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88/100 (2765 ratings)
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French onion soup
Chicken Sandwich
Mac and cheese
Grilled cheese
Beef Bourguignon
"Never stepped foot in any of the Burgoo locations. This was my first time trying the comfort food via UberEats. It came from an East 3rd location so..."
"My favourite Burgoo. Granted, I've only been to two locations but this one has a place in my heart. In my old neighbourhood and complimented by other..."
"Gorgeous place.I tried the lavender latte with coconut milk, the coffee was amazing! Shame the lavender flavour was missing!The crab bisque..."
"Burgoo has a few locations in the city.  This one is located on Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  It is a mid-sized bistro located on Main Street and..."
Camera Gourmet
"So good in the fall and winter. I really like the feel of the main street location. I've tried several of the stews and I liked them all. I also love..."
"Comfort food at it's finest! I suggest not coming here at peak times as a friend and I came for brunch (around noon/lunch time), and the wait seemed..."
L. Carino
"Recommend their crab bisque, could really taste the sweetness of crab from the soup. Their beef stew and butter chicken also very tasty and..."
"I stumbled upon this bistro while walking down Main Street. Just the aroma coming from this place is irresistible. Decided to went in for brunch with..."
Izz D
"My husband and I ate here recently. We asked to be seated in the patio and were seated quite quickly. We ordered that guacamole and chips..."
"Food that makes you sad at the end of the meal cause it's just so good! Mushroom medley and crab bisque are my top 2 favorite w/ their pulled pork..."
Kelly Jiang
"Love the Mac and cheese here. The combination of a sophisticated ambience and a rustic vibe at the same time do clearly make for a pleasant..."
"This is a homey restaurant and the atmosphere is nice. It's a lively environment with music although beware the wait. I think the patio would be a..."
Food Adventuress
"We waited 1hr to be seated since they don't take reservation unless its more than 8 people. I guess they thought I was gonna use stroller to put my..."
"Great place for comfort food, there isn't another restaurant like it in the city! Do yourself a favour and order the macaroni and more, simply..."
Jelizatin Eats
"Food is alright but not great. It's good place to grab meals for casual dining. I would go there again but not one of my favourite and go to..."
"hands down best comfort food ever! the environment is so cosy as well. i've been wanting to try burgoo for so long, everyone talks about it and i see..."
"Comfort food is soul food.  The heartiness of the most simple delicacies can really touch and rejuvenate one's spirits.  Burgoo Bistro is one of my..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Love the cozy atmosphere. The dishes are hearty and filling. The only complaint I have is the lack of available parking. Definitely recommended to..."
"Been wanting to try out Burgoo for the longest while after seeing countless shares on my friends' Instagram feeds. The place certainly doesn't..."
Andy Chü
"I have been living in Vancouver for a long time but I have never tried this popular restaurant Burgoo, so I went for dinner with my friend who has..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I love their cheese fondue, crab bisque and chowder! Their banana bread pudding is also a must-try. Awesome go-to place on a cold day! Wait can be..."
"Although I've only been here once since we don't have burgoo in Calgary it's the best comfort food I've had. The menu is very versatile and you can't..."
"I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have..."
"As someone who loves soups and sandwiches, this was the perfect place for me. Before stopping by, I had seen countless photos on Instagram of the..."
"What I call: fancy-ish comfort food. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off the menu, but leave feeling like maybe you overpaid for it...."
"If you need a place to enjoy comfort food, this is your place. It offers comfort food from all around the world. We ordered the butter chicken, Mac n..."
"Burgoo is synonymous with warm stews, cheesy sandwiches and great service. Perfect place for a date, a catch up with friends or even for a drink...."
Claire Chan
"Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone..."
"We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept..."
Alpaca Lunch
"i'm in cheesy comfort food heaven (times 100) Had the afterschool special, decided to pay a bit more to get the french onion soup and the grilled..."
"Great temping food, and I would have liked to have eaten all the desserts on the menu, they were all amazing comfort food. It can sometimes be a..."
Lara Spence
"Burgoo is the perfect place to go on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Serving up delicious comfort food dishes such as beef bourginon, mac and cheese,..."
The Hungry Couple
"Food is always delicious! Nothing bad to say about their food, but they are always busy and packed! The wait on a weekday evening was approx 20-45..."
Winnie Feng
"Love the cozy feeling of Burgoo! Their food is reasonably priced and exceptionally good! The Mac and cheese is so creamy but a lot smaller than I had..."
"Burgoo, always known for their comfort food! It was trés bon. Enjoyed every bite of it. They have a patio overlooking Main St., great for summer..."
"BRIE FONDUEEEE! Oh my goodness, I was the happiest girl when I found out this place offered BRIE fondue! Super yummy, served with little cubes of..."
Vinita Trieu
"This place is never a disappoint. Tasty comfort food for all occasions ☺️ Tried the mushroom medley soup and tastiest chicken sandwich today....."
The Foodiographer
"Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty..."
"One of my favourite places to eat. Straight comfort food. The Kentucky Burgoo is to die for; get a side of mash potatoes to enhance this dish...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Bur-good Food. The name of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the tasty food with in. Although you will probably have to wait for a table. I've..."
"Good food, not great service. Food was good, had some Brie fondue to start which was amazing. Had baked mac and cheese as a main, also good. Comfort..."
"Favorite item. Corn chowder is good, ask for a wedge of lime. The grill cheese panini is good too. Service is a hit or miss at times. Just make sure..."
Vancity Food Guy
""Burgoo Bistro is located right in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, drastically renovating a location that once belonged to..."
Michael Kwan
"I always enjoy eating at Burgoo, and leave there usually very full and satisfied. They have great comfort food! I usually get either their Mac and..."
"Good bistro. Burgoo is a good example of a bistro. Fresh food dishes from around the world. Dishes from different countries served in appealing..."
A Cook's Opinion
"Delicious food!. I came here a couple of months ago, and when I got there the place was completely full! Even though it was raining outside, people..."
Food Thoughts
"Delish, but.... Service was great and I enjoyed my meal but I did think my Beef Bourguignon was over seasoned and I would have preferred it with a..."
"Good comfort food. I've heard really good things about this place from some friends who frequent and coworkers who like to get drinks after work. So..."
"Impeccable service, once again forgot to mention I have an allergy until the food came, so rude I know, and they were amazing. They accommodated me..."
"Wow!! Burgoo you rock!. This hipster heaven of a place has amazing soups ( chicken corn was A-MA-ZING) , sandwiches, coffee and service. Loved..."
"Comfort food at it's finest!. My partner actually introduced me to this place years ago. Needless to say, this place is always on the top of our list..."
Cheese Me Please
"Obsessed with the crab bisque! Every couple of months I will get an insane craving for the crab bisque and grilled cheese. Satisfied that craving..."
Katarina Dee
"Takes too long to get a seat. Sat at the bar because we didn't want to wait that long for a table and even that was a wait. Food was good but not..."
"Was a fave until last summer, had an awful food experirnce! had the seafood chowdr, just for something different, couldnt even get through half of..."
"Grilled cheese.... yes please!. I absolutely love the food here! such an awesome place to come for great service with exceptional value! have tried..."
"Comfort Food for a Rainy Day. Great place for comfort food or if you're craving mac n' cheese in a rustic space. Staff were busy but nice and managed..."
Zak Taylor
"Heart stopper sandwich. What a neat place. We sat at the bar and chated with the bar keep while we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. Great environment,..."
Eric Hopping
"French Onion Soup, mmmmm. First time this little piggy has been to Burgoo and wondering why she didn't go sooner. Rustic, cozy ambience. High end..."
This Little Piggy
"Best grilled cheese!. My bf and I love going to Burgoo when we want to have some comfort food, so when we went the other night for their gooey..."
"Just had another great dinner. My wife had a "Pimms cup" which, after having spent a month there recently, she thoroughly enjoyed. I had the Paella..."
"Burgoo is always a solid choice for tasty food and good service. I particularly enjoy their sandwiches and they have some yummy comfort food dishes..."
Willow H
"Cheesy goodness and great patio!. Their patio is amazing and gets sun throughout the entire day. As well, their cheese fondues and grilled cheese..."
"Best soup and sandwich in..."
Margaret Sanchez
"Wonderful service. Delicious soups. XL spoons are just too large! Ask for a teaspoon so that you can savour every..."
"Great atmosphere. The place offers comfort food. We had the Brie Fondue, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They were all good. Very rich. Lots of..."
Love To Eat
"Burgoo has excellent comfort food. perfect for the rainy winter months. the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. i'm a big fan of the jambalaya. it's a..."
"Fantastic!!! Tomato soup = wow, Fonduemental = unbelievable, Caesar salad = light and excellently flavorful, Tastier chicken sandwich = bold, layered..."
"SOOOO GOOOOOD. I love this place. AMAZING food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Always quite busy, which sucks sometimes but it's worth the..."
Kristine Krynitzki
"Comfort food with style. Tried a few different dishes, including the Burgoo. (suggest not ordering it with biscuits and sticking to mashed potato)...."
"So Fresh!. Mmmm, I had the hummus and Pita which was absolutely delicious! Then for the main course I decided to have the winter greens salad which..."
Simmeri Reay
"Hearty Homestyle Soul Food!!. Sooooooooooooo Good, especially on a wet cold January..."
"Feeling cold? Burgoo has comfort- and cheese.. Last week our friend wasn't keen on Burgoo because he thought it sounded like a diner ("soups? grilled..."
