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Hoang Yen
84/100 (1258 ratings)
"Video Review on youtube: vancity food crew bun cha ca hoang yen.This place was recommended by a friend. Their speciality is the Fish Cake..."
Steve Whalls
"It seems like I’ve been waiting pho-ever to try this place out… Okay, go ahead and groan… that was a bad pun. As their name implies, this..."
Penny And Rusty
"I finally tried Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen after reading many positive reviews and hearing good things about it from friends! This restaurant is different..."
"Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen is notorious for always being busy. It’s located across the street from Hoi An Cafe and Chau Veggie Express. Their deli, Cha..."
"The crab soup, No. 23, is AMAZING! Perfect for a cold day, hands down. The soup base is pretty rich and flavorful with a strong crab and tomato..."
"Their special crab soup with vermicelli is to die for!  The flavouring is deep and it comes in a generous portion size.  I've heard great reviews..."
"Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen probably needs no introduction when it comes to their pho. Situated in East Vancouver within proximity to the popular Western..."
Reservation Under Cindy
"Honestly the food was great but the service was just horrible. Arrived by was busy but got a table. For some reason they were..."
"After our exhilarating hike up to Brunswick Mountain, we went to Hoang Yen for some of their infamous fish cake soup:. Found a post back from 2014 on..."
Louisa Ng
"Great food. Not very spacious. Service was meh probably because of the lack of space to move around. Very very busy. Soup taste very fresh and little..."
Jacky Deng
"The restaurant was very crowded and the wait time was long but totally worth it. Got the famous bun cha ca and it tasted great! Would definitely go..."
Pauline H
"Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen is located on Victoria Drive in Vancouver. It is a very tiny restaurant. You might be asked to share table with others. Best..."
Camera Gourmet
"Tried this place out for the first time today after being highly recommended by my cousin. We all had their famous "Bun Cha Ca". I ordered mine..."
Samantha T
"Tasty tasty crab noodle soup! This restaurant is always full and busy but it is worth the lineup. Seating inside is very much communal and lively..."
"Had to wait for 30 minutes before there are two seats for two people. We tried their famous crab meat soup. The pho was delicious and unique compared..."
"This place is one of my favourite places to eat pho in vancouver! The most popular at this location is their fish cake soup, but i'm not too fond of..."
"Loved this place for pho. I had the fish pho which had so many greens floating on top, it was hard to see the broth. The broth was delicious, the..."
"This place is known for two dishes. The crab meat soup on vermicelli and the fish cake patty slices on vermicelli soup. The line up is definitely..."
Vancity Food Guy
"Hoang Yen on Victoria Drive (across the street from Chau VeggieExpress and Amay’s House) seems to have been there for ages but I never paid..."
"Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen Vancouver is a high traffic pho restaurant on Victoria Drive. It is between 34th and 35th Ave; across from Chau Veggiexpress,..."
"July 25, 2016Originally we had family dinner at Western Lake, but due to missing a reservation my boyfriend decided to eat here since he..."
Anita Young
"Hungry, I looked at Zomato for places to eat with a 3.5+ rating as one of the filter suggestings and Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen comes up. Driving by (last..."
Kelly Yee
"Almost always has a waiting line, but it's WORTH IT! To be honest sometimes it just depends on if you came at the right time with people leaving..."
Anita Yeh
"So went here on a kind of rainy weather, and came because i was curious and was living on the neighborhood for a while, and so... there was a lot of..."
Marv Wang
"Being an avid Vietnamese cuisine enthusiast, this place was so unique in their menu that it was refreshing. I was told to come here to pick up frozen..."
"My bf took me here and this is something I haven't had in Calgary. True definition of soupy goodness and it's so cheap!! Love how it's nice and..."
"Super Yummy and Different. We went here today for Lunch after searching online for a new lunch spot. Everyone online seemed to love this place and we..."
"Very Good. Forget Pho I have found an alternative but you can still get pho. No. 22 bun ca, a simple refreshing fish soup with dill and vegetables, a..."
"Food is pretty cheap here and taste ok. They could add little more seasoning but they are not bad. They could really improve customer service since..."
"Wide variety of foods. The place is nice and clean. However the service is sup par especially when the servers don't speak English and can mix up..."
"Killa food good food all around even the burgers are..."
Vincent Lao
"Hey guys! A bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles is usually great on a cold day, but how about that Northern variation? Hoang Yen serves this style..."
Nosh And Nibble
"Hoang Yen Vietnamese & Canadian cuisine is a small quaint little restaurant located in the middle of a strip of restaurants and shops. Like the other..."
87/100 (3229 ratings)
"First time at this restaurant and I got to say food was delicious and staff were very friendly. Definitely recommend for first..."
Utsav Moitra
"Excellent ramen here. I had the Tan men with a soft boiled egg and the flavour was delicate but on point. Being ravenous from a hike, I devoured the..."
Sarah Katherine
"Best resturent in vancouver for ramen ..its like a great expirence to have a meal at this resturent ....wants to be here every day for..."
Tars Cena
"We usually go to Santouka or Kintaro, but this time, we decided to try out Marutama Ramen since we’ve been hearing and seeing it a lot on social..."
"came here during a weekday off hour lunch, ordered  a tamago ramen with an extra egg, love the chicken broth here and the noodle was great as well,..."
Marv Wang
"My partner wanted to take me out for ramen. His goal, to find a ramen place that I have yet to visit, within downtown. He drove around aimlessly and..."
Maggi Mei
"Chicken-based ramen broth is rare in this city, and Marutama sits easily at the top! The taste hits the spot, the portion is good, the noodle is..."
B & E
"Several months ago, we were in the area when they were opening up for the day. Had to take advantage of checking this ramen place out without..."
Absolute Foodie
"A Saturday afternoon  -  a table for 2Ordered : their signature Tamago Ramen & 1 Original Ramen.Not many choices from the menu..."
Happy Eater 12
"I would say, this is the best ramen in Vancouver. The soup base was delicious and little bit creamy. Noodles are great. Service was great. Price is..."
Donnel P
"Very friendly staff and very quick service. Typically busy, so I'd recommend putting your name down and going for a walk. Food often comes out within..."
Noah Mar
"A really good ramen place to go to. My favorite ramen restaurant because they have the best eggs out of all the ramen restaurants I've been to in..."
"I love their ramen. The noodles, meat and toppings all worth well with the well seasoned soup. It is not a watery broth, definitely a thicker broth...."
"Exellent.I enjoyed marutama especially soft egg added on it which i cann't eat at the other shops.tastes good as same as the one i've..."
"Atmosphere: I felt like I was in Japan, the smell of the restaurant reminded me of Japan. The seats were massive and the first thought I had was the..."
Birry Ram
"Never would I have thought chicken ramen would be so creamy, thick, and soulful! Trying Marutama in the summer years ago definitely didn't do the..."
Holly Zhou
"It's all about the egg! Not the most authentic ramen place but the broth is really umami with the seaweed and chicken. Chashu is not served warm but..."
"This is one of my favourite ramen places and one of the first ones I went to. It's a pretty busy place. They have a sheet of paper outside for people..."
"If you love ramen, Marutama is a must. The ramen here is absolutely divine. The chicken based broth brings about a rich flavoured soup, that is full..."
Carlo Macatuggal
"One of the few Ramen restaurants which uses chicken soup base. The soup was tasty, same as the Onsen tamago (egg). We also ordered the Yaki..."
Nuinui The Cat
"Pretty tasty, good service. Better than most of the other ramen places I have been too. Would be a 4.5 but the portions are a bit small for 11 bucks..."
Custard Pudding
"Very flavourful chicken broth and honestly delicious bowl of ramen all around every single time I've visited. I love the sesame and garlic chips on..."
"best ramen i've had so far. anyone who doesn't like it can suck it.  doesn't feel greasy and it didn't give me the runs. 5/5 would eat..."
"Love this place!!! Bestest ramen ever in Vancouver. I come here over and over again despite the long trek from where I live. Their broth and egg is..."
Christina Chan
"Although the place is quite small and cramped, the food here is quite good. Their ramen is nice and hot, and the noodles are tender. Definitely one..."
Amanda Pang
"Most places in Vancouver offer only the pork tonkatsu flavour broth in ramen so Marutama Ra-men  is always a personal favourite of mine because..."
"I'm fairly new to the ramen scene but I know good broth, toppings and noodles when I eat them. Marutama was just what I needed, a super flavourful,..."
Eat Sleep Eat Repeat
"Great ramen; the chicken broth is something different but I absolutely love it. Their soft boiled egg is perfect. Easy to get kae-dama, the extra..."
Kimberly Thom
"Their chicken broth is great as I don't like ramen broth to be too heavy. The balance is just right here. Very long line-up and waiting time, so be..."
"This is Chicken Broth Ramen! When people compare this to pork broth ramen I'm a little confused to how someone could compare this place to that. It's..."
It's Me Chuck
"We were too late for our dinner reservations at another restaurant on our first night in Vancouver so I solicited a recommendation at check-in at our..."
"Being a huge fan of Santouka, I finally decided to try Marutama and their famous chicken based broth. I enjoyed it! The noodles could be more firm..."
The Noodle Sensei
"Went there in cold rainy day.Ramen taste weak and I was little bit disappointed because they had good rating.There was line up after us, so..."
"a part of my Japanese Ramen tour of Vancouver with a lovely nomnom-erthis is my absoulte favourite place in VancouverLOVE the chicken..."
