Please
"Obsessed with the crab bisque! Every couple of months I will get an insane craving for the crab bisque and grilled cheese. Satisfied that craving..."
Katarina Dee
"Takes too long to get a seat. Sat at the bar because we didn't want to wait that long for a table and even that was a wait. Food was good but not..."
"Was a fave until last summer, had an awful food experirnce! had the seafood chowdr, just for something different, couldnt even get through half of..."
"Grilled cheese.... yes please!. I absolutely love the food here! such an awesome place to come for great service with exceptional value! have tried..."
"Comfort Food for a Rainy Day. Great place for comfort food or if you're craving mac n' cheese in a rustic space. Staff were busy but nice and managed..."
Zak Taylor
"Heart stopper sandwich. What a neat place. We sat at the bar and chated with the bar keep while we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. Great environment,..."
Eric Hopping
"French Onion Soup, mmmmm. First time this little piggy has been to Burgoo and wondering why she didn't go sooner. Rustic, cozy ambience. High end..."
This Little Piggy
"Best grilled cheese!. My bf and I love going to Burgoo when we want to have some comfort food, so when we went the other night for their gooey..."
"Just had another great dinner. My wife had a "Pimms cup" which, after having spent a month there recently, she thoroughly enjoyed. I had the Paella..."
"Burgoo is always a solid choice for tasty food and good service. I particularly enjoy their sandwiches and they have some yummy comfort food dishes..."
Willow H
"Cheesy goodness and great patio!. Their patio is amazing and gets sun throughout the entire day. As well, their cheese fondues and grilled cheese..."
"Best soup and sandwich in..."
Margaret Sanchez
"Wonderful service. Delicious soups. XL spoons are just too large! Ask for a teaspoon so that you can savour every..."
"Great atmosphere. The place offers comfort food. We had the Brie Fondue, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They were all good. Very rich. Lots of..."
Love To Eat
"Burgoo has excellent comfort food. perfect for the rainy winter months. the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. i'm a big fan of the jambalaya. it's a..."
"Fantastic!!! Tomato soup = wow, Fonduemental = unbelievable, Caesar salad = light and excellently flavorful, Tastier chicken sandwich = bold, layered..."
"SOOOO GOOOOOD. I love this place. AMAZING food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Always quite busy, which sucks sometimes but it's worth the..."
Kristine Krynitzki
"Comfort food with style. Tried a few different dishes, including the Burgoo. (suggest not ordering it with biscuits and sticking to mashed potato)...."
"So Fresh!. Mmmm, I had the hummus and Pita which was absolutely delicious! Then for the main course I decided to have the winter greens salad which..."
Simmeri Reay
"Hearty Homestyle Soul Food!!. Sooooooooooooo Good, especially on a wet cold January..."
"Feeling cold? Burgoo has comfort- and cheese.. Last week our friend wasn't keen on Burgoo because he thought it sounded like a diner ("soups? grilled..."
Pretend Chef
"Brie fondue. Missing france? like cheese? Memories of Alsace spring to mind when I dip my rustic cubes of bread into the brie fondue. It's perfect..."
"Comfort Food Heaven. OMG I love this place.... its a menu comprised of comfort food from different cuisines and it couldn't be better. Everything I..."
"Yummy!!. I have been to Burgoo twice in the past month. It is a perfect place to go for a Sunday brunch when it's raining and cold out. The..."
"Try the Burgoo BLTCG and crab bisque with strawberry lemonade. I do not recommend the..."
Samantha Giang
"Mmm. One of my favourite regular restaurants on Main. It's always really busy though, but the food is great. Strongly recommend it..."
Cactus Club Cafe Bentall
88/100 (2841 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Chicken Sandwich
Fish Taco
Lettuce Wraps
"I had best dinner Cactus club cafe with my family! This restaurant in a beautiful building with vaulted, glass walls and a central location. It has..."
"Our entire experience was fabulous from start to finish! The atmosphere was electric, the cocktails were delicious, and our dishes were absolutely..."
