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There are 13 restaurants
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Chocolats Favoris
94/100 (705 ratings)
"Love their fun play on an ice cream cone with their ''éclaté'' version! Despite being busy, service is quick. Their dips are..."
Maria Sirenea
"We ordered different ice cream dipped with different flavors. Beside vanilla swirl, there were strawberry and raspberry flavors. For the outside, we..."
Celine Ho
"A fancy experience a medium cone ice cream dip in mint chocolate with brownies. I love it and will be back again to try more flavors plus we got 2 in..."
"Great place for a cone during the summer or winter. I like the dip flavor changes during the season. Lineups can be long at peak times so get ready..."
Mick Kopis
"I stopped at this store during my walk by curiosity and good gracious did I not expect what I witnessed. I was welcomed in a matter of seconds by an..."
Shayne Mota (Shrug)
"Get your Xmas calendar with a variety of different chocolate flavors from Chocolats Favoris. Good for a family of 4 members as everyone will get a..."
Tetyana Tsomko
"You have to eat here! The ice cream & sorbet are positively sinful. Pricy but you can order smaller than at Dairy Queen because the portions are so..."
Alberto Carpintero
"Awsome treats, Friendly staff, and a nice outside terrace. Had a good time..."
n ketata
"So sooo good! Lots of dips to choose from and their base iced cream is just so yummy! I’ve also tried some of their..."
"Wow !! Beautiful place ! We know Chocolats Favoris mostly for ice cream, but have discovered a perfect store for all kinds of gifts. Best place to go..."
Catherine Deschênes
"My first time visiting that place was with my classmates it was great the combination where very interesting and full of flavor I definitely would..."
Sophie Wu
Cafe Depot Ville St-laurent
78/100 (440 ratings)
"This location - good coffee, good vibes, good seating area. I’m told by a local (I’m assured he can speak English and I understood him..."
Sayf Gani
"staff was really nice, but there should be more vegetarian sandwich..."
Sophia Pan
"It's not often that I go out for breakfast, I actually never do, but because we had a widespread power failure, they were open and I was pleasantly..."
Myriam Carama
"A hidden gem in the heart of bois franc. I've been a loyal and regular customer for the past 4 years and they still maintain to keep up the same..."
Hadeel Yousef
"I am not Italian, but I believe in the old country there is the piazza? This is my go to piazza for a quiet coffee and nice architecture. The folks..."
George Hiotis
"Very nice place to study but I think think they don't have enough plugs on the walls for students wich sucks. But still a nice environment to be in..."
Sarine Nayirie Atamian
"Food is delicious, tastes really fresh. Smoothies are so refreshing! Nice fountain in front of it. It’s a very good location. They have really good..."
Anissa Hata
"Staff is very kind! And the location is nice, especially in the..."
Taline B
"Good location in a residential area by the side of Bois Franc Park. Whether you need to pick up a bottle of water or want to enjoy a cup of coffee,..."
Desmond Yu
"Iced matcha was okay, in general the food can look a bit more appetizing but otherwise efficient and..."
"Really cute and cozy place.. prices of coffee is reasonable but a bottle of juice was about 5$.. I found that to be too expensive.. there are a lot..."
Angele Gebeil
"Excellent coffee and service.. The sandwichs are great.. Try the one with pesto and feta cheese.. Astonishing..."
"Staff very friendly. We come here every week for takeout with the kids. Hot chocolate for the kiddos and espresso and cappuccino for mom and dad...."
Charles Carranza
"Great coffee and great place! If you go to coffees to work just make sur you don’t need high speed internet. The internet is not the best but..."
Guillaume Gillard
"Very nice, clean café. Everything (even the sugar) is kept behind the counter, so I'm confident in these COVID days that no hand-coughers have been..."
Travis Chalmers
"My favorite coffee shop and not necessarily just for coffee but for their tea fruit smoothies, seasonal specialties, their healthy meals be it for..."
Vanessa Romero