"I consider this ramen shop to be one of the top three in Vancouver. The ramen noodles here is thinner than most other shops. The chicken broth is..."
"Marutama has been highly praised for their perfectly soft boiled egg and flavourful chicken broth so it was about time that I tried it. Located on..."
Constant Cravings
"I’ve found my experiences with ramen to be either great hits or total misses. Very rarely have I found a place that’s just sort of okay and..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"• Place is busy most of the time, write your name on the clipboard to wait for queue, be patient• Nice/ good server, attentive to your..."
"I had put off trying Marutama for the longest time because I thought I didn't like chicken based broth. But being the ramen whore that I am, I tried..."
"You'll like it if you enjoy chicken broth. Soup is well balanced, Ramen is average in terms of texture and taste, but is well made up for with the..."
"Got the Tamago Ramen. I love the soft-boiled egg, it was cooked perfectly. The broth is chicken based so it's less oily and fatty tasting than pork...."
"I love this ramen place and will be back! The chicken broth was so flavorful and healthy. I love that it is lighter than the pork broth - also, I..."
"Simple and fresh, two words I would use to describe this place. Located on Robson and Bidwell, Marutama is close to Santouka and is in a tough..."
Karan Suri
"Chicken ramen!🐓 One of the only few in Vancouver but it's definitely worth trying. I've eaten here a handful of times and most of the time it's..."
"Marutama Ra-men is located on the West End (Robson and Bidwell). It has a typical Japanese-themed colour with a heavy wood door. Food: ..."
Camera Gourmet
"Perfect bowl of ramen for a chilly day. There was no wait when I went but shortly after being seated there was a long queue. The seating is cramped..."
"After being disappointed by every single ramen shops in Calgary, Kev and I reached the conclusion that Vancouver is the ultimate place for ramen..."
Cathy Lin
"Rich and flavourful broth but slightly too oily. It comes with thin noodle so the texture isn't bouncy and chewy like the thick ones that I like..."
Jenny L
"Their soup base is using chicken broth. They have a ramen called 'Aosa'. Aosa is the Japanese Seaweed. The taste is very unique. Also try their..."
"Every time I want ramen but craving a different flavor, I hit this place up. The broth is excellent and that damn egg - on fleek yo. The line can get..."
"Rated one of the top ramen shops in Vancouver and rightfully so, Marutama serves homemade ramen with rich chicken broth. The noodles are thin and..."
"After being disappointed by every single ramen shops in Calgary, Kev and I reached the conclusion that Vancouver is the ultimate place for ramen..."
Cathy Lin
"Something crazy happened. I'M NO LONGER ALLERGIC TO EGGS!!! I can't believe it - but it's TRUE!!!I feel like I'm living in a dream. *Is this real..."
Selina Lo
"Probably the best ramen place in town in my opinion. There's always a line up, and I honestly don't mind lining up for it! Marutama uses chicken..."
"Decent chicken-based ramen. The broth was rich and flavorful. The noodles and chashu were not up to my standard, but I would go back for the..."
Cathy Lin
"Beavis and The Pretzel Monster have been hassling me for weeks now wanting to go out for ramen, but for one reason or another every time we agreed on..."
Drunken Noms
"This ramen place is the bomb. I've tried multiple ramen places in Vancouver and this is by far the better than Santouka and Kintaro. The..."
"Ramen craving time!  Marutama Ra-men is a Ramen place located on Bidwell Street near Robson.  It is a chained Ramen Bar not only in Japan but also..."
Eat With Sida
"Using chicken broth as their base, the ramen is much lighter than pork soup base. Flavour was not missing though, but you do feel less groggy and..."
Karin Kam
"Hi friends! I just had a really eventful day today, so I'm writing up a post before I get too tired and forget everything. Today, my sister, her..."
Vivian Chung
"Fantastic chicken broth, which is a great options for those that are not fans of traditional pork broth ramen. The texture and flavour of the noodles..."
"I absolutely love ramen and this place made me fall in love once again. First off, the service here was amazing. The servers were very friendly and..."
"Long time no see everyone! We're well into the Vancouver Summer and I'm dying from all the sun. I can't deal with the heat. But I've been coping with..."
Vivian Chung
"Food: 4/5    Service: 2/5    Atmosphere: 3.5/5    Price: Avg. $15/personReturn: MaybeI love Ramen, since I was a high school..."
"Long time no see everyone! We're well into the Vancouver Summer and I'm dying from all the sun. I can't deal with the heat. But I've been coping with..."
Vivian Chung
"Not your typical style of ramen. All of Marutama's broths are chicken-based. The noodles are amazinggg and the pork is very tender. I had the Tamago..."
The Foodiographer
"Marutama recently opened near my apartment, and I had to try the newest ramen spot on the block. Marutama stands out amongst the ramen places in the..."
Leigh T
"Now, i can't and i won't profess to being a Ramen expert. In fact, this was only the second Ramen in my sad, pathetic Ramen starved life. But, by..."
Andrew James
"Standing in line for ramen seems to be the norm in the West End. Marutama Ramen is no exception to having ramen enthusiasts waiting outside. Tucked..."
"Chashu gods. This is my favourite ramen place. Their chashu is soo tender and delicious. And the egg... is it even possible to make it like..."
Mama Beur
"Good quality. Noodles were made in house and super yummy with diff choice od texture~ soup was authenic and flavourful~ did not taste msg and was not..."
"Pork Based > Chicken Based. It's still not bad though! Cute space, fast service, will probably come back when I have a..."
No Dessert Im Full
"Chicken broth ramen. Very different from the other ramen joints in town.They use a chicken broth rather than a pork broth used in most ramen..."
Mister Y
"Good try!!. I had a vegetable noodle and add 1 extra noodle to share with my friend. I also ordered a white radish oden and egg omelet. everything..."
Tiffany H
"A different kind of Ramen on Ramen Rd.. I had noticed Marutama's door during their renovation before they opened, and instantly really wanted to try..."
"Amazing. Consistent quality every time. I like Marutama more than Santouka. I love the egg and the light broth. The traditional pork broths, although..."
"My girlfriend got mild cha shu while I got spicy. Spicy ruins the taste! Mild is..."
"Love it!. Me and my friends visited this restaurant today and all 3 of us loved it! (My friends are usually quite picky about the taste) The staffs..."
"Love it here! I think this place is new so there isn't a full menu. The chicken soup was super tasty, the daikon was good, everything was great but..."
Mama Bear
"Delicious!. Been there twice this week! Love this ramen. Perfectly cooked egg, yummy noodles, interesting seaweed and an unctuous and flavourful..."
"Speedy service Ramen. Since I was solo, it was quick to get a seat then they took my order and not a few minutes later it came so quite impressed..."
Andy Wong
"Good Ramen!!. I had a bowl of their Marutama Ra-men with an egg and 2 slices of pork, requested it with a mild spicy chicken flavored soup base. The..."
88/100 (2765 ratings)
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Beef Bourguignon
French onion soup
Chicken Sandwich
Mac and cheese
Grilled cheese
"Never stepped foot in any of the Burgoo locations. This was my first time trying the comfort food via UberEats. It came from an East 3rd location so..."
"My favourite Burgoo. Granted, I've only been to two locations but this one has a place in my heart. In my old neighbourhood and complimented by other..."
"Gorgeous place.I tried the lavender latte with coconut milk, the coffee was amazing! Shame the lavender flavour was missing!The crab bisque..."
"Burgoo has a few locations in the city.  This one is located on Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  It is a mid-sized bistro located on Main Street and..."
Camera Gourmet
"So good in the fall and winter. I really like the feel of the main street location. I've tried several of the stews and I liked them all. I also love..."
"Comfort food at it's finest! I suggest not coming here at peak times as a friend and I came for brunch (around noon/lunch time), and the wait seemed..."
L. Carino
"Recommend their crab bisque, could really taste the sweetness of crab from the soup. Their beef stew and butter chicken also very tasty and..."
"I stumbled upon this bistro while walking down Main Street. Just the aroma coming from this place is irresistible. Decided to went in for brunch with..."
Izz D
"My husband and I ate here recently. We asked to be seated in the patio and were seated quite quickly. We ordered that guacamole and chips..."
"Food that makes you sad at the end of the meal cause it's just so good! Mushroom medley and crab bisque are my top 2 favorite w/ their pulled pork..."
Kelly Jiang
"Love the Mac and cheese here. The combination of a sophisticated ambience and a rustic vibe at the same time do clearly make for a pleasant..."
"This is a homey restaurant and the atmosphere is nice. It's a lively environment with music although beware the wait. I think the patio would be a..."
Food Adventuress
"We waited 1hr to be seated since they don't take reservation unless its more than 8 people. I guess they thought I was gonna use stroller to put my..."
"Great place for comfort food, there isn't another restaurant like it in the city! Do yourself a favour and order the macaroni and more, simply..."
Jelizatin Eats
"Food is alright but not great. It's good place to grab meals for casual dining. I would go there again but not one of my favourite and go to..."
"hands down best comfort food ever! the environment is so cosy as well. i've been wanting to try burgoo for so long, everyone talks about it and i see..."
"Comfort food is soul food.  The heartiness of the most simple delicacies can really touch and rejuvenate one's spirits.  Burgoo Bistro is one of my..."