Barbara Scarburgh Peach
"We had the Butternut Ravioli and Pranes for an appetizer. A must get for app or meal. I had the 4 Mushroom Steak. Wow. What a great light sauce and..."
Parth Malhotra
"Cactus Club was a good option for dine out. The service was good, the server was polite and friendly and she was close to helped us whenever we..."
Marco Marquez
"Cactus club is the best place to dine in weekend and special occasions, this location has wonderful atmosphere, the food is always delicious..."
"Our favourite burger place in Vancouver! The burger is by far the best in our opinion. Other than that, we enjoy coming to this place for a..."
B & E
"Apologies to my readers for the less than timely blog posts this month! Sometimes real life just catches up, and there isn’t a whole lot I can do..."
"○ok service○good food / I loved the truffles ravioli with shrimp and truffle fries (lunch menu)○social gathering / business event..."
"I love the Cactus Club and I usually have a great time regardless of the location.Seeing as how this is in Coal Harbour, I was mostly..."
"Beautiful view from this restaurant - very scenic. Food choices range from normal to fancy. I ordered the roasted butternut squash with prawns ---..."
Jonathon Duntley III
"Went there for dinner on Tuesday night! We had to wait around 30 min for table but it was worth it! Beautiful view from the restaurant, good service..."
Sonia G
"We went in a group of 5 to the Cactus Club Cafe at Coal Harbour around lunch time. The service we received was not quite what we were expecting. The..."
Jas Bhandal
"Great ambience. Option of sitting indoors or outdoors. Super friendly staff. And the food is excellent. Didn't have the opportunity to try drinks..."
"Great vibes day or night with beautiful view of Coal Harbour from the window seat. Relaxed and casual atmosphere for dining and drinking, good place..."
"I love cactus club. The ravioli with prawns and truffle butter there is incredible (I'm obsessed). Our waitress was super friendly and was great at..."
Callee Cook
"Good atmosphere same old food.. I have been going like most for years and I could be wrong but I don't remember the last menu change. Nothing overly..."
"Valentine's Day. No reservation and we were sat within 30 minutes of arriving. Justine was our waitress and knocked our socks off!! She was genuinely..."
"Very good. Food was very tasty and fresh. The staff was super! Great service and..."
Kathy Bond
"Niceeeee!. I liked their food and their service. The girls were hot! yesssss! I'll come..."
"Thumbs Up. Great food & service. ran into chad cougar here once. definitely made my..."
"Favorite location. One of my best girlfriends works in the neighbourhood so i would often meet her after work for drinks and dinner and we absolutely..."
Diana B
"Nice place :) great..."
Evelyn Scott
"The best. Friendly staff, unreal location and perfect view (inside and out). I had the nachos and it really was a large, fulfilling portion...."
"Great food, cute waiters. Cactus club has always been my go-to restaurant on night outs and i never get disappointed. food is fantastic. some of the..."
"Cute short skirts. This place is awesome. The staff is friendly and the food is excellent. I work in area and it isn't exactly the easiest place to..."
Super Guy
"Above average. Food is good. Prices are high. Servers are nice to look at. Overall an above average place for business..."
"It was great!. Had dinner there last night, and everything was great. Our waitress was sooo good, and the food was amazing. Make sure to get the..."
"Good food, ambiance, crowd. Food was good. Had tuna tataki and chicken pesto quesidilla. Drinks were ok. Girlfriend had margarita that was too sweet..."
Eric G-Brad
"Consistently good. What's not to like? This is a great concept, consistent, good quality. Chef Rob Feenie does a wonderful job with the menu, superb..."
Daniel Frankel
"Perfect Spot. Near the financial pulse of Vancouver. Distinctive open architecture. Delicious food (great salad and burger) and reasonably priced..."
"Hot Spot. One of my friends told me that we should go here since the restaurant has the hottest crowd of all restaurants in town. To be honest, I..."
New World Man
"Excellent (i.e. consistent). I really hope they dont get conservative and lose their edge. Dont get me wrong I love the food, I love the wine and I..."
Frank M
"The best place to get a bite after work, before going out or just having a drink with someone you just met. Service and atmosphere is great, prices..."