Pretend Chef
"Brie fondue. Missing france? like cheese? Memories of Alsace spring to mind when I dip my rustic cubes of bread into the brie fondue. It's perfect..."
"Comfort Food Heaven. OMG I love this place.... its a menu comprised of comfort food from different cuisines and it couldn't be better. Everything I..."
"Yummy!!. I have been to Burgoo twice in the past month. It is a perfect place to go for a Sunday brunch when it's raining and cold out. The..."
"Try the Burgoo BLTCG and crab bisque with strawberry lemonade. I do not recommend the..."
Samantha Giang
"Mmm. One of my favourite regular restaurants on Main. It's always really busy though, but the food is great. Strongly recommend it..."
Provence Marinaside
88/100 (3496 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Seafood Platters
Fish Soup
Lemon tart
Croque Monsieur
Waffles & Crepes
Eggs Benedict
Goat cheese salad
Ice Cream
Crab Cake
"Ive been coming here for brunch for 3 years now and have never had anything less than an amazing experience. The service is always friendly and..."
Daniel Wille
"I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s my go to when company from out of town arrives. Consistently delivers quality both in..."
Teresa Marshall
"What an awesome experience. The first time we visited the restaurant is so romantic, me and my husband sat where u can see the full moon and in our..."
Reysan Tongco
"There is a good reason I've been going to Provence for so many years. The food, service, ambience, and wine selection is superb. We were there..."
Dave Symington
"Awesome food and wine! Great view, great service. Perfect place to relax and while away an afternoon. This was ground zero for us on our..."
Denice Bocock
"I have been wanting to try brunch here for a while now. We went on Sunday of the Labour Day weekend and had a fabulous experience. We had exceptional..."
Gillian Burns
"Fantastic food!! Service was exceptional. Would definitely recommend & gladly come back the next time I’m in..."
Chris Sicotte
"Everything was super and very tasty. Service was the best of the best,very attentive,quick and responsible waiters.thank you! We'll come to you..."
Yulia Khaitova
"Delicious food, good service and Fantastic location. ( waitress needs some dress..."
Elisabeth Schuster
"Amazing wine, amazing service, amazing everything. The customer service was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. I'm in the service..."
Mike Lucca
"Good food and wonderful service, Maxime our server has given us a wonderful time. Highly recommended all the way from New..."
Jane Ye
"Thoroughly enjoyed an excellent dinner at Provence last night. Every dish was "an imaginary trip to the south of France" perfectly prepared. The..."
David Goudge
"My then boyfriend (now husband) took me here during my first visit to Vancouver. Been coming back every time we’re in town. Great food and great..."
"This is definitely on the fancier side of eating but it's definitely worth the splurge. I recently went here with my family and were absolutely blown..."
"Today I was invited to attend the sixteenth anniversary of Provence Marinaside. This February 20th marked their sweet 16th, and Chef/owners Jean..."
Maggi Mei
"We were a group of 8 people and we went for dinner during the week. The atmosphere, food and service were all over the top. Walter, the server was..."
Sabrin Almaqladi
"Omg so good, the reviews aren't wrong when they say the food is amazing. Here's what you should definitely order: mussels, seafood linguini, and the..."
"February 26, 2017 · by ThatShanghaiGirl · Beautiful interior, wonderful service, and a great brunch! For some reason I wasn’t expecting..."
Dreaming In Foie Gras
"My favorite thing of all on their menu is their bread basket.  I know it sounds weird but their croissants are so buttery and soft.  My favorite..."
Blaine North
"The food, the service and the ambience at Provence can't be beat! Love Jazz Wednesdays! And who doesn't love Tappy Hour with $5-$6 delicious Bites!..."
Top Shelf
"I was lucky enough to sample the Taste of Yaletown 2016 menu at Provence Marinaside. It’s been awhile since I last ate there, so I’m glad to go..."
"A pleasant place to be in the summer when their sliding windows facing False Creek is left open. We ordered steel head trout on several occassions,..."
Pauline Vancouver
"This is probably one of the best seafood restaurants I've been to in Vancouver!! Quality, taste, presentation, it's all there. Was very impressed and..."
Yummy Alice
"If you're into seafood and you're thinking of where to go for dinner on special occasion, you will love Provence Marinaside. As a seafood lover, I..."
The Noodle Sensei
"Restaurants with a view are not my first choice of establishments to visit anymore when it comes to dining out because I am biased and believe the..."
"I love this place. The baguette is always so fresh and the jam is amazing. They make a solid brunch! Today my friend and I got the simplest breakfast..."
"This is French Mediterranean restaurant on the Yaletown waterfront.  Provence had been on my “to do” list for a long time, and this was going to..."
"One of my favourite places for brunch! Their shrimp benedict and omeletes are to die for! Great selection of wines and cocktails 😉 their staff..."
Adina Mussina
"This post marks a new feature I’ll be adding to the blog, which focuses on a “Delicious Dish” that I tried at a restaurant recently. Rather..."
Christina Pearce
"Nice menu. Good options. Friendly, yet kinda slow service. Had the sable fish and fish soup to start. Super tasty. Love the location and prices are..."
"Located by the Marinaside cul-de-sac in Yaletown (in the same area as Urban Fare), Provence Marinaside has been a neighbourhood staple for over a..."
Vanessa Choot
"Great food but pricey. We will definitely be going again for the tasty breakfast. Plates range from 15-25 dollars, but well worth the money!..."
Mickey Mouth
"Their recent renovation has upgraded the restaurant to an elegant and classy atmosphere. On a sunny (or at least not rainy) day, the heated outdoor..."
"We came here for brunch and have nothing but good things to say about the food. We ordered: salmon baguette, seafood crepe, chorizo omelette, and the..."
Aimee C
"I'm not sure how this is not on everyone's radar, it is truly an underrated Gem of the Vancouver Food scene,  I suspect it's probably the laid back..."
"Have been here twice. Not very impressed with the mains. The 1st time ordered a lobster risotto which was ok, and 2nd time ordered a shrimp dish..."
"Great location. They just renovated too so it's very new in there with lots of funky designs and mirrors. Service is fantastic, always friendly and..."
Sergeant Chubbs
"Since I seldom eat breakfast out on weekdays and my mid-morning meetings tend to be at coffee shops rather than at full service restaurants, I didn't..."
Gillian Lockitch
"Very Authentic. I ate here once a while ago with a group of friends and we all really enjoyed our experience. I especially enjoyed the..."
"Great Food, Service and Location. Provence Marinaside's location right on the water in Yaletown provides a picturesque backdrop. Took a friend from..."
Zak Taylor
"Wonderful. I couldn't ask for any more in a dinner foodwise. Ambiance is OK and it's a good location The associated wine bar next door really wasn't..."
Yyc Food Guy
"Outstanding customer service. I can't even begin to express how impressed I was by the staff and service at Provence. We have a bit of a long story,..."
"Don't Bring Young Children!. First time here today and food was quite good not to mention excellent attentive service. It wasn't a great idea that we..."
"Grilled chicken crepe. They have a good brunch and my favourite is the grilled chicken crepe with asparagus. Decent coffee as well. Pastry basket..."
"Their lobster, incredibly soft. their lobster sauce was absolutely amazing. i was completely blown away by the simplicity of their dishes that..."
Sandra Joey Lee
"Fantastic service, great food. Had their afternoon mussels special, it was divine. So was their old fashioned martini. Highly recommended. Gracious..."
"Simply devine!. Perfect for brunch & drinks with the girls. great location by roundhouse. highly recommend the smoked salmon eggs benedict & their..."
"Eggggcellent Brunch. Provence Marinasides brunch is delicious. The location is fabulous, in the heart of yaletown and mere steps from the water...."
"They buttered my salad!. I don't see why Provence Marinaside does not have a higher favourable rating than it does on Urbanspoon (80% at the time I'm..."
Bukko Boomeranger
"Despite it being a dine out dinner, service and meal was fantastic! Goat cheese salad with balsamic reduction was a heavenly indulgence. Got the..."
Ellison Chung
"If you have the cash, eat here!. Enjoyed sitting outside in December with a blanket on a cool, but beautiful sunny day near the marina. Ate a..."
Morgan Rae
"Great Brunch Spot. This is one of my favorite brunch spots in Vancouver. There can be a wait to get a spot on the patio but, on a beautiful Sunday..."
"Went with a group of 19 people and everyone complemented their meal, my meal was great, very tasty and I also like seeing a place promote ocean wise..."
"Excellent Veggie Omelette. For some reason I ended up going to expensive places while I was in Vancouver the last time, but all of them totally worth..."
"Absolutely love it!!!. It is an incredibly outstandingly good. We started off with the Crab and Shrimp Cake and then I had the Belizian Prawn Open..."
"Quick Lunch. Grilled Artichoke antipasti paired lovely with a Sauv Blanc on a sunny afternoon!Excellent, professional..."
The Vegan Monkey
"It's not without merit but overall, it's only okay.. I find their brunch overly salty. I never go for their brunch anymore.On the other hand,..."
"It's ok but not my fav .... It's like the French white spot.... Wanted to like it more.... Had some good food their but not a huge fan... Kinda..."
The Picky Chef
"Simply the best brunch in YVR. Whether its an 8am Tuesday am power breakfast for shrimp and crab benny or a sunday brunch featuring either the mergez..."
"Decent italian food. The service was excellent and the food was delicious. The portions were a lot bigger than..."