Cindy Thi Cao
"Love the cozy atmosphere. The dishes are hearty and filling. The only complaint I have is the lack of available parking. Definitely recommended to..."
"Been wanting to try out Burgoo for the longest while after seeing countless shares on my friends' Instagram feeds. The place certainly doesn't..."
Andy Chü
"I have been living in Vancouver for a long time but I have never tried this popular restaurant Burgoo, so I went for dinner with my friend who has..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I love their cheese fondue, crab bisque and chowder! Their banana bread pudding is also a must-try. Awesome go-to place on a cold day! Wait can be..."
"Although I've only been here once since we don't have burgoo in Calgary it's the best comfort food I've had. The menu is very versatile and you can't..."
"I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have..."
"As someone who loves soups and sandwiches, this was the perfect place for me. Before stopping by, I had seen countless photos on Instagram of the..."
"What I call: fancy-ish comfort food. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off the menu, but leave feeling like maybe you overpaid for it...."
"If you need a place to enjoy comfort food, this is your place. It offers comfort food from all around the world. We ordered the butter chicken, Mac n..."
"Burgoo is synonymous with warm stews, cheesy sandwiches and great service. Perfect place for a date, a catch up with friends or even for a drink...."
Claire Chan
"Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone..."
"We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept..."
Alpaca Lunch
"i'm in cheesy comfort food heaven (times 100) Had the afterschool special, decided to pay a bit more to get the french onion soup and the grilled..."
"Great temping food, and I would have liked to have eaten all the desserts on the menu, they were all amazing comfort food. It can sometimes be a..."
Lara Spence
"Burgoo is the perfect place to go on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Serving up delicious comfort food dishes such as beef bourginon, mac and cheese,..."
The Hungry Couple
"Food is always delicious! Nothing bad to say about their food, but they are always busy and packed! The wait on a weekday evening was approx 20-45..."
Winnie Feng
"Love the cozy feeling of Burgoo! Their food is reasonably priced and exceptionally good! The Mac and cheese is so creamy but a lot smaller than I had..."
"Burgoo, always known for their comfort food! It was trés bon. Enjoyed every bite of it. They have a patio overlooking Main St., great for summer..."
"BRIE FONDUEEEE! Oh my goodness, I was the happiest girl when I found out this place offered BRIE fondue! Super yummy, served with little cubes of..."
Vinita Trieu
"This place is never a disappoint. Tasty comfort food for all occasions ☺️ Tried the mushroom medley soup and tastiest chicken sandwich today....."
The Foodiographer
"Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty..."
"One of my favourite places to eat. Straight comfort food. The Kentucky Burgoo is to die for; get a side of mash potatoes to enhance this dish...."
Yvee Hopkins
"Bur-good Food. The name of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the tasty food with in. Although you will probably have to wait for a table. I've..."
"Good food, not great service. Food was good, had some Brie fondue to start which was amazing. Had baked mac and cheese as a main, also good. Comfort..."
"Favorite item. Corn chowder is good, ask for a wedge of lime. The grill cheese panini is good too. Service is a hit or miss at times. Just make sure..."
Vancity Food Guy
""Burgoo Bistro is located right in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver, drastically renovating a location that once belonged to..."
Michael Kwan
"I always enjoy eating at Burgoo, and leave there usually very full and satisfied. They have great comfort food! I usually get either their Mac and..."
"Good bistro. Burgoo is a good example of a bistro. Fresh food dishes from around the world. Dishes from different countries served in appealing..."
A Cook's Opinion
"Delicious food!. I came here a couple of months ago, and when I got there the place was completely full! Even though it was raining outside, people..."
Food Thoughts
"Delish, but.... Service was great and I enjoyed my meal but I did think my Beef Bourguignon was over seasoned and I would have preferred it with a..."
"Good comfort food. I've heard really good things about this place from some friends who frequent and coworkers who like to get drinks after work. So..."
"Impeccable service, once again forgot to mention I have an allergy until the food came, so rude I know, and they were amazing. They accommodated me..."
"Wow!! Burgoo you rock!. This hipster heaven of a place has amazing soups ( chicken corn was A-MA-ZING) , sandwiches, coffee and service. Loved..."
"Comfort food at it's finest!. My partner actually introduced me to this place years ago. Needless to say, this place is always on the top of our list..."
Cheese Me Please
"Obsessed with the crab bisque! Every couple of months I will get an insane craving for the crab bisque and grilled cheese. Satisfied that craving..."
Katarina Dee
"Takes too long to get a seat. Sat at the bar because we didn't want to wait that long for a table and even that was a wait. Food was good but not..."
"Was a fave until last summer, had an awful food experirnce! had the seafood chowdr, just for something different, couldnt even get through half of..."
"Grilled cheese.... yes please!. I absolutely love the food here! such an awesome place to come for great service with exceptional value! have tried..."
"Comfort Food for a Rainy Day. Great place for comfort food or if you're craving mac n' cheese in a rustic space. Staff were busy but nice and managed..."
Zak Taylor
"Heart stopper sandwich. What a neat place. We sat at the bar and chated with the bar keep while we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. Great environment,..."
Eric Hopping
"French Onion Soup, mmmmm. First time this little piggy has been to Burgoo and wondering why she didn't go sooner. Rustic, cozy ambience. High end..."
This Little Piggy
"Best grilled cheese!. My bf and I love going to Burgoo when we want to have some comfort food, so when we went the other night for their gooey..."
"Just had another great dinner. My wife had a "Pimms cup" which, after having spent a month there recently, she thoroughly enjoyed. I had the Paella..."
"Burgoo is always a solid choice for tasty food and good service. I particularly enjoy their sandwiches and they have some yummy comfort food dishes..."
Willow H
"Cheesy goodness and great patio!. Their patio is amazing and gets sun throughout the entire day. As well, their cheese fondues and grilled cheese..."
"Best soup and sandwich in..."
Margaret Sanchez
"Wonderful service. Delicious soups. XL spoons are just too large! Ask for a teaspoon so that you can savour every..."
"Great atmosphere. The place offers comfort food. We had the Brie Fondue, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They were all good. Very rich. Lots of..."
Love To Eat
"Burgoo has excellent comfort food. perfect for the rainy winter months. the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. i'm a big fan of the jambalaya. it's a..."
"Fantastic!!! Tomato soup = wow, Fonduemental = unbelievable, Caesar salad = light and excellently flavorful, Tastier chicken sandwich = bold, layered..."
"SOOOO GOOOOOD. I love this place. AMAZING food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices. Always quite busy, which sucks sometimes but it's worth the..."
Kristine Krynitzki
"Comfort food with style. Tried a few different dishes, including the Burgoo. (suggest not ordering it with biscuits and sticking to mashed potato)...."
"So Fresh!. Mmmm, I had the hummus and Pita which was absolutely delicious! Then for the main course I decided to have the winter greens salad which..."
Simmeri Reay
"Hearty Homestyle Soul Food!!. Sooooooooooooo Good, especially on a wet cold January..."
"Feeling cold? Burgoo has comfort- and cheese.. Last week our friend wasn't keen on Burgoo because he thought it sounded like a diner ("soups? grilled..."
Pretend Chef
"Brie fondue. Missing france? like cheese? Memories of Alsace spring to mind when I dip my rustic cubes of bread into the brie fondue. It's perfect..."
"Comfort Food Heaven. OMG I love this place.... its a menu comprised of comfort food from different cuisines and it couldn't be better. Everything I..."
"Yummy!!. I have been to Burgoo twice in the past month. It is a perfect place to go for a Sunday brunch when it's raining and cold out. The..."
"Try the Burgoo BLTCG and crab bisque with strawberry lemonade. I do not recommend the..."
Samantha Giang
"Mmm. One of my favourite regular restaurants on Main. It's always really busy though, but the food is great. Strongly recommend it..."
Uprising Bread Company
84/100 (119 ratings)
"I bought a raspberry/rhubarb pie there today. It's the BEST pie I've ever eaten. The buttery crust and the sweet yet tart filling made for a dessert..."
Shelley Woodward
"Always a great place to visit with friends and enjoy a great cup of coffee &..."
Victoria Reusing
"Really really really tasty danish. And so many..."
Andrew Lee
"I so wish I got to Vancouver more often so I could sample every delightful product. Their Grainful Bread is the absolute..."
Sharlene Hinds
"Super cozy! First time here and I love the homie feel. Tyler is amazing and so is the..."
Mandy Fish
"One of a number of casual eatries that's located near The Drive, Uprisings Bakeries offers a decent selection of pastries and other sweets, as well..."
Willow Yang
"Oh what a lovely pie. "Oh What a Lovely Pie" is the title of a 1990s record album by a cheeky Aussie punk band named "The Cosmic Psychos." Only it..."
Bukko Boomeranger
"Brings People Closer!!. I was talking to a much older woman the other day about the drive and where I used to go to school. We weren't really on good..."
"Setting out to the Drive - An Experiment. As we set out from Yaletown, were realized that neither one of us really knew how far Commercial Drive..."
Lauren Mote
"The Jalapeno Cornbread smelled lovely and was not at all spicy as I thought it might be. The cornbread was buttery, dense and had a lot of whole..."
Gastrofork Dee De Los Santos
Ramen Santouka
90/100 (2874 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Pork Cheeks
"My son always bring me here whenever im in Vancouver. The best ramen ever. The place is tiny, long cue as always, but it’s worth waiting...."