Black Sheep
"Solid and mildly inspired. We were originally going to Joey's to chekc out the local talent but as we were warned it would be busy it was. The..."
"Good Chain Eats. One of my favourite chains. I love the JD Burger with a tossed green salad and a PG..."
"An Experience Both New and the Same. This new downtown addition to the Cactus Club family has many impressive elements showcased in the Bentall..."
Derek D
"Being familiar with Cactus Club fare, the food is inspired and influenced from cuisines across the world. Located in the heart of downtown beside..."
Michael Hung
"...the meat was quite tender, and the bread added a distinct tang of sweetness. I typically enjoy my duck in Beijing, but this is another great use..."
Andy Gao
"I ordered the BBQ Duck Clubhouse sandwich which I thought was very delicious. The sandwich has the titular barbeque duck, chicken breast, fancy, thin..."
"Ah...the lazy days of summer. My bff was downtown celebrating a good friend's birthday. I found out and decided to crash it, since I work close by. I..."
"Cactus Club on Burrard, I had no idea they even opened on up there, and from the outside, you can barely tell there's a restaurant there. This..."
"The first time I tried to go to the "new" Cactus Club on Burrard and Pender, we got there too late after a comedy show at Yuk Yuk's and we ended up..."
Ouisi Bistro
85/100 (492 ratings)
Cajun & Creole
"For a Sunday brunch we went to Ouisi Bristro on Granville Street.  It’s a long time New Orleans Cajun/Creole restaurant, that opened in the..."
"What a pleasant surprise!! I totally expected French because the name of the restaurant threw me off, but no!! Louisiana cuisine!! Loved it!! Nearly,..."
"Louisina food for lunchIt was my son idea to have a Louisina food and we found the restaurant 'Ouisi Bistro'.It's a medium restaurant..."
"Four of us each got different meals for dinner, and each was convinced it must be the best meal on the menu - until we tried each others and were..."
Patrick Aberdeen
"Nice service and ambiance in this iconic restaurant. I find The food portions are very big for the price👍and the lunch menu is one of my..."
"The atmosphere in this place was really nice and the service attentive and friendly. Went here with some friends and we all agreed our food was..."
Martin Derige
"This is an amazing spot on South Granville. Very laid back, great food at a very reasonable price, and staff are very personable in a not Cactus Club..."
The Joker
"I went in specifically to try the alligator, and it was far better than I expected. Tastes like chicken 2.0. Highly recommend if you're feeling like..."
Maitland Groom
"Gumbo is on point. I have to say the house gumbo at Ouisi was nearly perfectly executed - the meats were smoky, the soup base was creamy, and it had..."
"Great music & art, good Cajun..."
"I've been coming here for years and have always enjoyed the food and ambience. I last went there maybe a month ago as I had not been in maybe 6..."
Sarah G
"Great cheap drink specials, cool room, but the food is terrible. Please fix the food and this will be a great place.The Cajun poutine is..."
"Great menu, no boring food here. Lots of cajun offerings done well. Nice servers though they always seem a bit understaffed and run off their..."
"Cool menu. Went here with a group of friends. Loved the atmosphere. Low lights, wall decor awesome. Had the jambalaya which was good. As well as cat..."
"So far I love the ambience, jazz and candlelight, the red lights along the bar, the exposed ceiling, you can see the kitchen. The cornbread is good,..."
Sarah Von I
"My favourite Louisiana style restaurant. The gumbo, clam chowder and sandwiches are to die for. I haven't seen the jazz on a Thursday but hear it's..."
Georgina Beadon
"Best Corn Bread. I've been to New Orleans and the food at Ouisi is definitely authentic ... and delicious! My husband and I have eaten here twice and..."
"Good Cornbread & Fish. Ouisi Bistro provided a great experience for an impromptu night out. The highlights were the cornbread, which was a little bit..."
Pretend Chef
"Hidden gem. Can't believe i never knew about this place. its a great resto, fantastic food and unbelievable..."
"I had a great experience here and I will be coming back to try other things on the menu. Highly recommend this restaurant, although the service was..."