"A favorite!. Everytime I'm up in VC I go to Provence. It is consistantly delicious. My favorite eateries usually consist of French cuisine and I've..."
"La belle France, where are you?. "What's in a name?" The cooking has nothing to do with Provencal nosh, or even much with French cuisine. It can be..."
Anatole Aesthete
"Love brunch in provence. My favorite dish is vegetarian eggs benedic, baked goods and..."
"We did not have to wait long to get a table, although it was pretty busy in the dining room. They were trying to fit in a lot of tables, so it felt a..."
Picky Diner
"Provence Marinaside has been located at the same spot in Yaletown for as long as I can remember. To be honest, I’ve only been to this restaurant on..."
Flavour Hunter
"Overall, it was a pretty good dinner - I only ate half the rack of lamb, so it was enough for two meals. It's up to you to decide whether or not it..."
ADash OfChili
"This post contains mostly..."
"...has a large variety of Benedicts to choose from. I personally love eggs, so the selection of egg benedicts were a definite appeal to me. Aside..."
Jennifer Yen
"I don't remember much about the meeting, but I do remember the meal. They said they frequent this restaurant so that means the food must be delicious..."
Brian Lau
"All in all a very enjoyable meal. Another great Sunday afternoon at Provence Marinaside Restaurant and there will definitely be many more to..."
Next Meal
"Our craving for a savoury crepe was satisfied with the light and fluffy crepes filled with generous portions of salmon, baby scallops and..."
"Provence Marinaside is a rather spacious French restaurant located in Yaletown at Marinaside Crescent and Davie Street (about a block away from the..."
Penny And Rusty
"I had read about Provence on other foodie blogs and suspected I was in for a treat! I was not disappointed in the slightest and would absolutely..."
Toronto Girl West
Greenhorn Cafe
89/100 (1070 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Cozy, relaxing and just pure simple but good. Had the best experience in this great coffee shop. The food was deliciously healthy and the..."
Obet Ganaden
"This is my fave coffee shop in Vancouver. I live in London, UK and every time I visit my family, I hang out at this coffee shop. Great coffee, artful..."
Ilana Audet
"One one of the best spots in the neighbourhood to grab a coffee and a light meal. Great ambience, friendly staff and wonderful..."
Sean Robert
"The pastrys are to die for!! The coffee is amazing every time also their chai! So happy this cafe exists..."
Quinn Welsh
"Myself and my wife made this our local cafe while visiting Van for 2 weeks and loved the coffee and food. I have had the best coffee yet and I drink..."
Drawing Room OperaCompany
"Fast, friendly service. Great space to bring a book and read and even interact with the kind people who patronize the greenhorn. My only suggestion..."
Corbin Huber
"My favourite place in town - we never miss it when we come to..."
Ronaldo Silva
"Very good food & coffee, even better..."
Diego E Ramirez
"Great place great coffee nice folks awesome..."
Thomas Greco
"Great little spot with a buzzin atmosphere and killer coffee. Happy to live in the neighbourhood!..."
Lindsay Swan
"It's not only about the java, it's about the atmosphere. Big chain coffee shops can learn a thing or two from Greenhorn. Enjoying your cappuccino..."
Fabiola Zefi
"Great food, great atmosphere, great music. Love the ham and cheese croissant, the pain au chocolat and the quiches! In fact, I love everything in..."
Vero Nijensohn
"The absolute best! Ana-Banana is a huge fan. Thank..."
Anastasia Marya Zubrycky
"Go for the Flat..."
Alex Montoya
"Tastes like coffee, drinks like tea. Keep up the great work! Greenhorn is..."
Evan Patrick Verchère-Glover
"3.6 /5 I didn't come for their baguette. It turns out the chicken baguette is my favourite. I also tried the waffle with berry sauce, not so sweet,..."
"Best 5 spice chicken baguette I've had yet. Had one yesterday and today for lunch. Great homemade lemonade. And of course the coffee. Will be..."
Adam Telfer
"There are so many things I love about Vancouver. Ultimately one of my favorite aspects is its cafe culture. Greenhorn is the essence of this evolving..."
"its hard for me to judge a cafe since the main reason to go, coffee, isn't something i enjoy. finding a cafe that serves good food along with great..."
Jenn F (abeautifulzen)
"My first visit at this coffee shop in downtown Vancouver. Great interior design. Great baked goods. Coffee was above average. I ordered a cappuccino,..."
Kit Yee Y.
"Greenhorn Espresso Cafe Vancouver located on a quiet corner of  Nicola Street and Nelson. I was first attracted to this independent coffee shop..."
"There are some really striking moments in our weekly Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee. That’s when we hit upon a coffee shop that completely..."
Vancouver Barista
"One of my favorite hidden cafes in the West End! Their coffee is amazing and the service is above and beyond what you would expect of your standard..."
Meagan Faye
"Wonderful coffee. Great food. Friendly service. Wifi..."
"Latte was phenomenal! The carrot cake had a very sweet icing, but was good otherwise. The decor I was nice, with some awesome art and photos on the..."
"A Hidden Gem with a neighbourhood feel. A rustic interior with highlights of wood everywhere, saying this space is charming is a bit of an..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Delicious Veggie Burger. Delicious veggie burger- fresh and grilled nice and crispy. Perfect cappuccino. The cookie (Chocolate? Molasses?) was so-so...."
The Dirty Apron
89/100 (570 ratings)
Wine Bar
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"From the beautiful appetizer dish. Beet/goat cheese salad, hummus and avacado on bagette to the beautiful dessert of cronut with strawberry coating..."
Meryl Blackwell Kearney
"Had fabulous evening last night. Attended a corporate event hosted by Cannacord. We all cooked a gourmet meal learned lots and then enjoyed the..."
Lesley Baggaley
"For a cooking novice like me, the experience was still amazing. Takashi was a great instructor and if he could make me complete a 3-course meal then..."
Jason Feng
"Just when I thought I knew what I was doing in the kitchen, I attended the Dirty Apron's Creme de la Creme French Cuisine class on February 3rd. ..."
Leanne Taylor
"So much fun! We just had the best time! The chef was great! We will definitely go back..."
Robyn Lillies
"What a fun place to learn and create something new. It's set in a professional fun environment. I highly recommend it for a couple or a..."
Pam Stadnik
"We did the brunch class and it was fabulous. You definitely feel like you are in a culinary school following along with the instructor after their..."
Laura Sophia
"It was a Christmas present from my Sweety but after the class I had last night “Cin Cin” I will be signing up for others. I highly recommend..."
Michelle Gunn
"This place makes me so happy. I love the choice I have with specialty..."
Jackie Byrn
"I had a great time and reignited my love for cooking. The food was fantastic and I must admit, it was really, really nice to have someone else..."
Lisa Wells
"What a fab little cafe had the best bacon sarnie ever loved..."
Steve Smith
"The Dirty Apron did an excellent job with the BC Dine & Vine Wine Pairings. My sister-in-law and I have been attending the cooking classes from the..."
Makiko Akiyama Scully
"Wonderful and delicious way to start my visit with my family in Vancouver! Instruction, recipes and food were excellent...great atmosphere and..."
Jan Purdy
"Not at all pretentious. Warm and inviting. Projects quality, and you can see that the staff enjoy being there, engaging customers and their vendor..."
Klaus Fix
Baguette & Co
80/100 (221 ratings)
"To be honest, I didn't have particularly high expectations for this bakery; it looked quite standard from the outside and it certainly doesn't have..."
Willow Yang
"The staff are really friendly and the pastries are delicious, I always come here to study because the environment is peaceful and quiet. Great..."
"Last month, a Bastille Day festival that took place at the Yaletown Roundhouse to celebrate the French national holiday.  It was a free public event..."
"Friendly staff, good coffees, and amazing French pastries. The chocolate and almond croissants are so tasty. The panini sandwiches are good too...."
Clement Law
"This place is quite good. I love this kind of food though I try to avoid it as it's not the healthiest. The service was great; friendly and..."
Dave Sunnyside
"The mini pastries and little tarts are amazing! Pick up a random selection next time you offer to bring dessert- everyone will love them!The..."
"Lovely authentic French pastries and good coffee too. Free wifi and reasonable prices. I ordered 3 mini pastries for $4 and had a cappuccino. Nice,..."
"Almond Croissant fixe!. Oui, Oui! It had not been easy to find the perfect almond croissant, twice baked on the outside, drenched with sugary..."
"Great Atmosphere, Great Pastries!. I am soo happy that I found this place! This place makes the most delicious almond croissants!! I also love their..."
"Best palmier I ever had. I know..."
"Amazing pastries! I had a variety of 3 minis, each better than the last...."
"Very good danishes. The bread is good, but It's the pastries that are worth the trip there. The Palmiers are caramelized, buttery, and monstrous, or..."
"Napoleon. Napoleon is so good ~~~~wo~~~like..."
Betty Boop
"French Bakery. Can confirm that this is indeed an authentic french bakery. Very nice fresh croissant, baguettes and desserts. They just opened and..."
"We've now gone to this fabulous French boulangerie-pâtisserie four times. We use the French term because that's how it feels when you walk inside..."
Famished Foodies
"Can confirm that this is indeed an authentic french bakery. Very nice fresh croissant, baguettes and..."
"Baguette & Co is a delightful French patisserie offering a large selection of decadent baked goods and exquisitely crafted desserts. You'll want to..."