Carol G Kirknes
"Luckily we got seated pretty quickly upon arrival, service was great. Vegetarian Ramen, didn’t look all that appetizing in the menu photo, but it..."
Andy Byerlay
"The best Ramen I have ever tried. Great food and service at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this..."
Carlos Ortiz
"It was my first time trying Ramen ever.... we showed up at 22.55 at your doors and you guys let us in even if you were closing already. Great food,..."
Ksena May
"I constantly seek comfort in a good bowl of warm noodle soup. I like Pho for its lightness and consistency, something simple and making me feel..."
David Peng
"I went today solo and got a seat right away. Lucky. There was a big line 5 minutes later. So the Ramen was very good!! I've had my fair share of..."
Scott Mifflin
"First time there very quick service and very tasty..."
Todd Loitz
"Compared to the other store at San Jose, this one is more like Ramen shop!l like..."
Shih-Hsien Hsu
"Excellent as usual! Long line up, but certainly worth the..."
Eric B. Fetchko
"This is our go to place when we are in Vancouver. Best ramen hands..."
Natasha de Leon
"11/10 would always eat here. Better than my steam library The soup's light reflection is the brighter than my future Sacrifice your time in line for..."
Chris Lu
"Amazing Tasty 😋 Soup 🍜!!! Congratulations..."
Manuel Galeana
"That tender meat was so impressive.I love to go..."
Gloria Cai
"Just reviewed on zomato! Your toroniku ramen was soooo damn..."
Immy Love
"Delicious is worth..."
Catherine Chen
Peter McGuire
"I strongly advise trying their Tokusen toroniku ramen (Shio..."
Germany Fischer
"The broth is abso-fucking-lutely amazing. And everything else in..."
Richard Lewis
Aurora Tsai
"El mejor Ramen � excelente servicio y muy buena calidad en los..."
Manuel Alejandro Rico Montiel
"Seriously good ramen. Get the Kara Miso Ramen with extra..."
Raz Schwartz
"It was everything I was hoping for! great service wonderful..."
Nati Herron
"This IS the best ramen place i have ever been..."
Wei Tsen
"Best ramen in downtown..."
Martin Millena
"Beat ramen in..."
Ray Lam
David Tw Ho
"There was a bit of a wait at this restaurant- I wouldn't say that there's an ample amount of seating. It's quite squishy near the entrance; when I..."
Joanne Liu
"This is probably the best ramen restaurant i have been in outside Japan.The venue is unremarkable but it is very busy and for good reason. The..."
Greg Marcia
"My favourite ramen place from what I've tried in Vancouver so far. Often a line-up out the door and all the way down and past the store front during..."
"Tasty ramen, but I've had better. The broth in the shio ramen was definitely the best part - unctuous and comforting. However, I don't think the..."
K L Chan
"Probably one of the best ramen places in town!Large selection of ramen dishes, cooked to perfection - the broth is creamy and..."
B & E
"Best Ramen in Vancouver. It's a busy place with fast service and usually a line, but quick turnover. Worth the wait. They always play jazz which..."
"Best Ramen you can get your hands on and yes! Even the soups are out of this world!! A must try if in downtown for a good fill of nutritious and..."
The Hip Foodies
"There's a reason this is one of the most popular Ramen places in this neighborhood. Their menu is large, but their best item is by far their Ramen...."
"Delicious!! Cost-friendly! Authentic Japanese ramen! A must visit in Vancouver every time! 5 stars!! May have short lineups during lunch & dinner..."
"I've had a lot of ramen all over the world... Including Tokyo. The ramen here was great by any standards. I tried the house special ramen with miso..."
"One of the most authentic and delicious ramen in Vancouver. Their broth is perfectly rich and seasoned well. The only downside is that their eggs are..."
Noah Mar
"Came here for lunch with my boyfriend and it was super busy. Luckily the wait was only around 10-15 minutes for a table. The restaurant itself is..."
"One of the Best Ramen in TownA hot summer early evening - a table for 2Very lucky to get a table without long line-ups (because..."
Happy Eater 12
"My absolute favorite ramen place in all of Canada. The broth is so rich, flavorful and creamy. ALL of the ramen bases are amazing. You really can't..."
Lenny Wing-King
"Service is very good, and food is incredible. Probably the best Ramen and Gyoza in town, by far, it was delicious and tasty!! We will return here,..."
Julien Elleouet
"First time i knew Santouka Ramen when i watched the waku waku japan show several years ago. Now i try myself this famous ramen from Hokkaido, which..."
Kezia Elsty
"As an avid ramen lover, I’m always searching for a new place to try out. Sometimes I just can’t help myself but revisit old favourites over and..."
Reservation Under Cindy
"Been here many times. They are still one of the best Ramen in town. Now not so much of a line up. Their rice bowl also very good. Kyozas were..."
Nuinui The Cat
"Food is delicious, ambiance is authentic Japanese and the servers are very friendly. 10/10 would recommend to eat here often. I've ordered almost..."
"This place is tiny and the turnover is alarming. But the service is hella fast and the quality is fabulous. We ordered the miso ramen of..."
"Heard about this place being the best for ramen in Vancouver. It's definitely worthy of the 30 min queue we had to wait for to try it! I had the shio..."
"While in Vancouver for a conference on a particularly cold day, I found myself craving some hot tea and a steaming bowl of ramen. When I arrived, I..."
"best ramen I have tried in Vancouver so far.all true color and they r so delicious. However, taste a little bit greasy when I am abt finish it...."
Camille Zhang
"While treking Robson Street late in the evening, 3 of us were trying to decide where to get our ramen fix.  One of my friends suggested checking out..."
"|Shio Ramen with salmon ricebowl|The restuarant was filled with people when we walked in but the wait wasn't very long. The shio ramen was..."
Asia Chan
"Good ramen, but I wouldn't call it the best in Vancouver. I had the miso ramen with a side of boiled egg and I had no major complaints - maybe a bit..."
"I like their tonkotsu broth - very rich and creamy regardless of which flavour you choose. My favourite is Shoyu. However I feel like the chashu is..."
"The best ramen in town. Hokkaido Ramen delivers and exceeds expectations. The place itself was a cozy, little and warm restaurant that offered little..."
Carlo Macatuggal
"Closest thing to Japan we've experienced since being there. From the awesome ramen to the delicious side dishes to the gyoza to die for, this place..."
"Best food I've had in s long time!! Amazing!! You must go here. And the dessert was great!! Seemed busy so almost didn't got in but fast turn over...."
Joanne Lagasse
"Oishi! Delicious Ramen. Cool atmosphere. We sat at the big table by the front window which lead to some fun conversations with other patrons. Ramen..."
"Excellent broth, I had the shoyu ramen and it was rich and deep. Pork was lovely, I didn't really care for the noodles, they were cooked properly but..."
"Solid ramen here, definitely quite rich in taste, and quite savoury. Got the salmon bowl which was quite dry and bland in flavour. The chashu was..."
Holly Zhou
"We always stop here when we visit Vancouver. It's tried, tested and true - warm, tasty broth that's especially delicious after waiting outside in the..."
Hangry In YYC
"I liked the ramen. I just didn't like the feeling of being rushed because there's a line up at the door and also that my friend and I were sat at..."
Allan C.
"This Ramen joint has by far the best tasting pork broth in my opinion. The portion is slightly smaller than other Ramen places. The line ups are..."
It's Me Chuck
"There have been many hyped restaurants in Vancouver and in our opinion only a few have lived up to expectations; Hokkaido most definitely meets and..."
Jelizatin Eats
"So delicious, and highly recommend! I am not a patient person so the line put me off the first time I walked past, but I can't resist ramen so I went..."
Immy Love
"Having been to Kintaro, motomachi, and a few ramen joints around burnaby and richmond, I can safely say that this is the best ramen restaurant I've..."
"This is so far the best Japanese food I have had ! The ramen is crazy good . It's filling and the taste remains in your mouth all day long .. Though..."
"I love this place so much I come here weekly. Sometimes twice a week. My favourite is their Shio Ramen.Their broth is just heavenly and..."
The Noodle Sensei
"Santouka is one of my favourite ramens joints in Vancouver. I've been multiple times and their ramen is consistently good. I've had their spicy..."
"a part of my Japanese Ramen tour of Vancouver with a lovely nomnom-erprobably the busiest Ramen place in Vancouverand it was my very..."
"I often seek comfort in a good bowl of warm noodle soup. I like Pho for its lightness and consistency, something simple and making me feel better..."
Picky Diner
"Came here on a recommendation from a friend. The food and service were phenomenal. Within minutes of ordering our ramen and gyoza, our food came out...."
"Top 3 ramen restaurant in Vancouver - In my opinion anyways. I love the texture of their noodles. It's just right! It goes without saying that their..."
Navid Shahram
"All time favorite ramen place in Vancouver, great location, plenty of desert places near by. I come here twice a week. Brought my friends here last..."
Patrick Gao
"Came here after checking out the 420 festivities at Sunset beach. Pretty busy early evening but didn't have to wait long. The place is fairly small..."
Daniel Wang
"I came here for lunch trying their tsukemen. Since I came here by myself, I didn't have to wait in line. I got a seat at the bar right away. That was..."
Kit Yee Y.
"I had the Shio Ramen and it was way too salty to me. My friend felt the same too. I poured two cups of hot water and it didn't help much. It would've..."