Mimi Tran
"If New Orleans is a little far, than The Ouisi Bistro in Vancouver is a great place to get your Southern, Cajun and Creole fix. The restaurant is..."
"The large slices of moist cornbread with a crispy golden crust is perfect with the butter but even better when you pair it with one of their..."
Penny And Rusty
"For Dine Out Vancouver this year, we decided to try three restaurants we'd never been to before. First up: Ouisi! There were two bottles of hot sauce..."
I Eated It
"For this year's Dine Out event, Suanne and I virtually selected our choice of restaurants rather randomly. We thought we wanted to have a bit of..."
Ben And Suanne
Deacon's Corner Kitsilano Diner
78/100 (158 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Nice relaxed diner after walking up and down the shopping strip of Kits. My poutine was a hearty portion and the gravy wasn't overly salty - just the..."
"A group of co-workers and I treat each other for lunch every Thursday and this is the place I like 9/10 times.The food is really solid..."
Martin Derige
"I visited their Kits location today. The place was mostly empty when I arrived at around 1:00 pm on a Wednesday, and I was seated quickly. I ordered..."
Willow Yang
"Don't believe the ratings . Having gone to their gas town location we decided to try this one out. Really great comfort food . Loved the Southern..."
William Dsouza
"Came in here HANGRY for lunch. The service was excellent and friendly. I had their Fried Chicken Grits. The chicken was Crispy on the outside and..."
Good Food Good Mood
"We went for dinner with the four person Groupon voucher and was treated to an awesome experience with both great service and four awesome dishes. The..."
Elliott Hohenhaus
"A bright spot in our neighbourhood. We are glad that the old shack has been replaced by Deacons we have been there twice food is very good I must say..."
"Good food and service. All day breakfast place with an additional small lunch and dinner menu. I got a pulled pork sandwich and fries and salad which..."
"Ever since  Drunken Master and I heard that a second location of Deacon’s Corner was taking over the old location of The Shack on West Broadway,..."
Drunken Noms
Havana Restaurant
85/100 (3004 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Fish Taco
Cuban Sandwich
"Not only a great drive favourite for food, the service here is exceptional. Had a small problem with my meal and the server involved the manager;..."
Sylena Urbanoski
"Was going to see a matinee show in the theatre so came here for brunch. Great place to visit on the Drive. The plantain chips are amazing...i would..."
Gord Deutschmann
"Under new management and a new renovation too. The place looks more airy with the open kitchen and still had the same Cuban vibe and graffiti wall...."
Brandy Craddock
"Great food & great service. Sat outside, under the heat lamps, the sun was shining and I was with wonderful company. Fabulous..."
Charlene Le Van
"Most amazing quesadillas I've had in my life. My boyfriend brought me here for the sangria which we also very much enjoyed. The chips and guacamole..."
Lucie Renee Hart
"Had French toast was insanely delish. Partner had the pulled pork breakfast taco. Loved it. Young guy serving was a delight. And it was perfectly..."
Glenn Baker
"Fantastic food and atmosphere! Highly recommend to check out if in the..."
Jen Haddad
"Loved it! Had tacos and layer dip. Tasty food! plenty of it for the 2 of us. Our server Dawn was great. Definitely want to..."
Joan Vanderheide
"Love this place! The food is great and Patrick O gives us a fab small..."
Jacques Lalonde
"We haven’t had a Cubano since our first time in New York. It was delicious then; and it is delicious now. Simple ingredients – house porchetta,..."
Curtis G NG
"Located on the Drive across from Grandview Park, Havana is a little more 'hip' than we are but everyone is made to feel comfortable here. I expected..."
Yes. We,re Eating Again.
"This place may be known for great Cuban food but it’s actually well known for top class Cubanos!Cubanos here are filled with luscious..."
"Quick stop for brunch before we go hike.  Found Havana on the map and was attracted by their colorful food.  Ordered one of their brunch bowl.  I..."
Chichicho Chichicho
"Our friends from the island invited us to meet with them at this place. We had heard about this place and seen it before but never been there till..."