Eating In Vancouver
Au Petit Cafe
85/100 (723 ratings)
"Au Petit Café is right beside Long’s Noodle House. Totally forgot about that when I went to check out APC for a late Friday lunch. The place was..."
"Video review on youtube: vancity food crew au petit cafe.This place is hands down a hidden gem. Featuring some amazingly simple but tasty..."
Steve Whalls
"Another 🍜 place means Virajie's gotta do another review! Had lunch here with a good friend of mine from work on her recommendation as it was one..."
Viraj Abeysekera
"This is a small but quite popular restaurant offering great homestyle Vietamese food. I've had the chance to sample their Curry Beef Stew with French..."
Willow Yang
"Decent quality, good price. We have been going to this hole in the wall Vietnamese cafe since almost 20 years ago. Food quality hasn't changed. I..."
Nuinui The Cat
"Best bai mi sandwiches in the city. The price is very reasonable and staff are friendly. The other food is also good, but the star is the sandwiches...."
Noah Mar
"You're eating wrong if you don't order banh mi (Vietnamese subs) from here. I personally like getting the dac biet and grilled chicken ones. Their..."
"I had the special ham sandwich (item #1). The bread was very crunchy and it wasn't too buttery like other places. The ham was quite distinguished and..."
"I was very impressed when I first came to Au Petit, when I ate in. The curry chicken with French bread was hearty, the curry was filled with herbs..."
"○Service was ok○they don't do reservations○very small place/ been around forever○best known for their Vietnamese subs, all of..."
"After living in London for a while, I really had a hankering for a good banh mi and Andrew brought me to a place that was always busy and bustling..."
Boozy Bunch
"I don't have one bad thing to say about Au Petit. I have been coming here for years and I love it.My favourite is their Lemongrass Chicken...."
"Everyone loves the banh mi (nammer subs) here and I think it's cuz its super fatty. It's good don't get me wrong but I think Chong Lee subs are still..."
"I remember visiting here once before, before this whole blogging thing, when I was working my way through “Vancouver magazine’s 101 tastes to..."
Maggi Mei
"This place is fantastic. Great food, great service.  Highly recommend. We ordered rare beef noodle soup, spring rolls and hot..."
Patrick Shaw
"Au Petit Cafe Vancouver on Main Street has really delicious beef stew, pho and banh mi! This tiny restaurant is located beside Long’s Noodle..."
"Sub Sandwich(Ham, House Meatball, Pickled Vegetables). Now I know what all the fuss is about! Hands down the best banh mi I've had in Vancity. The..."
Holly Zhou
"Me, Mamallama, Totoro and friend ordered the Vietnamese spring rolls ($8.25) to share. These were served piping hot with fish sauce on the side for..."
Alpaca Lunch
"When we first walked in the owner greeted us with a gentle smile and he is very friendly. We ordered two subs, one was the house special and another..."
"Au Petit Café is a small and causal Vietnamese café besides Long's Noodle House on Main street.  Long wait is expected during weekend peak..."
Eat With Sida
"Au Petit Cafe, located on Main St., is one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurant in that area. It is also my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in..."
"Best Vietnamese subs in the Lower Mainland. We always order their Homemade Ham & Liver Pâté French bread sub. The other sub is the Homemade..."
"Now I know what all the fuss is about! Hands down the best banh mi I've had in Vancity.The sandwich was nice and hot, fresh cripsy French bread,..."
Holly Zhou
"Best Subs I've ever eaten!!! Recommend the shredded chicken..."
"Amazing. Tried it just in time! The owners are going away for the first time in 2.5 yrs. So we will have to wait until the end of May 2015 to go back..."
"Banh Mi Ga. Chicken sub with cilantro, carrots and hot..."
"They make THE BEST Vietnamese subs in the..."
"Awesome banh mi. The house special meatball sub is fantastic..."
"One of my very favourite places to go for banh mi. The meatball sub never..."
Bethany Ho, Bites Of Vancouver
"Will visit again. Service is very friendly. I ordered Banh Mi #1 with jalapeno. It is..."
Jenni Huang
"Stick with the subs. The banh mis are great, but the pho just sucks. Bland broth. Tastes like Chinese-style pho. Come very early or better yet, get..."
"Always on point! love the subs!. I've been a regular for a few years now and I've never once been disappointed at the service and food. They are..."
"There is a reason why it is so highly rated by so many. You will not be disappointed,..."
David Leite
"Great subs..... Was told about this place and finally tried it today. the #1 sub with all the fixings, awesome! Perfect toasty bread. really good..."
"Great banh mi. Noodle soup is jus soso. I found myself quite thirsty after eating the sandwich..."
Jenny L
"I LOVE the house special meatball sub. Nuff..."
"Good service and food was good... This is my second time going to the restaurant and would for sure return more often.. food was goood.. most..."
"Yummy!. Their subs are my fave.will be back.better than ba le on..."
Jimie Shogun
"Love their Banh Mi's. I really like all of their Banh Mi's here. My favorite is the meatball sub. The spring rolls are good here too. There's usually..."
"Here for the Viet Subs. Came on the recommendation on the Bahn Mi sandwiches and got the $5 with all the fixings and was quite tasty and crunchy..."
Andy Wong
"A gem. A small little family run cafe with awesome vietnamese subs (served on the freshest bread!). delicious curries are served with the same bread...."
"Damn Delicious!. I buy subs all the time for my employee's and they really love it. They're cheap and fresh with great ingredients and they're soup..."
Not A Bot Or Paid Poster
"Best subs.. I love the subs at Au Petit Cafe. The chicken or the beef subs are simply amazing. Especially the price. You got to check this place..."
"The best in Vancouver! I wasn't a big fan of pho but this place has totally changed me! Friendly service and hands down awesome food!! Simply..."
"I come here almost every Saturday with my mom. This place has the best viet subs in town! Besides the viet subs we usually get banh uot, banh..."
"Must order the sandwich special #1, toasted. I ordered a takeout, the restaurant is small but very clean, friendly waitresses too. Will go back to..."
Carol H
"Tasty and delicious. In my opinion, hands down best viet subs in town. Good vietnamese/chinese mix style pho, and great curry. However this..."
"Lemongrass chicken on veggies and vermicelli. Doesn't this look so good! tender chicken on vermicelli. very nom..."
"I went for lunch with my boyfriend at Au Petit Cafe and we left quite satisfied. He had the Curry stewed beef brisket with pho noodles and they were..."
"The beef stew with French bread is a must! If you're a morning person, this place is packed either way :( .. Their French bread is always fresh! They..."
"5/5 - no sate beef with cheese?!? Yes, perfect!. I was introduced to this little place many years ago and every time I go into Vancouver, this is the..."
"Was told that the sanwhiches are the best in the west. They are good ( which is great, I work close by) but I've tried as good or better at a dozen..."
"The Place For Sandwiches!. The sandwiches are so good they stop your mind and force you to pause. The bread is perfect, warm, and crispy yet still..."
Jason Peckham
"Love love love it's simple beef broth.. Easy Sunday mornings, fresh crunchy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside french bread, and a clear broth to..."
"Tasty Sandwiches. The french bread itself on all the sandwiches was the freshest bread I've ever had on a Vietnamese sandwich. Probably, and probably..."
"This is easily my single most visited resteraunt in the ~2 years I've known it. All the dishes are above average, but the sandwiches, and curry beef..."
"Great sandwiches! Best lunch u can ever get bread always fresh n tasty. Chicken curry is also great that's if u get a seat. Always busy so get the..."
Kele Nakamura
"4851 Main St, Vancouver, BC Food Rating: 8.5/10 One of my favourite Banh Mi’s in this city. The #1 House Meatball Sandwich never lets me down! Not..."
Bethany Ho, Bites Of Vancouver
"Stepping into the restaurant, my friend and I were greeted very warmly by the restaurant owner and his staff, who immediately handed us menus so we..."
Karin Kam
"I've been hearing a great ton of things about this little whole in the wall, Au Petit Cafe!! Apparently I got lucky because this place always has..."
Selina Lo
"My friend's chicken was shredded and nicely marinated. It was warm and juicy, with kind of sweet and savoury flavours. With the slight acid from the..."
Rebusaurus Eats
"au petit is an extremely tiny restaurant that is extremely popular. so well known that if you don't go right at opening, you are guaranteeing a wait,..."
"The meat, oh my. It was delectable… the perfect balance of savouriness of the meat and the sourness of the pickled vegetables. Trust me, this banh..."
Chubs Beebs
"Their Banh Mi Thit Nguoi is the best sub I have ever had!! When people talk about Vietnamese, the image of “Pho” always pops into our..."
"This. is. the. best. Vietnamese. sub. ever. Crispy light fragrant bread, tons of veggies, a nice dollop of mayo, all sorts of meaty goodness..."
Two Hungry Piglets
"Au Petit Café has been a place that Ying has wanted to try for a long time! Well, ever since our food blogging adventures have started at least. The..."
"I ordered a small rare beef pho ($7). The broth had a rich flavour to it and it was topped generously with thin slices of rare beef, cilantro, and..."
Food Queen
"After my previous bánh mì pilgrimage visits to Kim Chau Deli , Tung Hing Bakery and Ba Le Deli & Bakery on Kingsway, I ended my trip at Au Petit..."
Penny And Rusty
"Au Petit Cafe is a small Vietnamese cafe located along Main street near King Edward street. This place has been a buzz for a very long time and one..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"The restaurant is a popular place among Vancouverites and is known solely for their Vietnamese subs that are made with their baked-in-house..."