"If you've been to the super-popular Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, you may have noticed that for $1 you can get an "appetizer" of two pats of butter...."
"Ah Santouka, the iconic line ups and bowls of steaming ramen make me think of what Japan must look like. This used to have my #1 spot before Marutama..."
"Long line up but efficient servicing. They would rush you out after you finish your ramen for the next table flip. Tried Shio Ramen. Love their ramen..."
"I love this Ramen place!! I've been some other Ramen restaurants before, they are not bad, but this one is my favorite and best! Their soup and rice..."
"My go-to ramen joint. Always jump back and forth between the shio and the karamiso ramen, but what never changes is that I order the gyoza. I..."
Dempsey Charles Watson
"If you're ever on vacation in Vancouver make sure Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is on your list of restaurants to try. I spent the long weekend in..."
"This place is sooo yummy! Definitely one of the best ramen I've tasted so far. I ordered the Shio ramen combo that included a grilled salmon and roe..."
"Wow! Excellent dinner last night. Had the spicy ramen and roasted salmon with rice. Flavored were crazy good. I'm only in Vancouver for another 2..."
"Every time I get that ramen crave this is the first place I think of! Lines are usually out the door but it never takes too long. Service is very..."
Jessica Lee
"From Edmonton, but I stop by at least once anytime I'm in Vancouver.I've been here at least 6-7 times. Will be back in town in a couple weeks..."
Doug Trieu
"The ramen options are limitless in Vancouver these days. I remember back when there was like maybe 1-2 good places for ramen, but even then it wasn't..."
The Tila Diaries
"I live in Calgary, and would fly to Vancouver to have a bowl of Santouka Ramen. I could eat it everyday for every meal for the rest of my..."
"This place is always pretty busy whenever we drop by and doesn't take reservations, so it's probably best to come by in smaller groups to shorten the..."
Pauleena Ling
"Long wait, but for good reason!I was shocked to see a line as long as it was outside the restaurant . Once we were seated the food arrived..."
"Love their Kara miso ramen. My all time favourite ramen place in Vancouver even though there are plenty of choices in downtown Vancouver. But the..."
Alice Yuan
"Fast service, delicious ramen, friendly staff. They are normally busy with a long line up, so when we were in the neighbourhood in late hours in a..."
"Went to this restaurant on a Monday night, had a short line up, waited about 10 min for a seat, ordered a miso ramen and gyoza, both were very..."
"Super popular ramen joint in Downtown West End, you'll usually see a long line-up of people outside. The miso ramen has a very rich broth which I..."
"On a rainy day, we decided to come back to Santouka for a quick meal in the afternoon. Surprisingly, there was a small lineup at that time of the..."
Jenny L
"This is by far the best ramen I've had in a long time. The broth is probably the highlight of this place. So well prepared and flavourful;it left me..."
Joshua Low
"We finally got to try this place, but it did not live up to the hype. The ramen was good - no doubt, but I would not line up to eat there. The broth..."
"It's hard to say much about this place that hasn't already been said.  I've been coming here since it opened and I'm sad to say that the quality has..."
"Possibly the best ramen that I've had in my life outside of Japan.They specialise in a pork broth soup base. That was some delicious broth...."
Elena Ching
"My all-time favorite ramen place. Has always been recommending it to my friends who hasn't tried ramen yet. Problem is their space is so small, which..."
Maria Angela
"This is good ramen and it used to be my favorite when it first opened about 3 years ago. The meat was good, the broth was rich but now it's slowly..."
"This is one of my favorite ramen restaurants and I always try to have a meal here when i'm in Vancouver. There is always a line up so I try to go the..."
My Lucky Belly
"Always a favourite stop whenever I am in Vancouver. Although the line waits can be long, the staff are incredibly friendly and efficient, and the..."
"Santouka is by far our favourite authentic ramen joint in Vancouver. You know they’re good when there’s always a long line up outside their shop...."
Alpaca Lunch
"In a city that rains for most of the year, a ramen shop offering bowls of steaming soup and a warm space is bound to succeed, which is evidenced in..."
Claire Chan
"This is one of a few ramen places that has consistent quality. Miso and shiyo ramen are always rich and tasty. Both are not too salty but flavorful..."
"Such a great place for ramen. There was a bit of a line as per usual. However, that did not stop our waitress from taking our order so our ramen..."
"Overhyped as usual.  I ran down the block to eat the ramen before closing here.  I loved everything about the ramen except for the piece of pork..."
"Overrated, although better than the one in Toronto. I enjoy Santouka, it'll always be "good" ramen but never great or amazing in my books...."
Drake Tsui
"I've been here a few times and it's is always absolutely packed, and for good reason. Of all the amazing restaurants on Robson this one definitely is..."
Joshua Hueller
"Favorite ramen place in vancouver! Flavorful broth and delicious charshu! Love ordering their pork jowl ramen. Their gyoza is also amazing! Crispy..."
"Santouka i'll say is one of the top ramen joints in vancouver as of since they opened till now as of 2015. In terms of taste the broth is..."
Marv Wang
"Loved the food here, but seating is limited (it fills up pretty fast), and the temperature inside always tends to be on the warmer side (maybe..."
"Absolutely loved the ramen here. Only waited 15 minutes when the line was past the store. The shio ramen was packed of flavour and the combination of..."
Ramen Jinya
86/100 (3681 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Jinya ramen is one of the most popular ramen spots in Vancouver. Jinya ramen has a few locations but we went to the downtown location this time. As..."
"This is one of the only place I can have ramen! They have a nice and light broth, not too salty, like other ramen places. And their chef..."
"Had the vegan ramen and chicken one, they were nice enough to tell us that the sauces had fish oil since we had ordered vegan. The ramen was super..."
Ellen R
"The revamped Jinya Ramen Bar is an improvement over their previous establishment. I tried the lobster ramen and it doesn't disappoint. I love eafood..."
Amy L.
"This might be the best #ramen I've ever had! It's soooo good. Need I say more?!?! Everything is amazing. I will definitely be back! I can't..."
"The ramen tour continues with Jinya Ramen Bar downtown. It's been open for about a year now and I've finally found someone to go with me (lining up..."
Birry Ram
"The new restaurant offers a modern atmosphere located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The ramen selections vary from chicken, pork and vegetable..."
B & E
"I had the wonton ramen and a jinya bun. So delicious. Everyone I was with enjoyed their food as well. Our waiter was super friendly and helpful. I..."
Raine Lugia
"Beautiful set-up. The ambiance is wonderful- they put a lot of effort into the way the place looks. Service was great- everyone was really eager to..."
"Sat at the bar and had my food there! The bartender was really helpful and help us choose but the best ramen to eat based on our tasting preferences!..."
YVR Foodie
"This is my first time at “Jinya”. After trying one for their more unique ramens, I can see why they are so acclaimed, and how the lines ran..."
Maggi Mei
"Authentic Japanese taste from this California chain, impressed!! The Black Tonkotsu was rich and tasty, extra thin noodle were good and the Kaidama..."
"I come here once a week or at least that's the plan. I love the White broth, which is the right mix of chicken and pork. I love the little dob of hot..."
"Wonderful food, wonderful staff. Sooooooo polite that as soon as they saw you have the food on the table, they will say Enjoy! Nice noodle soup and..."
Haolin Jia
"I was dismayed, some time ago, to find Jinya closed at their Robson Street location across from the library. I didn't see that coming but I went..."
Yes. We,re Eating Again.
"**DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED** The new JINYA at TELUS* Garden is like the old JINYA, except given a slick,..."
"TOO OLD FOR THIS S***. I used to love Jinya when it was at it's previous Robson location. It was my go-to place for ramen. Nothing fancy. Good..."
Pa Ool
"○good service/ long wait during peak times but I don't get why there's so many empty tables and they make customers wait outside for a long..."
"We ordered Sprouting Up Ramen, JinYa Tonkotsu Black, chef's special, Takoyaki, Gyoza and Salad. The Ramen taste great. Takoyaki is very fresh. ..."
"Quality and service is good as usual. Newest feature includes text-alert now when your seats ready in 10min. No line up required, so just give them..."
"Jinya Ramen Bar has been around Vancouver since 2011 and now they have officially expanded to their NEW location on 541 Robson Street. Their newest..."
Domo Is Craving...
"Jinya Ramen Bar is opening up on April 21st at the Telus Garden on Robson Street. They have all their classic ramen dishes with an expanded menu with..."
"Jinya Ramen‘s Robson location has now relocated into a more stylish and modern space.  Opening April 31, Jinya Ramen takes up a 3,000 square-feet..."
Bon Cafe
82/100 (356 ratings)
"This is a small Vietnamese joint located on the corner of Main Street and 33rd Avenue. They have a menu consisting of pho, rice dishes, vermicelli..."
Willow Yang
"Bon Cafe is along Main street on 33rd ave.  We pass by this shop all the time whenever heading down to Pho Tan to get our Pho fix.   We decided to..."
SanFans Delight
"I come here regularly for lunch as they are fairly quick with service. Their Bon's special sub is very good. It has the perfect ratio of meat and..."
Lower Mainland Muncher
"Came here for lunch for the first time. Had a bowl of pho with beef balls and rare beef and it did not disappoint. The servings were generous and the..."
"Hidden Gem. I wish I tried Bon Cafe sooner. A total hidden gem, the food is amazing, I order the lemongrass chicken at least once a..."
