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Buffet Des Continents - Levis - Photo album

Very nice place to eat. Beautiful deco. Huguette enjoy hers experience
I had never seen so much poor quality food all in one place. It blew my mind to see out of so much variety only the French fries were ok. The rest were below average. The price looks low for a buffet but definitely not worth it. On the counter side, the staff were very nice and welcoming.
Very nice personele. The food quality and variety is not the same as it was before Covid. It is obvious that they have to make adjustments to survive. It's not the cheapest place where you can go but the ambient is lovely and it's not crowded. It is not self-served, there is a helper who will give y
Best buffet I'm ever see
Not a bad meal,have eaten better. Large selection of different international foods. The Italian food is very americanized. The carving stations had been very well maintained and the offer offerings had been multiple. Beverages are extra total bill for dinner with tip for 2 had been $55. Tipping is
The food wasnt up to standards like the other buffets des continent, 3/4 of the food were leftovers and the pudding was basically liquid, the only seafood they had were muscles and shrimp in my Asian soup, but the service was excellent and the cocktails were amazing
The staff were nice and the atmosphere was lovely, but the food was bad quality and had very low selection. The desserts were garbage and had clear cross contamination from the other desserts (if you can even call them that) So in terms of food the restaurant is a zero star but since the staff were
Donald our server was very diligent and quick. The buffet foods where amazing choices. (suishi, lobster and even a beaver tail) The system for seating is neat as there are areas sectioned for seating size.
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