Sarah Loving Food
"Au Petit Cafe is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located right beside Long’s Noodle House. It’s pretty small so one might easily miss it when..."
"The sandwiches or "bánh mì" from Au Petit are always scrumptious and delectable. I have had that taken out before. However, I am just not than..."
"I finally got a chance to try Au Petit Cafe, a little family-run Vietnamese restaurant. The small restaurant is famous for their authentic banh mi:..."
Food Punk
"Ever since having my very first banh mi from Viet Sub, I found these crispy sandwiches very delicious and couldn't help reaching out to try more...."
"The french bread itself on all the sandwiches was the freshest bread I’ve ever had on a Vietnamese..."
"Touted as having one of the best Viet Subs in Vancouver, Au Petit Cafe has been on to-do list for a while, but Kevin kept telling me we should go on..."
Kev Wu
"Au Petit Cafe on Main Street is well known for their Vietnamese sandwiches. Their popularity means they often run out of sandwiches by 11am. But, it..."
"The Vietnamese subs (Banh Mi) of my youth were all fairly consistent – crunchy, mouth sawing bread, nuoc cham, mystery meat, cilantro, pickled..."
"I had always heard so much about Au Petit … about how popular it is but we had never been there nor did we know where it was. All we know was that..."
Ben And Suanne
"siu siu ga feh oak :).. I've always wanted to come here after reading all those rave reviews about this place. The parking really sucks as the..."
"I would have never been to Au Petit Cafe if Minna hadn't ever brought me here. Even though it is located in South Main (and therefore, pretty close..."
88/100 (1918 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Osso Buco
Ice Cream
Chicken Parmesan
"From the moment we walked in we were greeted with a warm welcome. The service by all staff was fantastic ans only equaled by the gorgeous meal we had..."
Michelle Nussbaum
"Very good! They got us in without a reservation, while kinda busy. Our server, Kameko, was great and the food was excellent! It was a little loud..."
Patrick W. Becker
"Visited Vancouver few times before and this time we had dinner at this sensational restaurant for the very first time which will be of others to come..."
Gadi Nussen
"As we approached we were a little wary of what we may find when we walked up those stairs its certainly not the best of entrances lol.. but once..."
Jay Macpherson
"You can't go wrong. My third visit. From the management to the Chefs wait staff and the owners they all run a fine tuned classy and professional..."
Chris Perna
"They are open late till 11 pm. Our 1st time here and not a disappointment. We ordered 3 pasta dishes & 1 main entree. Everything was very good...."
Cheryl Chan
"I have to stay clear of gluten and dairy and I assumed going into the restaurant I would be very limited in my choices. When I asked the server what..."
Maclean Nash
"Zefferelli’s Spaghetti is located on Robson Street in Vancouver. It’s between Thurlow and Bute Street on a prime location in downtown Vancouver...."
Camera Gourmet
"This restaurant is wonderful! The food is amazing! My friend had the Osso bucco which melted in your mouth. Also, it was a huge portion. I had the..."
Parth Malhotra
"This is a favourite place of mine for lunch and I have been coming here for years.Service is prompt and attentive. Food is always so fresh and tasty...."
Jim Fleming
"I came here with a couple of friends for dinner tonight. Today the weather was nice, so it was a good walk in downtown and we walked to this..."
Kit Yee Y.
"This is a clean and comfortable Italian restaurant that's located right above a Cactus Club. I was having a craving for pasta, and ended up stopping..."
Willow Yang
"Zefferelli's atmosphere was characteristic of Italy with a wine exhibition on one wall. It was my first time there. I ordered pasta with salmon, it..."
Camilo Bautista
"We went there with our 10 classmates and teacher for lunch. When we arrived, they served small bread with tomatoes sauce for us. It was great..."
Junmo Jang
"Zefferelli’s is located on Robson Street, on the second floor. Immediately walking in, I loved the cozy and classy atmosphere. Spaghetti..."
"I came here with a friend at the recommendation of another friend. This place blew me away at how amazing it was!Crowded and on the..."
Sharon Chau
"Great location on Robson, love the wall of wine bottles and the service has been very good both times we have been there. Pasta dishes are good and..."
"I don't know why Zefferellis has such a low rating here. It has excellent pastas, super friendly servers and a prime location: right on Robson..."
"I love Zefferelli's. I love the old school menu, I love the fact that you are greeted warmly even when you're wearing flip flops, I love the way that..."
"This was our first trip to Zefferelli's. They have a small menu but it's hard to choose! Lots of great pasta options, we chose the carbonnara and the..."
"Had the Vongole as well! Seems to be the popular choice :-) and for good reason, it was delicious. The server was also super attentive and had great..."
"Maybe I came on a bad day, I've visited Zefferllis a handful of times since my first review of the place. This has been a long overdue edit for this..."
"A Birthday Night for a Friend. Great ambience. I didnt know there was a hidden place above off Robson. Definitely worth trying. They serve huge..."
Food Adventuress
"Great food, great ambiance, great service - the trifecta of what you need to be a great restaurant! Our family of five ate here. Our daughter went..."
"Hesitant to go in at first with the 2nd floor entrance. Once in, well balanced food, warm spinach salad excellent, pasta dishes were more that I..."
"Great Italian restaurant! Helpful and attentive service. If you're vegan or vegetarian they only appear to have one menu option but we found when we..."
Neil Gaudet
"Great Experience. We visited Vancouver last night and used Urbanspoon to find Zefferelli's. Lucky us. We had M.J. as our server and he was awesome...."
"Extremely good! Really, my wife and I are picky when it comes to Italian food and we both loved it. The chicken parm was perfect. Our server Rob was..."
"Good, but not special. The menu is standard Italian fare, no surprises there. This place is not for the daring. Reliably good pasta, if a tad boring...."
"Excellent Lunch. I came here for lunch for my friend, we were seated promptly and split the Penne Michelangelo. The bread wasn't too fantastic, just..."
"Going home happy!. I was in the mood for pasta while shopping in Downtown. I came across Zefferelli's, it was above Cactus Club. I have never tried..."
"Knowledgeable, polite and attentive wait staff. Large, tasty portions. Cabrese salad is quite good. Good wine selection - domestic, Italian and..."
Cw Clarke
"Pasta Paradise. This place provides good service, food, and location. Great selection on menu and a excellent wine list. Mussels are excellent. If..."
"Excellent service from our server MJ. Food was tremendous. Wife really enjoyed the Shrimp and Avocado..."
"Excellent Pasta. I love this restaurant. My favorite pasta restaurant in Vancouver. Service is excellent, portions are large and prices are..."
"Always Perfect. We are local and we eat here regularly- It is always consistant - waits are short and the food is wonderful. The service is..."
"Pleasantly Surprised. The interior of this place was really nice. A great, calm atmosphere and elegfant setting without being stuffy. I split the..."
"Nice pasta, the sauce was a bit salty. Came here for dinner the other day. I had the spaghetti with meat sauce, the texture of the spaghetti was..."
Gotta Eat
"Good Pasta. I had the spaghetti con Vongole. It smelt really nice when it hit my table, and it tasted good too. It was a nice light pasta, the clams..."
"Great lunch!. My friend T. and I had lunch at Zefferelli's today, and it was excellent. T. had the spaghetti with veal and ricotta meatballs, I had..."
Deborah McIntosh
"The Tiramisu tasted really good despite how full we were. After our meal, Zefferelli’s was added to our list of restaurants to..."
"Post contains photos..."
Beth L
"Clearly, I was craving for some protein along with my carbohydrates, which were incidentally cooked tremendously al dente. This texture seemed to..."
Andy Gao
"I was craving for pasta that night, and Zefferelli’s didn’t let me down. This place has really nice ambiance, with dark wood furniture, wine, and..."
"We almost always order the same thing when we come here. Boyfriend had the Mushroom Agnollotti. It had always been very good, very fragrant of..."
Eat 'n About
Linh Cafe
90/100 (1036 ratings)
Lemon tart
"Their Northern style pho is crazy tasty. Also definitely recommend adding either the marrow or poached..."
Alanna Kostiw
"$24 for a bowl of pho may sound outrageous but it is worth every penny and then some. The service is top notch and there is nothing bad to..."
Jason Feng
"First one coming back here after renovations. Love the ambience. Had a hard time deciding which to order as I love both the Vancouver breakfast as..."
Tommy Lam
"Well-executed, unpretentious, rustic French cuisine -- albeit with a little bit of Asian influence -- served without attitude. One of the best steak..."
Brian Eats Drinks
"Quality of food and presentation is fabulous! The service was professional and friendly. Would go back again and again and refer to friends and..."
Michelle Wong-Boog
"Fantastic food. Great French and Vietnamese..."
Christopher Jian Ji Lai
"I love the pho, poutine with a twist, and the burger, plus many more delicious wonders! Great..."
Jonathan Lau
"The food is amazing and the service is fantastic! I cannot stop raving about what a gem this restaurant is - dinner and brunch are both phenomenal -..."
Katy Mukai
"excellent service and amazing menu. Can't wait to visit..."
Hirokazu Nishikawa
Wing Wing Cheng
"Logo quan rat dep. chuc vo chong em luon thanh cong trong moi linh..."
Nguyen Anh Tâm
"So excited for opening day!..."
Tu Pham
"Is very nice..."
Alain Raye
"Linh Cafe serves French-Vietnamese cuisine in the Kits area. The cafe has been around for a few years now but I never ventured out here until..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"Linh Cafe is a bistro that specializes in French and Vietnamese cuisine. The owner, Tai Nguyen came from humble beginnings starting as a dishwasher,..."