"Of all the pho restaurants I've tried in Vancouver, this is still my favorite. I like that I dont have to down cups of water after eating here,..."
"Had a special banh mi and the pork banh mi and also a taro slush bubble tea. It was not enough. It was so good. I wanted more. Definitely coming back..."
Allan Reyes
"Yummy soups. I've tried their Pho Tai and Bun Bo Hue - both were very good. While I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, this is a place I..."
"I really like the soup!! It's so good! Must..."
Wilson Fung
"Was waiting for a table at Au Petit Cafe. Strolled over to the corner of 33rd and Main, and spotted Bon Cafe. I drove by millions of times. Never..."
"Cheap eats. I enjoy the pho combos - it includes a pop, an appetizer and a bowl of noodles. A block away from the more popular Au Petite Cafe. Can't..."
Hitting The Sauce
"  I never use to be a sandwich type person LOL! But lately, I've been really into carbs. There's just something about that chewiness that's SO..."
Selina Lo
"My expectations are quite simple when it comes to pho: hot, clean and flavourful broth, non-mushy noodles and reasonable amount of toppings and..."
Curtis G NG
"Marv's friend Kevin suggested we try out Bon Cafe for some good vietnamese food. Bon Cafe?? For vietnamese food? Marv 'n I were open to trying it..."
604 Munchies
The Nosherie
78/100 (419 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"I often pop in here on the way to work to grab a tasty breakfast but have also eaten here for lunch when I first arrived in Vancouver. The breakfast..."
Rainbow Wells
"The best place to go for fresh, healthy food/drinks. Their smoothies are wonderful! Friendly staff and really nice atmosphere. I can definitely..."
Joyce Bantock
"My daughter and I tried to get breakfast her, but we were too late and chose another restaurant. However, the next day my daughter woke up ill and..."
Sandra Doi
"Such great service and fabulous food. Went with a small group was very enjoyable. Cant wait to go..."
Kelly Knowles
"It's sure a nice place to have that fresh food & good service too,,I been back a few times since my first visit , I love their veggie stew a lot..."
Freda Cortes
"Asked them whether the pork sandwich was pulled pork. It wasn't - but they offered to make it so! :-) Salad also great, would easily..."
Carlos Duarte Do Nascimento
"Loved the simple menu - tasty, healthy, new combinations but same food things I know I like. Also great coffee. Thank you..."
Renise Ayearst
"Absolutely the best Reuben in the city! Congratulations Vic on your one year anniversary. You've knocked it out of the park..."
Kira Orr
"Roast pork sandwich with caremelized onions was yummy, and the salads were delicious too (esp the kale..."
Matt Herdon
Meat & Bread
90/100 (3222 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Corned Beef
Grilled cheese
Chicken Sandwich
"Very simple menu...they know what they do and they do it well! If you want a quick but delicious sandwich, I'd highly recommend Meat & Bread!..."
Jack Henry Bush
"good food, friendly staff. my first time at this place and loved it. too bad New Westminster is quite a ways as I dont drive, but certainly worth..."
Carmen R. G. Caparas
"The porchetta sandwich has turned many a mediocre day into a wonderful one! One of my go to places when I have visitors from out of town. Maple bacon..."
Stephen LeBlanc
"Awesome sandwiches! The ice cream sandwich was delicious with maple bacon ice..."
Mark Lee
"Awesome porchetta sandwich as usual. I also had tomato soup for the first time. It was delicious and goes well with the sandwich. The line up were..."
Ray Liu
"+ Great location, fantastic concept, wonderful food, Great social atmosphere. - always packed during the lunch..."
Michal Jancula
"Love this place ! Always a stop over for lunch when in the city. Open on Sunday now ! Sorry..."
Nikole Frerichs
"I can go every day! It's the best place in Vancouver!! I just loved..."
Dario Pereyra
"The food was incredible - I got the lamb meatball sandwich. Service was super friendly. Will visit again when I'm back in..."
William Dalton
"Best porchetta sandwich ever! Fast and quick lunch! Delicious..."
Alexandra Létourneau-Hogan
"Amazing and delicious! Meat ball sub is where it’s at and the staff were so friendly to me, my husband, and my 17 month old toddler! Wish we lived..."
Toni Marie Cooper
"Best meatball sandwich Ive ever had. The pocetta is also quite awesome. And the grilled cheese. And the soup. And the chocolate. And the system that..."
Rodrigo Barrera Ballesteros
"Some of the best darn sandwiches in Vancouver, hands..."
Scott Sommerville
"Loved it! Grilled cheese was epic! Chocolate cake -..."
Graham Carr
"Great food!! Loved the..."
Stacy Wilde
Motomachi Shokudo
88/100 (737 ratings)
"It was raining, and we had been in it all day. Soggy socks and a drenched jacket, the result of traipsing around without an umbrella. So when lunch..."
Maggi Mei
"To my dismay, the chashu was piled atop a pile of bean sprouts. It wasn’t as egregious as the towering mountain that you get at places like Gojiro,..."
Frederick Wong
"Motomachi Shokudo is consistently one of our favorite ramen places in town. The texture of the ramen is fantastic, the broth is sufficiently rich,..."
B & E
"New owner and new menu. The previous owner retired and the head chef became the owner. I was here last time, I ordered their signature..."
"Not easy to find but worth it. Very small place. Food was great. I had the charcoal ramen that was delicious. The food and ambiance were very..."
"Its nice to try new tings like the bamboo-charcoal miso ramen. Nice thick soup, kinda rich but still delectable and very healthy for you coz bone..."
"I tried their Bamboo Charcoal Miso Ramen and thought it was interesting but didn't really taste that different from a typical miso ramen. The portion..."
"This is by far my favorite ramen place in Vancouver, and there are a lot of them!! I always love their cold ramen when they have it, super innovative..."
Leslie Huang
"Motomachi Shokudo Ramen, not a name that rolls off the tongue thats for sure. A friend made a quick stop in Vancouver a couple days before he went..."
"The Ramen was flavorful. This is one of the best ramen in Vancouver. The Onsen tamago was done perfectly. What is better than a hot bowl of..."
Nuinui The Cat
"We came here on a Friday afternoon for lunch. It wasn’t too busy, but since there were three of us, we had to wait about 10 minutes — not too bad..."
"Accepted an impromptu invitation today to try Motomachi Shokudo. They have a variety of soup bases, including an intriguing Bamboo-Charcoal. You get..."
"Finally visited one of my old favorite ramen shops in Vancouver again. Motomachi was one of the first ramen shops established in what had become..."
"Food was good and the servers were nice. This places feels more comfortable and is cleaner than Kintaro Ramen. Although the seats weren’t that..."
"The wait was a little long, but it's all worth it! The broth, noodles and toppings complimented each other! I believe they have one of the best..."
"Will wanted his last lunch in Vancouver to be Ramen. So I took him to the corner of Robson and Denman, where we could choose from some of the best..."
Picky Diner
"I got the shoyu ramen. Excellent! Not too over the top in terms of flavour. Service was quick, and you get a nice atmosphere. Probably not worth a..."
Yi-Ying Lu
"Came here near closing at around 10ish with a group of 4 including me and we were seated immediately. The tables were extremely small so we had to..."
Joshua Low
"Tsukemen is certainly spicy and tasty.  The menu offered extra noodles for $3 and I thought what a good way to enjoy more of the broth!   BUT I was..."
Michael Lee
"They say sometimes the best things in life are found when you least expect it, and I think that was the case with Motomachi. Discovered whilst..."
Nathaniel Hall
"Moto Machi was simply AMAZING...I wish I had more days in Vancouver to dine there AT LEAST one more time!  Recommended by a BC local and the broth..."
Rick Shibasaki
"I came back after a bit if a bitter experience here. This place does have great ramen. The consistency of the noodles are excellent. They are nicely..."
"This is the only place in Vancouver having Bamboo-Charcoal Black Miso Ramen. "Bamboo charcoal is effective for improving digestive..."
"Hands down my favorite ramen joint. I was hesitant to try the bamboo charcoal ramen but hot damn was it worth it. Serving size is generous for what..."
"Love their dark broth. The egg is done perfect too. The only thing is you can't go here and get a table while waiting for your friends. Basically..."
"Came here during our first night in Vancouver, and were greeted by a line out the door! Waited approximately 20 minutes, and then were seated..."
"It had been several years since I had gone to Motomachi Shokudou. With so many ramenya opening up in Vancouver, you can never run out of choices. I..."
Idea Rabbit
"There are many popular ramen restaurant in Vancouver, mostly clustered around Denman/Robson. The most popular ones are denoted by the crazy line up...."
"One of my favorite ramen places! Chewy noodles and good soup! The meat in the ramen wasn't overly fatty either and the egg was done perfectly. Hits..."
Mandy Wu
"In the land of Ramen joints that is the Robson and Denman area you better make good stuff or you ain't lasting all that long! Motomachi Shokudo has..."
Andrew James
"For my next ramen adventure, I headed to Motomachi Shokudo located near Denman and Robson.  Motomachi piqued my interest after being mentioned as..."
"Very Tasty Ramen. Definitely will come back, Shoyu Ramen highly..."
Joeyee Chow
"Spicy Miso Ramen. I came here with 2 friends around lunch time and it was packed, the place was small only had a few tables the servers was..."