B & E
"Beautiful interior that remind you of hot Cuban nights. Patio outside is popular and provides good people watching, a public park and a busy sidewalk..."
W Wong
"Havana makes seriously delicious Tuna Tacos and their patio is one of the nicest places to drink away an afternoon. The servers have always been..."
Jude Hartford
"Not many Vancouver restaurants get passed 2yrs, let alone 20. Great patio, reasonable prices and nice staff. Decent alcohol list if you skip the..."
"I liked the breakfast here! Would love to come back and try more of the breakfast items. This place will probably make it into my top 3 for..."
"Coming here is like stepping into Havana, packed full of hungry patrons, friendly staff and serving up spectacular Latin and Caribbean food and..."
"Tasty and authentic food. Lots of choices for those with special diet restrictions. Good presentation. Always busy so get there early. Some options..."
"Great brunch and great service. Really love the veggie hash: hearty and delicious. The French toast is amazing: more of a dessert than breakfast...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Very good for breakfast or brunch. In the summer is one of the best patio on commercial drive. It is one of a few places in Vancouver where my baby..."
Giorgia Lazzari
"Amazing fish tacos and great atmosphere inside and out. Customer service was very good as well and the art gallery in the back was pretty cool too...."
"This restaurant has been a staple on The Drive for 19 years. In a city like Vancouver that’s known for opening restaurants in the blink of an eye..."
Mary Sheridan
"This restaurant has been a staple on The Drive for 19 years. In a city like Vancouver that’s known for opening restaurants in the blink of an eye..."
Mary Sheridan
"Good place for drinks an appies, but not for dinner. The food here is very mediocre and over priced. They do have amazing sangria though and the..."
"Good food, a bit on the expensive side for the size of the portions. Amazing cocktails and when I say amazing, I mean it.This is a great place..."
Mary Sheridan
"Don't judge a book by its cover. For a tropical island, I always found it odd that Cuba has a bad reputation for its cuisine. True, you expect bright..."
"BRUNCH. Come for brunch...."
Samantha Bruin
"We ordered: tapas plato - great! Jambalaya - great! Paella - not so great, I expected more tomato flavor, too much coconut milk I thought (not sure..."
"Came here for breakfast and another day for fries. I liked..."
Bethany Ho, Bites Of Vancouver
"Viva havana. Great food, great service, amazing portion sized and always a good time! we ordered the pulled beef on cuban rice and it was divine!..."
"Chorizo Hash at Havana. I eat lunch at Havana about 3 times a month. They have a great patio on Commercial and the service has been above average, in..."
Zak Taylor
"Hecho totalamente a mano. Havana isn't just about food which isn't bad, just getting a little dated since I don't think they have made many menu..."
"If you're tired of the Main st 'I'm too cool to smile or look you in the eye' vibe, head to the friendly faces of the Drive. This food has FLAVOUR...."
"Ensalada es muy delicioso!. Havana is heaven for salad lovers. I had the Roots salad with shrimp added. I can't remember ever having a better..."
Easy To Please
"Walk on the wild side. Was over on Commercial Drive recently and had a chance to grab dinner and a glass of wine at the Havana Cafe. First time I'd..."
Scott Qwerty
"Killer Brunch. Went to Havana with some buddies on Sunday and the place was bumpin'!! Had a bunch of pitchers of Mojitos and the best chorizo hash in..."
"One of my faves!. Best mojitos in town, available by the pitcher; heated patio overlooking Grandview park, great for people watching; everything I've..."
"My GO-TO Spot. This is a past review (although I've been to Havana many times.) Food is always delicious albeit on the pricier end for The Drive but..."
"This place has improved a lot over the years. the quality of the service and food is much better then 10 years ago. it's a great date spot or simple..."
"As much as i would like to say how expensive this spot is, it was quite an enjoyable dinner. 6 prawns for 14 bucks?? No no no, prawn skewers 4 for 5..."
No Dessert Im Full
"I've been here a few times now. The services and the food always great!!! Good work,..."
"Good stuff. Guacamole was damn good. Good dating..."