Reservation Under Cindy
"This is a small but very popular cafe serving Vietamese-French fusion food. I stopped by here during the weekday for lunch. I had their Poutine..."
Willow Yang
"We made reservation so we got to sit down right away. It’s a busy place. Friendly service. Food portion is a bit small for the price. Pho..."
"Tolouse Breakfast is top notch. Sausage is delicious, buttery type sauce served with beans is perfect when letting your poached egg ooze all over it...."
No Dessert Im Full
Kit Yee Y.
"We came here for breakfast on a Saturday morning and we're the first since opening. Before long, more folks came. We ordered from the breakfast menu..."
Jee Pang
"Not off to a good start when the waitress doesn't smile and kinda looks pissed off while she takes our order. The menu items appear to be priced..."
"100 for food! I enjoyed every single dish! Creamy mussels was the best! Can't wait to come back to try this duck confit and short ribs! 60 for..."
Nichole Liu
"○decent service / slow at times when refilling water○good food/ French / Vietnamese cuisine○parking can be a hassle○over..."
"Favourite place for 2017 so far!!! Their beef rice noodle (or pho) is the best I've ever had in Vancouver. The soup is superrrrr and the beef is very..."
ZiXing Song
"I've been here a couple of times before now. We always come back here for the pho. It has a different taste than other pho I've had. The beef is very..."
"Lovely, friendly service. The food is amazing. My partner gets the pho and I get the mussels every time. Both are fantastic. Fresh bread with the..."
"Very impressed. We ordered the sweetbread, the mussels, and the Duck & pork confit. Especially loved the mussels, they were made just right, not..."
Nuinui The Cat
"Met up with close friend for brunch because good food and company = great start to a weekend. We got the poutine and mussels with salad to share. I..."
"The food is excellent here. I like the mix of the fusion menu items that mostly represent Vietnamese staples with a slight but compatible and..."
"Linh Cafe is located on West 4th Ave. It is a French Vietnamese cafe, but it seems more like a French cafe. The price is a little high..."
Camera Gourmet
"There’s two foods that I could eat every day: pho, and French food. Perhaps because pho has such a strong French influence that it’s no surprise,..."
"We were very impressed with this place. It's a Vietnamese-French fusion restaurant which is very memorable. We ordered the burger, spot prawn..."
"Linh Café is a cute little French/Vietnamese bistro in Kits that occupies the former Café Régalade location. In fact, the current owner, Tai..."
Penny And Rusty
"So worth the 1000+ calories from the food here and the 30 minute wait for our food! This place gets super busy almost when the doors open at 9:00am...."
"Cute and small from the outside. Upon entering wow. There's a curtain slider at the waiting area. Which is nice cause sometimes it's awkward when..."
Vancity Food Guy
"I think I love this place more than anything in the world. It doesn't look like you'd expect much from a little place like this but it was actually..."
"If there's one thing to know about me is that I LOOOVE Vietnamese food. And yeah, I am Vietnamese, originated from the South if you care ;) Anyways,..."
The Tila Diaries
"Hands and feet down, Linh Cafe in Kitsilano has become one of my favourite brunch spots. Chef Tai Nguyen, born in North Vietnam, fuses casual and..."
Curtis G NG
"I looove this place! They have amazing food! It's a Vietnamese-French cafe. You can get your hot bowl of pho, but you can also get a plate of steak..."
"So delicious we went twice in one day!!! Had the amazingly hearty and savory Toulouse breakfast with creamy white beans, tender pork confit and house..."
"Absolutely delicious! Wouldn't think I would ever think of "breakfast" when I think vietnamese, but this place is so unique and scrumptious! I had..."
"Linh Cafe is a restaurant that located in Kitsilano area. Irvin and I heard positive comment about this Vietnamese cafe, so we decided to try it..."
"Cafe Regalade made it’s transition into Linh Cafe last fall, turning it into a French/Vietnamese restaurant. I think we’ve had a pastry or two at..."
"Veal, you either love it or hate it! I for one, love it, because I am particularly fond of internals ;) The veal was sooo tender!! The exterior was..."
Selina Lo
"After my midterm today, I went to celebrate - at Linh Cafe!! And then afterwards I made my way down West 4th, and I went to Rain & Shine ice cream..."
Selina Lo
"Truly Gratifying. Having been very favorably impressed by a brunch there, we were really looking forward to having dinner there----only enhanced by..."
John S
"Great Food, Great service. Been here several times. Tried a number of menu items. The Pho and banh mi are my favourites! Cassoulet as well. Highly..."
"This is my first time visit for dinner. The pho is very good. The broth is tasty but no msg. Worth the price ! Mussel is delicious. Spring roll is..."
"Fantastic crossant, good Pho. The ham and cheese crossants were very good! The Pho: Pretty good broth, but for me... I like more traditional..."
"I hate to say go here because next time I'll be waiting on a line down the block but... Go here. Fresh, creative, reasonable, delicious. And great..."
Tai Luong Nguyen
"This was my first visit to the new restaurant Lihn Café. Wow, is the only adjective that comes to mind. Beautiful bright space, welcoming/friendly..."
A Cooks View
"Linh Cafe French Cooking is a french vietnamese fusion restaurant. Here we tried the Nem spring rolls made with pork, mushroom, shrimps, and glass..."
"Hey guys! As you know, in addition to restaurants participating in Dine Out Vancouver 2015, some restaurants also participate in official events such..."
Nosh And Nibble
Viet Sub
87/100 (2052 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"I've been to Viet Sub a few times now and I've never been disappointed by the food. It is a hole in the wall with sitting for under six people...."
"I love Vietnamese subs, so I had to give this place a try. You cant get a decent size sub, with a warm toasty bun and juicy meats for $4.99! I’ve..."
Carla Hernandez
"I was in the mood for noodle soup so I decided to drop by here to try their pho since it has very good review. My first impression is it is very tiny..."
"Funny what sticks out about this place but first impressions count. My 1st impression was "these people are so friendly, I just want to give them my..."
Scott B In Van
"This restaurant sits near the end of Robson headed to Denman. Service is friendly and quick. Restaurant is extremely clean. Cheap prices. Food is..."
"If you have never had Vietnamese food served with a smile and incredible attention to your dining experience, you will never find a better place than..."
Nayson Rabiee
"As far as subs go, these are very authentic and very tasty! They use a slightly different homemade sauce which is a bit of a surprise but works very..."
"Their subs are okay - nothing too awe-inspiring. A bit of cheese in their Banh Mi would have made a big difference. And the limited seating and..."
"Small little shop on Robson but it's hard to miss since there's a huge sign saying VIET SUB across it. There's only a couple of seats inside (shop is..."
Vinita Trieu
"If you're hungry and you wanna eat some good quality food, but saving up money.. I would recommend this place. The sub is good, it's not crappy for..."
Maria Angela
"Good value and taste. I wouldn't say this is the best Viet place but for the price and taste it is a good choice esp around that area there are not..."
"Customer Service is FANTASTIC!!!. These guys are the best. Always so friendly and helpful. I'm vegetarian so I've only eaten the veggie sub but it's..."
"Special Pho C4. Strong star anise flavour, slightly saltier than I'm used to, but still enjoyed it.-----02 Jul,..."
"Salad Wraps. Amazing. Great price. Great food. Efficient service. I adore this little hole in the wall..."
"Great Value. I had the BBQ Pork Sub. The Baguette was very fresh and fluffy, there was an adequate amount of meat inside, with fresh onions, lettuce..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Best vietnamese sub so far!. Great taste, great quality and great value!The stuff is always friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and taste..."
"Delicious, cheap, fast, fresh. I've had both the chicken and BBQ sandwiches, both were delicious. Shredded carrot, onion, radish on top of tasty..."
"An awesome sub!. When looking for a Viet Sub, I look for that nice texture to the bun, and a flavorful meat with sauce. This place indeed has both...."
"Convenient, quick, tasty value. I was spending the day working in my hotel room on Richards, and popped out to Viet Sub for a quick lunch (guided by..."
"Great viet subs!. Tasty and cheap, would..."
Georgina Beadon
"Loved the veggie..."
"I love this place. I always get a veggie sub. Pickled veggies, tofu, crispy bun, delish mayo, cilantro.. $3.75 I never get looks when I request..."
"Awesome Sandwich. I had the BBQ Pork Sub for lunch. This might be the best sandwich I've ever eaten. Cilantro, veggies, pork, and a delicious creamy..."
Patrick Wilson
"Omnomnom. This place is by far the best place for Vietnamese subs in the city. If I could, I'd eat there..."
"Nomnom. Amazing banh mi! i always have their chicken banh mi and it never fails me..."
Mscee Yvr
"Amazing subs, affordable and delicious. Highly..."
"For 6.45, food was pretty good. recommend c1. not a lot of MSG. will come if looking for quick..."
Ben Yap
"Viet Sub has opened there doors again. They have moved two doors down but still have the same tasty menu at a reasonable..."
Kaori Murakami
"Good luck!. I really hope Viet Sub comes back soon!! They are one of my favorite places to get a quick dinner downtown-- hands down the best subs..."
Victoria Chu
"Friendly service and good food. I had the BBQ pork sub and my wife had the chicken sub. The bread was definitely better than most of the Vietnamese..."