"Fabulous and quaint.... This small, quaint, and authentic ramen noodle house should not be overlooked. The spicy and balace in each bowl is artfully..."
"In Perfect Japanese Style. I am going to do this review short and sweet. In Japanese Style. Pffaa, at least let me try.How many Japanese..."
Kyle Lee
"Real Japanese Ramen. Trust me, I am Japanese!..."
Miwa H
"Ramen goodness!. So many ramen places in that vicinity. Had the Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen and the broth was a bit strong for me in terms of taste but..."
Andy Wong
"7/10 Death Row inmates chose this as their last meal. Extra BBQ Pork Shio - The first time you try it, you're indifferent about it. The second time..."
Hot Body Jason
"Fairly good. The bamboo charcoal dark miso ramen tastes good! A little bit oily though :-(The waiter may be Japanese and doesn't speak good..."
Alyssa Zhou
"NOT too oily, a bit salty. Ramen expert always mention about the soup -> ramen -> meat...To me, the soup and ramen was just satisfied, the best..."
"Best in Vancouver, hands down. I have tried all the other places around but will always return to Motomachi. If you want to wait outside in the rain..."
"Definitely worth going!. I have been receiving really good comments about this ramen place, so I decided to go with my friends for lunch after having..."
"My favorite ramen place in Vancouver. I've been to other ramen places like Kintaro/Benkei/Santouka/G-Men (and other ones that might not belong to..."
Chubby Chick
"Even better than Kintaro. I'm aware the place is both opened by the same chef, but there's two things that sets this place apart from Kintaro.1)..."
"This is now the best Ramen place we've tried. Big bowls, excellent noodle taste and texture, lots of quality toppings, rich and tasty broth. Not too..."
EV Dave
"Kintaro's Hot Cousin - Excellent Ramen!. Why hello Motomachi Shokudo. You're posh, sexy, and speak with a French accent - but can you cook me a big..."
"We went to check out Motomachi Shokudo on a late Friday evening and the place was packed. It probably doesn’t help how tiny this ramen’s digs..."
"Hey guys! To cap off this week’s feature on ramen, this last piece is on one of Vancouver’s smallest ramen stops, Motomachi . Does their famed..."
Nosh And Nibble
"Run by the same group as Kintaro, Motomachi, their hip new cousin, is just a few doors down! The ambience is totally different, notches higher than..."
Selina Lo
"The other week, Anata and I decided to get some ramen for dinner. I said I wanted to go to Motomachi Shokudo, as I haven't had their dark miso ramen..."
Rebusaurus Eats
" All of the ingredients are organic and super delicious. The broth is extremely savory, and the noodles compliment it in the perfect way. Some might..."
Couple Of Foodies
"I’ve heard of blackened fish and blackened chicken. But blackened soup? Or bamboo charcoal dark miso ramen, to be more precise. In Asian cultures,..."
Bill Corbett
"I'm no expert in Ramen, but I prefer deep, clean, msg free, not too fatty taste and Motomachi Shokudo delivers exactly that. We both had nama shoyu..."
"This is my favourite ramen in..."
Jeff Rambharack
" Santouka Ramen has my number one vote because of the delicious melt-in-your-mouth toroniku (pork cheeks) and tasty pork broth. However, their..."
Hippo's Foodprint
"I LOVE this ramen and soup. First, the ramen is cooked perfectly al dente and this bowl is just packed full of all sorts of goodies - peas, corn,..."
Two Hungry Piglets
Ramen Danbo - Robson
89/100 (7034 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Every time I take a stroll down Robson Street, I’m constantly amazed by the sheer number of people that are lined up for Ramen Danbo. In order to..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"Super tasty ramen! I love to eat here with my partner.I don't recommend groups larger than 2 people because the space is small. There..."
"If you want to eat here, get here early. There is almost always a line out the door but it moves pretty fast. It is also totally worth the..."
"This place was recommended by Becki & Chris(YouTube) there was already a lineup at 10:20am waiting for the doors to open at 11am i ordered the Spicy..."
Fart's Pfotografy
"My ranked #2 best ramen in Vancouver next to Santouka which is #1. Danbo offers delicious Fukuoka-style ramen. What I like is that you can customize..."
The Noodle Sensei
"This is the place that i am looking for. Their ramen is super good and i feel like im really in Japan. Must try.... its really authentic..."
Bhea Mendoza
"[3.5/5] I was pleased with the flavour of the classic tonkatsu pork broth at Ramen Danbo. The classic thin noodles with the extra firmness was not as..."
Picky Diner
"We stumbled across this place by pure accident and it was great! Authentic ramen at a very reasonable price. Excellent customer service as well...."
Alex Stoichev
"Ramen Danbo offers a Fukuoka-style ramen.You can customize your bowl of noodles, from the firmness of the noodles, richness of the broth,..."
B & E
"Today was the day I experienced real ramen for the first time. Today was the day my life changed.In all seriousness, Ramen Danbo serves..."
The Sushi Connoisseur
"Ramen Danbo is a busy little ramen shop tucked into the west side of Robson.  Getting there around 730 on a Sunday night, there was a line going out..."
"When we arrive at any of the 5 or 6 ramen places on Robson near Denman at noon on Sunday, we expect to wait. It's a fact of life. So when we found..."
Yes. We,re Eating Again.
"I LOVE RAMEN DANBO. Let me start this post by saying I'm quite the ramen lover and I have tried all the ramen Vancouver has to offer and ramen danbo..."
"Yet another Ramen joint steps up to Robson street for a challenge, how does this chain from Japan fair?Overall it tastes better than..."
Drake Tsui
"Ramen Danbo specializes in Kyushu Hakata style ramen from Fukuoka. It is one of my favourite types of ramen because the noodles are thinner, and..."
"I was told this is one of the most authentic ramen places downtown. The tonkotsu broth was very rich and the chili sauce added a nice touch. However,..."
"While taking a stroll down Robson St, we got a little hungry and noticed a line up of people outside a rather new ramen shop.  We decided to give it..."
SanFans Delight
"Ramen Danbo is a Japan-based restaurant chain famous for their fukuoka-style tonkotsu ramen. From humble beginnings in a small town of Chikushino,..."
Reservation Under Cindy
"Excellent ramen, one of my favorites in Vancouver so far. The soup base is very flavourful and we'll balanced. They also have generous portions of..."
"best ramen in Vancouver,don't no why the point is so low here. there are not much options, but all well matched, especially the stock -- very..."
Zhang Jingran
"I like this location more than the one on West 4th. The ambiance is more fun and a bit bigger. I like how Zabu chicken is close by too if ever you're..."
"I'm fairly regular at both Danbo locations. I like their signature Fukuoka style broth and noodles. I find that the best tasting combination is to..."
"Danbo is a Japanese franchise serving Fukuoka style tonkotsu ramen . The Robson location is their second restaurant outside of Japan!  They recently..."
"Very flavorful Fukuoka soup base. Delicious ramen. The mashed garlic sauce on the side was to die for. Love it love it love it. Will come again...."
Nuinui The Cat
"been to many ramen places , in Japan as well, this is definitely my fave place in the lower mainland! love the thin noodles, and their house hot..."
"I'm always down for ramen... you really can never get sick of it. Lol I really enjoyed Ramen Danbo. I like that you can customize pretty..."
"It had been several months since I visited Ramen Danbo in Kitsilano.  It was a pleasant experience then and they have since opened a second location..."
"Ramen Danbo is known for their Fukuoka-style Tonkotsu broth, and if there’s tonkotsu I’m there. I’ve been meaning to try this place for a while..."
"I love this place that customers can customize their own thickness and firmness of the soup and noodle and others. Some of the Japanese ramen are..."
"Pictured: Ramen Danbo at Robson Street for lunch. They have lunch sets too! I thought this place was very good. Great flavours. I ordered the ramen..."
Lammie Loves
"At Ramen Danbo you can customize the thickness and firmness of your noodles and the amount of fat and spice you want in your broth. I thought the..."
Food Queen
"Another location of ramen danbo, this time is in downtown, where it'll compete with the likes of santouka, marutama, and many other ramen competitors..."
Marv Wang
"When ordering this dish, you get to choose the spicy level, from 5, 10, 15, or 20 times spicier than regular broth. Last time I was here, I ordered..."
"1st visit had the Negi-goma tonkotsu - spicy. Spectacular ramen. Really good. Tender pork, delicious broth, loaded with green onions. Enough choices..."
Scott P
"It was so nice! I ordered a pork ramen with a gyoza. The soup was so awesome. And the noodles was yummy. They also had a good service. So satisfied..."
Sunny Wang
"Ramen Danbo has their 2nd location on Robson Street. With Robson Street already having a huge cluster of ramen shops, you would think its hard adding..."
"Ramen Danbo has their 2nd location on Robson Street. With Robson Street already having a huge cluster of ramen shops, you would think its hard adding..."
"Egg could be a little more runny, and small portions but broth is really flavourful and the chashu is so good. Would definitely recommend..."
"Another ramen craving night!  I know Ramen Danbo has been opened quite a while already at the West 4th location in Kitsilano then we saw their..."
Eat With Sida
"It was my first time to try Ramen Danbo on Robson Street. It was about 9:30-10pm on New Year's Eve. This place was packed and people kept lining up..."
Kit Yee Y.
Wang's Taiwan Beef Noodle House
83/100 (983 ratings)
"M was craving some Taiwanese noodle soup so I went to my trusty Van adviser and was told to check out Wang’s Beef Noodle House. It’s located..."