"BREAKFAST. Best French toast in the city. My girlfriend and I go once a week just for it. Capncrunch is a great touch. I go for the charizo hash. And..."
"Food is good, atmosphere always good, the whole experience is always consistant. Sangria is..."
"Great atmosphere and food. Best dish ever: Mussels in havana broth. Couldn't get enough of it. Great place to go on a hot summer night for a mojito..."
"I still like. This place, even though, every time I go and am seated at the bar, I find a snippy jerk behind it. (Really, if you were that busy you..."
"More than just a cafe.. The outside heated patio is the best. the prices are pricey, the pitcher of mojitos was good. you must try the fried..."
"Two words people..."chicken wrap". Although i gotta say the food here is in no way authentically Cuban, if you know what to order it's amazingly..."
"My favourite patio.... A great place to spend some time watching the Commercial Drive..."
"Great Dinner!. The mojitos are truely good. We celebrated our 28th anniversary tonight and could agree that it was the best dinner out since..."
"Great Late dinner spot. Wonderful drinks, good food and great vibe. Everytime I go I wonder why I don't come more..."
"Really like this place for breakfast. Always bring out of towners here for brunch. Great scene, great space, great people watching and good..."
"Mixers by the Jug. Havana's is a great place to relax on a hot day, they serve fantastic drinks by the jugs like Mojito's & Sangria's these also come..."
"Mmm, sangria. I'm not sure about the rest of the food, desserts, or drinks at Havana, but I do know that they have an awesome Sangria, worthy of..."
"Pleasant Patio Persona. I like eating here on the patio for brunch or a chicken salad. Often frequented by Drive neighbours and film industry..."
"Fond memories on the patio eating with my love. Great atmosphere. Food is above average. Service was..."
"Housing a theatre, gallery, and restaurant all in one, Havana is one of the most diverse buildings you can dine in. Serving a mix of Neuvo Latino and..."
Nosh And Nibble
"We originally had chosen this as our destination for their patio, a well recommended choice when searching up “the best patio in the Vancouver”,..."
Maggi Mei
"Hello everyone! So last week I went to Havana's for the first time with my friends and obviously Phil. I heard many things about their awesome..."
Domo Is Craving...
"I would have to say, the food is decent. But for the price I am paying for, I just really don’t know if it is worth the price. I guess the decor..."
Beth L
Fets Whisky Kitchen
87/100 (1596 ratings)
Cajun & Creole
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Veggie Burger
"I can't rate this place high enough - great food, superb service, and really welcoming atmosphere. Don't worry if you're not a whisky drinker,..."
Chris Lewis
"love the staff, love the place! always great service and food. When your on the drive it's the best place to go to have a good..."
Lulu Doucette
"My favourite place for food, fun and whiskey in Vancouver! The staff are amazing. Caitlin made our group get-together last Wed a blast! She picked..."
Garrick Bradshaw
"Great burgers with grass fed beef and organic produce. Huge whisky list. Nice..."
Camille Sommers
"Best whisky bar in Canada. If you love great food, whisky, and a chill place thrn come..."
Darryl Lamb
"This is my Vancouver happy place. There's so much whisky and so little time! The food is also..."
Elyse Hathaway
"Amazing Food and even better service our waitress Kaitlin went above and beyond to make our first experience a great one!! Can't wait to come back..."
Jenna Dunsmore
"Amazing scotch selection and a very good kitchen - never had a bad meal..."
Tee Haynes
"Delicious bite to eat. Brilliant service with a smile. In Vancouver almost a year best place we've eaten in so..."
Eoin Grimes
"Exceptional evening, great food and great..."
Mike Thompson
"It's been a week of ups and downs, and amidst all of the drama, at least I had the comfort of lots of new food experiences. We had H's..."
Louisa Ng
"Cool little place with a massive book of whiskey to choose from. We ordered the spiced cider and mulled wine and both were delicious. For dinner the..."
"Delicious food- Mac and cheese to die for! excellent environment and the whisky library is just amazing! Service was also courteous and..."
Marcela Godoy
"had a birthday dinner here last night. great place, great sangria and the food was great. the corn fritters are pretty heavy but still tasty. the..."