"Beef Pho was tasty and good value for $7. Fast as well if you're on the go. Not my laborite place, but I'll be going back next time I get the Pho..."
Taylor Sharpe
"Inexpensive and delicious. Plus the spring roll is like crack. fast and friendly. go..."
"Veggie sub. The Veggie sub had deep fried tofu w/ spicy sauce under the layer of pickled carrots, pickled daikon, slices of onion, jalapenos, and..."
"10 times better than subway. These guys makes some great subs toasted and rolled in front of your eyes. The ingredients are typical to viet style..."
"Viet Sub is a hole in the wall culinary delight located on Robson St, relatively close to Granville Station and Vancouver Central Library. It’s..."
Jimmy Chen
"The meats are perfect and the pickled vegetables add flavours that you don’t get in most sandwiches Bread is always super fresh and crispy, it gets..."
Kiely Landrigan
"In search of something hearty and filling, but not devoiding of my wallet, I ventured towards the juicy, meaty smell (mmmm…can just smell it now)..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"...Viet Sub holds its own as a small but popular, family-operated restaurant dishing out authentic Vietnamese comfort food.  With owner Long Bui The..."
Candice's Cusina
"4.5/5 [Right beside Japadog] YOOOO THIS PLACE IS AWESOME !!!! I've never had a Bahn Mi (Viet Sub) before this place and it was downright delicious...."
Angel Liu
" It’s REALLY hard to complain when you get a sandwich for less than $5, ESPECIALLY when you’re in downtown. Of course, since the sub was pretty..."
"I really enjoyed my sub and I will definitely be going back to try other..."
Brian Lau
"The menu is pretty simple; They have a variety of subs, pho, and a couple spring roll sides all at really affordable..."
Food Queen
"In search of a cheap meal during my lunch break, I found myself at Robson Street's Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine , which is actually one of the top..."
"Good and cheap place for Vietnamese subs in downtown for under $5. Their pho is under $8. It’s a small place so I usually grab it to go and bring..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"With only $7 in my pocket, I didn't know what I could eat for lunch... and finding a place where I can buy lunch for less than $10 downtown is quite..."
I Eated It
"Viet Sub is a very popular place on Robson to grab some lunch. The sandwiches can be under $4 and the pho is about $6. There were lineups out the..."
"Nestled between the Japadog restaurant and Beard Papa's on the end of Robson Street in Vancouver is a nice little family owned and run sandwich shop..."
Food Punk
"a great restaurant for delicious Vietnamese food at affordable..."
Geoff Peters
"The shop is a tiny eatery with only a table for two, and a few individual seats facing the window. Although the place is..."
"Viet Sub? I know what a Viet sub is but I've never had one before. While I was wondering about my "beef concern", EU said they offer chicken as well..."
Shirley Chan
"Previous to my visit to Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine, I had never tried a banh mi. The other food bloggers always went on and on about them, but I..."
"I was really blown away and was so glad we..."
"We had been here once before, during the summer, when we were exploring downtown for one of the first times. We had a great lunch back then, and..."
"Viet Sub was our first stop on our first food walk expedition, what a place to start off the food walk! This place is tiny, but it sells quite a few..."
"I look forward to lunch so much sometimes that I wonder if I go to work just for the lunch. I'm sure anyone who toil away in an office for over 1/3..."
"One good thing about working in Vancouver Downtown is that, after work, you have access to a lot of restaurants within walking distance. Whether it..."
"Viet Sub is a small hole in the wall that serves such Vietnamese delights as sandwiches, salad rolls and noodle soups. It sits sandwiched between a..."
Absinthe Bistro
93/100 (1986 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Pork Cheeks
Creme Brulee
Duck Confit
Rice pudding
Osso Buco
"Pure finesse from start to finish! From the tasty, delicate melon gazpacho, succulent duck confit, a crème brûlée of silken texture, and an..."
Linda Macullo
"We treated ourselves to Absinthe for New Years Eve 2016. Some friends had recommended it to us. I was so impressed by the quality of food - a mouth..."
Marlo Muscutt
"Stopped by at the recommendation of a friend and had an absolutely wonderful meal. The food was quite amazing, the space is lovely and laid back and..."
Nicole Ratcliffe
"Went for a Birthday dinner. It was the perfect end to a special day! The food was outstanding, the service was excellent and attentive. Finishing off..."
Sheri Brown
"This restaurant is lovely! A great experience and always a fantastic meal! My family and I have dined here on many occasions and we have never been..."
Chantelle Webb
"Amazing food! Best steak and pork belly in town. Hot chocolate pudding to die for..."
Jane Mc Eneaney
"Absolutely loved this place. Being French Canadian and having been in Paris, this place gave me everything I wanted to have that French bistro..."
Jeanine Anctil
"Our favourite place to dine on the Drive. Love the rotating seasonal menus. Food and service are always..."
John Pozer
"Very personable owners ... had a great time here! Didn’t make it in time to try the food, but the menu is..."
Ryan Hallford
"Amazing. Was just there for our wedding anniversary & we couldn't be happier! Delicious food, amazing service, and thank you, Absinthe Bistro, for..."
Shauna Javerina
"The food was amazing. I absolutely loved the chicken liver terrine. The staff were super nice and..."
Raphaella Weissgerber
"An EastVan treasure. Never anything less than spectacular..."
Gordon Rempel
"I had the honour of dining in this most quaint and adorable French restaurant...I would describe this as an experience rather than just going out for..."
Anne-Marie Cartier
"Delicious! Love the ambience and the friendly staff. Menu is simple and mouth watering everytime!..."
Soutomi K.
"Wonderful restaurant. Wonderful warm hospitality. This is a restaurant to share with someone or a group of special people. The menu is consistently..."
Ken Arkell
"AMAZING!! The food is perfection! The cocktails are delicious (definitely try an Absinthe cocktail!) The owners are the sweetest! Can not wait to..."
Mindy Arkin Spicer
"Amazing!!! Never been disappointed with any of the..."
Alice Lesmana
Faubourg Vancouver
80/100 (1046 ratings)
Quick Bites
Coffee & Tea
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"My friends and I love coming to your kerrisdale location. It is definitely our go to meeting place. The staff is always so welcoming, and we love..."
Ilyssa Bakerman
"The macaron-making class was incredible and surpassed my expectations. Ricardo clearly explained and demonstrated the process, and then allowed the..."
Sarah Tang
"Je suis francaise and this is my absolute favorite croissant place in Vancouver, a smidgeon ahead of Thomas Haas and Plaisir Sucre. Le Faubourg was..."
Alexandra T. Greenhill
"They have the best quality and flavor mix of macaroons ...that melt in your mouth.. Yum..try thier exallant coffee drinks.and great selection of..."
Darlene Karimi
"The best Macarons and croissants in..."
John Anthony MacGregor
"It's one of my happy places in Vancouver - good coffee, freshly baked delish breads and pastries, excellent service..."
Bernadette W. Pacana-Yap
"Best place in Vancouver! Go to all 3 locations and love them..."
Jordan Teyke
"Never disappoints.......perfect location for quick and delicious city centre lunch in Downtown Vancouver..."
Jackie Byrn
"By far the best Croissants and Coffee we had in Vancouver. Feels like Paris. Great..."
Otmar Debald
"I love love love this place. Every thing about it is..."
Samineh Afr
"This is a French cafe/patisserie with a couple of locations in Vancouver. I've previously been to their Kerrisdale location and have recently checked..."
Willow Yang
"The chocolate dessert and lemon tart are divine....just the right tartness. The macarons are only ok so pass on them and stick to their other..."
"Disclosure: All food and beverages were complimentary as part of a media tasting, but all opinions are my own. For a limited time, you will be able..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"If you are out for a leisurely stroll and want to stop for some desserts - this is a great spot to perch yourself on the patio and do so.We..."
B & E
"Total French cuisine Paris experience! From the great staff to the Devine pastry’s and treats! As well as the yummy coffee and tea options totally..."
"Pastries, (almost all I have tried) were beautiful! But coffee was moderate ... As I am a sweet lover, this cafe has been there, on my favorite list..."
"The Faubourg Coffee Shop is located on Hornby Street downtown Vancouver, which is right across the street from Vancouver Arts Gallery. My friends..."
"○good service ○good food / good dessert / not a fan of their drinks though ○family friendly ○average price ○if I had to..."
"Not great but pretty dam good cakes! The flavours were clearly expressed and tasted natural. There was nice harmony, balance amd contrast in the..."
Asian Food Nazi
"My favourite place to get croissants and all the indulgences that a bakery offers. Their cappuccino and sandwiches are delicious. Once in a while I..."
"Other people might say chicken or rooster, but phoenix just sounds so much more magical. This year is supposed to be a good one for Dragons, and I..."
Louisa Ng
"This is not my favorite location as it is super busy and the staffs aren't very friendly. The desserts are just as good as elsewhere though! Try the..."
"Pictured: gold flaked beauty from Faubourg - a seasonal weekend special citrus tart. Overall, the pastries, cakes and tarts are quite good and they..."
Lammie Loves
"A friend invited us for coffee here at Faubourg just across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.  It is a shop specializing in French pastries, desserts..."
SanFans Delight
"Faubourg Paris is simply known in Vancouver for their Parisian gourmet desserts in an elegant setting.  With three locations in Vancouver..."
"I decided to visit Faubourg again to give their pastry a try.  Their selection was somewhat limited compared to Thierry's.  My friend and I were..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Faubourg Paris is an established French pastry café that has two locations; one in 769 Hornby St and the other 792 Main St (Park Royal South). ..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the colourful display of macarons. They looked so lovely that we just had to get some. I decided on a..."