"Amazing and consistent every time. We are always seated promptly and the service is on point and friendly! I always get the spicy beef brisket noodle..."
Yvr Foodsnob
"Wang's Taiwan Beef Noodle House 王記台灣牛肉麵 is located on Granville Street and West 68th Avenue at the Marpole area in..."
Camera Gourmet
"The dan dan noodles are very good here. The sauce is rich and creamy, with the consistency being just right. It's liquid enough for you to mix with..."
"Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House ReviewI have traveled to 20 countries around the world.  I been to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.  I been..."
Monsieur Kuripot
"• Cash only, I believe• limited free parking spots otherwise pay street parking• the best Beef Noodle soup of all time! Open early,..."
"Great place! I love Taiwanese beef noodles and this one was one of the best I've ever had. The Taiwanese beef noodles is very authentic and just like..."
"Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House has been one of the long standing restaurants in the Marpole area.  Located at Granville and West 68th, Wang’s..."
"Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House has been around for a while. It is located right beside the Vancouver Public Library on Granville St. It’s been..."
"Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House has been around for a while. It is located right beside the Vancouver Public Library on Granville St. It’s been..."
"Thoroughly enjoyed our visit here!We ordered a three-way appetizer to share (consisting of tripe, pig's ear, and pig intestine). The only..."
"I ordered the deep fried pork chop with noodle.  It's supposed to be small, but the portion is still too big for me.  It's just so unsatisfying to..."
Chichicho Chichicho
"Consistently good beef noodle! Hearty beef broth and tender meat. Thick noodle goes well. Only complaint is that this location only accepts..."
"I LIKE THE FOOD!!!. I ordered the hot and sourer soup and chives pancakes. I really like them.I have tired chives pancakes in many restaurant in..."
"Great food, poor service. I come here often for lunch because I love their beef noodle soup. However, the servers here are awful. After you order,..."
Amy Hou
"The food is good but the service needs improvement especially when the restaurant isn't busy-specifically the night shift on Saturday..."
"Hits the spot. The taiwanese beef noodles here really hit the spot. the beef broth is rich and flavorful....i'm drooling as i'm typing right now lol...."
"Yum. Good portion sizes, fried tofu was pretty good, mango slush was decent, and the servers understood my English for once. Overall, a good..."
"Good Cheap Eats!. Whenever I'm in the area and I'm craving for some taiwanese goodness, this is my default. Beef Brisket Thick noodles with spicy..."
Eve C
"Very Authentic-Good Restaurant. Tried this place after driving by for years. Was pleasantly surprised by the attractiveness of the interior (very..."
"A SOUPERIOR EATERY. I love this spot. I have eaten here many, many times. Even though I live in Winnipeg, I have eaten here more than most..."
Dean Zoppa
"One of the very few good Taiwanese restaurant in..."
"Sit down fast food. Wang's has some of the best noodle dishes in town, they are tasty and has an extensive menu, the dumplings are also great, the..."
"Best Noodles. This place has the best braised beef noodle soup!! Have it with their crispy green onion pancakes and shanghai steamer dumplings and..."
"Today’s lunch is at Wang’s Taiwanese Beef Noodle House, a well known restaurant near Granville and West 70th Ave. There is a second location on..."
"...our bowls of Beef Noodle in Soup were pretty darn delicious. The tender beef shank soaked up the flavourful broth like a sponge. What’s more,..."
Curtis G NG
"This noodle place has been open for nearly 10 years as far as I can remember. One of the original Taiwanese noodle place in Metro Vancouver. It is..."
Gary Lin
"i always order either the beef ball noodles or beef noodle soup and i absolutely love the taste of the noodles. people may come to wang’s beef..."
Swiss Tiara
"I glanced at the menu only to find the liangmian and immediately ordered a bowl. The Boyfriend had been hoping to order salt and pepper chicken..."
"The first time I tried Taiwan beef noodle was in Taiwan. I liked it so much that when I got back to Vancouver, I went looking for a Taiwan noodle..."
John Chow
The Dirty Apron
89/100 (570 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Wine Bar
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
"From the beautiful appetizer dish. Beet/goat cheese salad, hummus and avacado on bagette to the beautiful dessert of cronut with strawberry coating..."
Meryl Blackwell Kearney
"Had fabulous evening last night. Attended a corporate event hosted by Cannacord. We all cooked a gourmet meal learned lots and then enjoyed the..."
Lesley Baggaley
"For a cooking novice like me, the experience was still amazing. Takashi was a great instructor and if he could make me complete a 3-course meal then..."
Jason Feng
"Just when I thought I knew what I was doing in the kitchen, I attended the Dirty Apron's Creme de la Creme French Cuisine class on February 3rd. ..."
Leanne Taylor
"So much fun! We just had the best time! The chef was great! We will definitely go back..."
Robyn Lillies
"What a fun place to learn and create something new. It's set in a professional fun environment. I highly recommend it for a couple or a..."
Pam Stadnik
"We did the brunch class and it was fabulous. You definitely feel like you are in a culinary school following along with the instructor after their..."
Laura Sophia
"It was a Christmas present from my Sweety but after the class I had last night “Cin Cin” I will be signing up for others. I highly recommend..."
Michelle Gunn
"This place makes me so happy. I love the choice I have with specialty..."
Jackie Byrn
"I had a great time and reignited my love for cooking. The food was fantastic and I must admit, it was really, really nice to have someone else..."
Lisa Wells
"What a fab little cafe had the best bacon sarnie ever loved..."
Steve Smith
"The Dirty Apron did an excellent job with the BC Dine & Vine Wine Pairings. My sister-in-law and I have been attending the cooking classes from the..."
Makiko Akiyama Scully
"Wonderful and delicious way to start my visit with my family in Vancouver! Instruction, recipes and food were excellent...great atmosphere and..."
Jan Purdy
"Not at all pretentious. Warm and inviting. Projects quality, and you can see that the staff enjoy being there, engaging customers and their vendor..."
Klaus Fix
Ha Long Bay
82/100 (429 ratings)
"Best pho I’ve had! (After ones in Vietnam) so so good! Authentic flavour. I’d recommend adding extra beef. Great price and very friendly staff...."
Angelique Dale
"What better way to comfort yourself on a cold day in Vancouver. AHHH, a hot bowl of pho.I gotta be honest, I was a little nervous stepping into..."
Vancity Food Guy
"Nothing like a warm bowl of noodle soup to warm your spirits (and your body) on a cool rainy Vancouver night. Usually, that would equate to something..."
SoftRockin' Revue
"The classic rare beef noodle was fresh and tasty. Good tasting broth (not too salty) and perfectly shorn strips of beef. Spring rolls seemed a bit..."
Tee Lesudar
"I don't enjoy Vietnamese food as much as I would like to, so when my friend and I visited Ha Long Bay, I asked him to relay a few things. First, the..."
The Sushi Connoisseur
"This is my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in the city. I am addicted to their's amazing! I come here for lunch at least twice a week...."
"A small and quiet restaurant with friendly and attentive servers. I had a house special pho. The portion size was a bit smaller than I expected for..."
"I have been here a few times. The beef stew is amazing! The soup is rich and tasty, but not salty. The pho is very good too. The price is good..."
"Quality over quantity is what I look for in a place to eat. The exterior states it as a hole in the wall but inside is cute, charming, and..."
Shiaoshiao Jenny Chen
"Busy lunch spot but bar seating available for solo diners. Kinda pricey, $8.50 for a small pho, but tasty!Complementary tea included with your..."
"The best Vietnamese in the city. Truly, hands down the BEST Vietnamese in Vancouver. Consistently delicious, generous servings and an unbelievably..."
"Delicious pho and the price is..."
"Great Pho. Having gone to most of the Pho places within a mile of this (probably about 15 of them, including down Main st). I keep coming back...."
"Hip Viet Restaurant DT. I love this little place. They play good old house music, the servers are nice, the food is good and best of all its..."
"Fresh and yummy!. Have only had takeaway from here as I usually just nip out in my lunch break and grab a quick bite. The pho has been wonderful..."
Happy Diner
"Great Pho and other dishes. The Service is great, even when they are busy! I keep coming back, 1-2 times per week and I am not the "regular customer..."
"Really Good Pho. Went here for a quick lunch one day without expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. The Pho was clearly made with care and the..."
"Been here a couple times for lunch and love the soup. Had the veggie pho today and it was full of fresh veggies and tofu. Very flavorful broth. Happy..."
Adam Petrie
"Fine pho. This place is packed at lunchtime, but there's seating at a bar area so the wait is not bad when eating alone. I ordered pho with rare..."
"I decided to check out this spot because it's got the highest reviews for Vietnamese food in the area. I went in around 6 pm and decided to get take..."
"Great traditional Vietnamese food, always consistent, always fresh. The beef pho is a must as is the lemon grass..."
Mr Pickwick
"Just after one sip of the beef broth, everything ceased for a second and I was feeling a soulful moment. Yes the broth is THAT good here at Ha Long..."
Picky Diner
"Ha Long Bay Despite their vibrant food posters plastered across the window, it would be months before I finally took notice of this modest vietnamese..."
Moo Mi
"Its interesting when restaurants close and a new one pops up. In the case of The Best Pho House, it looked sketchy as hell. A few weeks ago, a new..."