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The Great Canadian Bagel
79/100 (189 ratings)
"I just had the most amazing BLT bagel on the cheese and herb! The most authentic bagel you can get in Sherwood park with thick chewy bacon and fresh..."
Stacey Klassen
"I really enjoy their turkey club! I can’t ever eat another McD’s or Tim’s bagel as long as GCB is here. Part of this review is to help them..."
Wes Semrok
"Love this place. Delicious! Fresh and awesome owners. I will make the drive to Sherwood Park for these amazing bagels...."
Jaimie Patricia
"Love this place. Went out of their way to make me an order of 6 dozen bagels!!!! Amazing homemade from scratch!!! Thank you thank..."
Jill Mellor
"The service was fantastic and super friendly.. Great deal for a bagel sandwich .. About $6 for sandwich with fancy bagel( I had cheddar salsa ) and..."
Selene Homeniuk-Sorensen
"LOVE LOVE LOVE the Great Canadian Bagel. Turkey on cheddar, salsa bagel is..."
Marian Zak
"A great place to pass by for lunch. Service is prompt. Food is delicious. I gave it a 3.5 however, because it delivers what it promises: a..."
"Family operated bagel shop. Many flavors of bagels to choose from to make into a breakfast sandwich, lunch choice or toasted with cheese. My choice..."
"Really impressed!Stopped in for breakfast today. So much better that McFood or even the "allmighty. Tims"Friendly staff.I enjoyed..."
"We absolutely love this bagel shop, best one in town, all fresh home made bagels everyday with fresh ingredients. Family owned and operated and..."
Trevor Weeks
"Great bagels and great sandwiches, I'll take this over a sub any day. Fantastic service..."
Kurtis Zak
"Very friendly staff and a good change of pace for a healthy breakfast option. Also surprisingly good..."
Pat Glenday