Alpaca Lunch
"Now that it’s officially summer in Vancouver, it’s time to beat the heat and cool down with a sweet treat. Best known for its delicious macarons..."
Vanessa Choot
"I love this cafe and go there every time I'm in town and shopping downtown. Ordering my mocha is a must and I leave with a box of their macarons...."
"Whilst walking around downtown on a rainy day with a couple of friends a month or so ago, we happened to stroll past Faubourg. Though I had already..."
"Beverly the Beaver is an apple and maple mousse cake with a pecan dacquoise. I liked this more than the Tiramisu due to the sweet flavour from the..."
Constant Cravings
"Faubourg is a cute French patisserie with all you desire to fulfill your sweet craving. Great desserts, especially fond of the special features..."
Sneha Balani
"Happy Sunday everyone! For those who keep up with the French baking times, yesterday on March 20th was Macaron Day. Some bakeries decided to feature..."
Nosh And Nibble
"I chose Faubourg this afternoon because I wanted to see if they had the galette des rois available, or in my case, a galette de prince (since it was..."
Long Live Feasts
"Was in Vancouver for four days and I had breakfast here for three of them. Amazing pastries - the croissants are some if the best I've ever tried...."
"Mixed feelings for Faubourg. Their macarons can be a hit or miss. Sometimes they are as soft as clouds while other times it feels like I'm munching..."
"Great coffee and desserts. The coffee here was great. I ordered the lemon tart, which was just amazing. Highly recommend! Also tried the Chocolate..."
Lucinda K
"Here is more on the Paris feel: movie the on wall, big mirror inside, table outside, big widow and especially golden color..."
Super Manager
"Delicious!. Tried their lemon tart and vanilla mille-feuille. Both delicious. The staff told us there will be another location opening up in park..."
"The macarons are better than their other location. Not perfect but at least not stale. The decor and interior is very elegant. Nice place to have..."
Cake N Pie
"This is the second time we’ve come to Faubourg, a popular French cafe that really offers a truly Parisian experience! They have savoury gourmet..."
Nathan Chan
"It was a bright cafe, with a patio, but since it was rainy we opted to sit inside. There was only one other group seated which we thought it was odd..."
"faubourg is a popular cafe known for their french pastries and macarons. i have a new obsession with croissants and when my friend and i passed..."
"I am known for saying that pastries chefs in Vancouver are crazey for not opening more dessert spot in downtown area. So when I passed by the new..."
"Bread, viennoiserie, macaron, pastry, cakes, catering, and wholesale, oh my! I have been a long time fan of “Faubourg” bakery in Kerrisdale, so..."
Maggi Mei
"The lemon curd was a delectable combination of tart but sweet. The texture was nice and creamy and underneath the lemon curd was a layer of something..."
Constant Cravings
"The pastry is made with lemon curd on top of a milky foamy meringue surrounded in a tart shell. I loved every bite of this..."
Food Queen
"I feel like I’ve mistakenly misjudged this French pastry shop. I think my first experience with Faubourg in Kerrisdale was probably not true to..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
"I tried their almond croissant on Friday. It didn't hold a candle to that little bakery in the Plateau, but it was damn good so I knew I had to go..."
Anabel L
"I said in my Kerrisdale post that I would add the downtown location to my go-to place list; now that it’s open, I’ll make sure to visit it..."
84/100 (1789 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Pulled Pork Sandwich
"Got the pulled pork sandwich today and the bread seems to have changed or degraded to something you just chew on because it is there. Did something..."
David Yang
"Good food. Unfortunately the restaurant is dirty everywhere. Tables, floors and worse the glasses we were handed were scummy. Clean up! Your food is..."
DW Sturley
"Everyone told me the pulled pork sandwich was amazing and the must get so i ordered that one, it was pretty good but i have definitely had better..."
"Relatively large sandwiches at pretty good value. The baguettes are the perfect texture and taste and for the fillings perfectly. I normally get the..."
"Very delicious sandwiches. The bread is a perfect baguette; crunchy on the outside with a soft interior. The veggie sandwich is a good combination of..."
" Great soups, and if veggie chili is on the daily list- order it! Best $4 bowl ever. The veggie sandwich is very messy and spicy. At $9, it is OK...."
"Hubbub Sandwiches Vancouver newest holiday special includes Turkey Sandwiches and Turkey Salads. Twice a year is when this delicious duo appear -..."
"One-liner: Real good pulled pork and an aesthetically pleasing salad bowlHighlight: Pulled Pork Salad BowlRecommended for: When you want a..."
Nosh And Nibble
"Dear Hubbub,You do good with your sandwiches but compared to Meat & Bread, you come second. Why you ask? I've visited you a handful of..."
"10/10 Veggie Salad. It's a warm curry-ratatouille on crispy romaine lettuce and superb salad dressing. I get this for lunch every Monday. Today I..."
Sarah Robinson
"Went here on a night, it was quite hard to find for me as i'm not really familiar to this place, but the review was great so i was destined to..."
Marv Wang
"Just had my first Hubbub - what am awesome pulled pork salad!!! Oh and I became a food critic at the same time, nice!!!! I will be back Hubbub, mark..."
Robin Furby
"My favourite Hubbub sandwich is the prawn sandwich. They aren't stingy with the prawns, the bread is fresh, and everything just ties well together. I..."
Everything But Weddings
"Surprise, more sandwiches! With the weather in Vancouver getting better everyday, I find myself walking or running home after work a lot more often..."
Drunken Noms
"Great Pulled Pork Sandwich, a little spicy with the perfect amount of sauce and great toppings and fresh..."
"Sandwiches are amazing here! I've tried every flavour. I wish there would be a special flavour that would rotate though as I would like to try..."
"Hell of a sandwich!. I dropped by this place to kill some time before watching a movie. Its an unassuming little place, pretty easy to miss, but I'm..."
Craig Fraser
"One of the best pulled pork sandwiches!. Pulled pork sandwich is awesome. It is incredibly tasty, but also spicy. A must for anyone that enjoys..."
"My Favorite Sandwich Shop!. This is with out a doubt a great place to grab a sandwich for lunch. The staff are so friendly and the food is finer than..."
"Do one thing well. I am a huge fan of Hubbub- the sandwiches are really good, very filling, and not at all easily replicated at home. Don't mess with..."
Pretend Chef
"Pork sanwhich was pretty awesome. meat was very tasty and the pickled jalepenos give a nice kick. bread was perfect and not hard at all. would love..."
Jujube Aliscious
"Delicious!. Stopped by for the first time today. Turkey chorizo sandwich with a side of clean slaw. The slaw was tasty, but the sandwich was TO DIE..."
"What's in there?. *Overall Rating (Out of 5-♥): ♥♥♥♥Serious, what is in the sandwich? I'm not normally a jalapeño or garlic..."
"Pork Sandwich-The BEST !!. I just ate the best Pork Sandwich I have ever had - had lunch there and just ordered the Pork as my protein. It really was..."
"Delicious Pulled Pork Sandwich. I love Hubbub's concept. A few sandwiches done really REALLY well. The last time I went I had their pulled pork..."
"Nice little sandwich joint. Had a really tasty chicken sandwich and the slaw, both were exceptional. Will be frequenting this little place quite..."
William Wolfman
"Filling and Tasty. Absolutely loved the Clean Slaw. So far I've tried out the Pork and the Chicken Sandwich. Both great. Lots of interesting..."
Maureen Malone
"Delicious.. Loved it! can't recommend it enough. awesome décor and friendly service. the most important thing however is the sandwich. Awesome! The..."
Oliver Ridge
"Though the baguette lacked a soft interior, it still was very fresh, chewy on the exterior and was served warm and toasty. The 24 hr-marinated and..."
This Little Oinky
"their concept is that there is "the sandwich" and then your "protein." So basically, every sandwich starts off with the same base: pickled jalapenos,..."
Every Day Is A Food Day
"Looking for the perfect pull pork sandwich? Look no further! Hubbub Sandwiches has the best pull pork sandwich I have ever had :) It is a new..."
"It does take a short wait because they make it fresh and on the..."
"The pork I thought was a bit dry but the onion was very complete as a piece. I like how there's a bit of veggie in this - otherwise I would have been..."
"The quest to find the ultimate sandwich has resulted in a search through town for the best and tastiest. A few months back while walking back from..."
The Hungry Nomad
"If you’re looking for a sandwich place downtown Vancouver, may I suggest to you Hubbub. Their concept is a simple one: fresh baguettes, romaine..."
Mary Sheridan
"Hubbub Sandwiches is located close to the Vancouver Art Gallery and they serve up Sandwiches and salads. It’s quite popular during the lunch hour..."
"The meat was very tender and flavorful. While most of the grease had seeped into the bread, it didn't have the heavy "gross" feeling from the..."
"I love the decor of the restaurant. Their design really appeals to my aesthetic being clean and..."
There Is Always Room
"Yesterday morning I woke up to a message from a friend who raved about these sandwiches that he had tried the night before, and that I must go and..."
"These sandwiches are goooood so I’d definitely stop in for a quick bite if I was in the area. I particularly like the chicken breast sandwich but..."
Greedy Guts
"What's all the Hubbub, Bub? Well, if you make your way onto Hornby street just a block away from Robson, that Hubbub is sandwiches. The abandoned..."