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Slice Of Fire
93/100 (1427 ratings)
"Best pizza in North Toronto area. Crust is just to die for and no skimping on the..."
Nick Kidd
"Yummy! Good pizza, nice crust, good flavours. And service was amazing! Will def be..."
Wendy Lefevre
"I've been in Markham about 18 years. In that time there have been very few decent little independent pizza places, in my opinion. One good one...the..."
Tim Baker
"We ordered online on their website delivered to us at only $0.99 extra. I think is worth it. Good quality pizza with lots of ingredients, big..."
Frederick Yu
"Staff are very nice and patient. The Nutella is good. The cheese pizza is very good. The Hawaiian is excellent, full of toppings. Our family love..."
Johnson Chou
"Great pizza in a nice area. Just grab some coffee at second cup, and if it’s warm enough, take that pizza to a local park and eat some great pizza...."
"Such a hidden gem on Main Street Markham! This is not just your ordinary pizza, it’s loaded with toppings. We had the honey mustard sausage and..."
tammy Chan
"Great! Tasty and they don’t go easy on toppings. We ordered the Hawaiian and it was the best we’ve had. I think they used half a pineapple, 2lbs..."
Gabriel Ko
"1) The pizza was thick and soft, so easy to chew. There was an amazing amount of cheese and they did not cheap out on the toppings! The pizza was..."
Marjan Ahmed
"The pizza has a good crust, comparable thickness to pizza hut but much fluffier and less greasy. A wide range of gourmet toppings and dipping sauces...."
Katie Li
"Finally got to try slice of fire pizza! And I can definitely say with confidence, no regrets! Had the meat lovers medium size along with two of their..."
Andrew Tan