"Service was good. Food was tasty but not as interesting as advertised. Caesar was very good but the lime they gave me was old and brown/mouldy. Made..."
"The service here was great and we came on a pretty quiet evening. The appetizer we ordered was the hummus dip and it was fantastic. I loved that..."
"Definitely adds to the commercial vibe! Food is awesome and so are the bartenders. Service can be a little hard to get especially during peak hours..."
Atif Saad
"Insane selection, and great service! The owner actually made a couple personal recommendations that just blew me away. Good thing the prices are..."
"Came here on my birthday with my boyfriend and the food was amazing! Our waiter was super nice and at the end, my dessert was paid for by one of the..."
Jan Dee
"Good food, but not southern. I ordered the fried chicken and my friend had the mac and cheese. We both split the salad. The taste for both were..."
"Good Surprise. Was strolling on the drive and crossed this place, was meant to go to Havana but was so busy so came here instead and so happy with..."
"Love Fets. Was introduced to this place by a friend at her birthday party, they offer free run wings, in fact all the items on the menu uses free..."
"Pretty cool place. Good tunes. I really liked the..."
Christina Meredith
"Awesome burger! The classic deluxe was very good, super tasty. Pink vodka lemonade on special? Hmmmm whatever ill take one plus a jager bomb and a..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Food is great - a little high. The food is great! Actually really good food, however. The prices are a little high and they charge you for every..."
Marry Anne
"Great burger. Simple, well..."
"Fets always has the best burgers. So far, the best in the lower mainland. Plus the best Whiskey collection in Western Canada. Always consistant,..."
EV Dave
"A good burger and fries while watching the..."
Wes DeBoer
"Great Food, Great Service, Good Prices. Fet's is a classic. The food is consistently very good. Great burgers. Great pasta. Very tasty breakfasts on..."
J Heather
"I had dinner there the other night with my date. I ordered the Stacked Texan which was THE BEST burger I have ever had, also got the garlic mayo with..."
Laura Kinney
"You'll find Fet's on 'the drive' with a patio perfect for relaxing on a nice afternoon. There's a remarkable offering of whiskey as well, so if this..."
Vancouver's Best Burger
"We had enjoyed burgers at Fets’ before, and thought this was a good place to get some..."
Revel Room
86/100 (952 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Cajun & Creole
Vegetarian Friendly
"A very cool, hip and non pretentious spot in an awesome city. We had our hotel book our reservations and it was packed when we arrived. Great music,..."
Al Nesbitt
"First time in Vancouver... great place, great music, great drinks, great food (please try the pork sandwich) Dani was great and really kind!..."
Javier Ramírez
"If you're ever in Vancouver, you gotta go here! Good drinks, great music, and Dennis (the owner) is an awesome guy. (The menu looked good but we'd..."
Darryl Kopman
"Great food, great atmosphere, awesome shooters!! I recommend this..."
Toby M. Tyler
"What a great place. Everyone from owner to staff to the other clientele made us feel like this place was our..."
Oscar Spencer
"What a wonderful evening. We went with no expectations and boy what an extraordinary place. Perfect decor, talented and professional staff,..."
Jim West
"A jewel in Gastown! �� The Revel Room has stellar live music, great food and a truly unpretencious atmosphere. A must visit when in Vancouver..."
Helen Stainthorpe Braun
"We had a WONDERFUL meal here! Service was great as was the live music! I highly recommend this..."
Lisa Willinger
"Had a fabulous night! Food was great, music was great and staff were friendly and attentive. Keep up the great..."
Amanda Gross
"Great spot for live jazz and blues every night of the week. The staff are excellent too! Oh, and they have a real..."
Eva Schubert
"One of my favourite places on the planet!..."
Kelly Haigh
"Dropped by on Wednesday night to have dinner & listen to the Rocket Revellers. The Revel Room has been on my to-do list for a while now, and after..."
Patricia Moore
"Great place, never disappoints! Dennis is a great host and he and the band keep everybody..."
Michael Rowley
"Had the most fantastic time. good food,good music, good company ..."
Karen Miller